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Twitter Labels RT as ‘State Affiliated Media’, But Ignores BBC, NPR
Twitter Labels RT as ‘State Affiliated Media’, But Ignores BBC, NPR

Twitter Labels RT as ‘State Affiliated Media’, But Ignores BBC, NPR

In another bold censorship move, Twitter has decided to label certain accounts as ‘state-affiliated media’, but apparently this extends only to the accounts whose content the platform does not agree with.

Accounts such as RT and Sputnik, Russian news sites, and accounts of people who work or supply content for those websites have been labeled with the tag by Twitter:

Twitter also announced that tweets from those accounts will no longer be highlighted on the home screen, in notifications, or in searches.

Effectively, it is an open announcement of a shadow ban.

Twitter claims it is doing this “to make the experience more transparent.”

However, state affiliated media sources that Twitter likes, such as the BBC in the UK and NPR in the US will not be affected by the move.

“State-financed media organizations with editorial independence, like the BBC in the UK or NPR in the US for example, will not be labeled,” the company noted.

Twitter further claims that “unlike independent media, state-affiliated media frequently use their news coverage as a means to advance a political agenda.”

To claim that independent media sources, such as CNN or The New York Times, for example, do not push a political agenda is laughable.

It is clear that this is yet another move by Twitter to editorialise news content, and censor content it doesn’t like.

That is made more apparent, given that Twitter says the move was made after meetings with “a number of expert groups, including members of the Digital and Human Rights Advisory Group in Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council.”

That group includes the Anti-Defamation League, the Dangerous Speech Project, and Feminist Frequency, all notorious for pushing censorship of conservative and alternative news content.

Source: Infowars