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“Thought Police” at YouTube REMOVE *Congressional Debate* Video From Platform for Discussing Election Integrity
“Thought Police” at YouTube REMOVE *Congressional Debate* Video From Platform for Discussing Election Integrity

“Thought Police” at YouTube REMOVE *Congressional Debate* Video From Platform for Discussing Election Integrity

The Thought Police over at YouTube strike again.  This time, they attacked the Government Integrity Project in New Hampshire by issuing their channel a warning and REMOVING a debate for the Congressional 1st District in New Hampshire.

YouTube issued a “warning” and took down the entire debate stating it violated their rule by containing content that “advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election“.

The debate was hosted by the Government Integrity Project (GIP) and moderated by Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice.

The GIP also live-streamed the event to their YouTube channel, so that fellow Americans could hear what their candidates for federal office had to say.

Heather Mullins did an incredible job asking questions that most in the mainstream would never bother to ask because they don’t fit the topics they want us focused on.

Among the questions asked that are concerning amongst Americans but avoided in the media:

  • Whether we should investigate Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for their office’s involvement in January 6th?
  • Whether or not the FBI should be labeled a terrorist organization?
  • What should be the punishment for Dr Fauci funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
  • Opinions on the SCOTUS decision on West Virginia v.  EPA?
  • Who would you support for Speaker of the House?

and of course: election integrity.

According to the NH Journal, “typical debate topics like inflation and education also made an appearance. But the audience was most animated when the conversation turned to claims of election fraud and government abuse.”  It is worth nothing that the NHJournal claims GIP is “an organization promoting claims that the outcome of the 2020 election is either in doubt or that it was out-and-out stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats” but author Michael Graham responded “Good luck.” when I asked him for sources on that claim and the claim in the title of the article.  Instead, I’ll use the organizations mission: “Our overall mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents.”

But the live-streamed debate video it’s now deleted.  YouTube’s Draconian mandate that you don’t dare question our election process is unpopular with the US population on both sides of the political spectrum.   Still, the people have not moved on from the 2020 election.  In May, Rasmussen released a poll showing 55% of all voters believe cheating impacted the outcome of the 2020 election.

Election integrity is a significant top of the ticket issue in the 2022 primaries as well.  In a recent Rasmussen poll, they found that 62% of voters are concerned about election integrity compared to 16% who aren’t very concerned and 17% not concerned at all.

Imagine how high that could be if the censorship “Overlords” allowed individuals to speak freely and actually have discussions about what happened in 2020!  There is significant evidence that widespread fraud was committed solely utilizing missing chain of custody documents, Open Records documents and mysteriously deleted files.  Please fact check this so I can provide the receipts.

Instead, the fake news Media Matters conglomerate writes a hit piece on myself and other citizen journalist for talking about the Arizona Audit.  The “journalists” at Media Matters even cited a video I live-streamed of General Flynn giving a speech.  It had nothing to do with election fraud.  Gen. Flynn was raising funds for paraplegic veterans to purchase robotic legs.  Their hate and vitriol for anything against their narrative runs so deep they don’t even investigate what they write.

Then, the next day after their hit piece, YouTube mysteriously begins taking all of us down permanently, without warning and without exhausting all of our “strikes”.