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The Young Conservative’s Facebook Page Removed
The Young Conservative’s Facebook Page Removed

The Young Conservative’s Facebook Page Removed

The Young Conservative a popular Melbourne Facebook personality has had his Facebook page removed. The page before it was deleted had over 8,500 likes, it featured his video rants and commentary on the various news stories of the day.

He has also attended various right wing events in Melbourne such as the Free Tommy rallies, the Aussie Pride Flag March and the March for Men. He was also detained by Victoria Police when attempting to attend the African crime protest outside Channel Seven in late July.

The Young Conservative had appeared on our Unshackled Waves program back in June to outline his philosophy and views.

The Unshackled was notified by the Young Conservative about the removal of his page which he were told by Facebook was “removed for violating Facebook community guidelines”. The Young Conservative stated they were not told by Facebook which specific content this was due to and did not have an idea about what content it might be. Visiting the page you are greeted with this message:

The Young Conservative had recently joined the Australian News Network the news arm of the Australian Liberty Alliance political party headed by Debbie Robinson and has as its most high profile member fellow Facebook personality Avi Yemini.

The Young Conservative’s most recent viral video was him at Melbourne University with Robinson wearing an ‘It’s Okay to be White t-shirt”. The pair wanted to talk to students about the recent change in Prime Minister but the t-shirt soon triggered several leftists activists on campus who claimed the slogan is a white supremacist dog whistle and several confrontations ensured. Avi Yemini was the cameraman for this video.

Even though his page has been deleted the video can be viewed on the Australian Liberty Alliance’s Facebook pageas it was also published there and on Avi Yemini’s Facebook page.

Avi Yemini had his original Facebook page deleted which had over 175,000 likes after he published the mobile phone number of ABC journalist Osman Faruqi. Yemini then livestreamed his rants from the Australian Liberty Alliance’s Facebook page before setting up a new Facebook page.

At this point the Young Conservative will search for a way to appeal the decision or establish a new page.He had previously been subject to a 30 day Facebook on his personal account which prevented him posting on his Facebook page.

Major social media companies have began a process of deplatforming major conservative voices with Alex Jones’ Infowars being banned from all major platforms and Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys have been banned from Twitter. Whether the Young Conservative’s page being deleted is part of this mass deplatforming is unclear at this time.

source: http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/the-young-conservatives-facebook-page-removed/

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