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UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population
UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population

UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population

The United Nations and its oftentimes barbaric population-control apparatus released a deeply controversial report claiming that the African population of Kenya is too large and growing too quickly. To deal with the supposed “challenge,” as the UN and its “partners” in the national government put it, international bureaucrats are demanding stepped up efforts to brainwash Kenyan women into wanting fewer children. Also on the agenda: more taxpayer-funded “family-planning” and “reproductive-health” schemes to reduce the number of Africans to levels considered “desirable” by the UN.

Critics promptly lambasted the plot as undisguised eugenics, with some experts calling it a true example of the “war on women.” Among other concerns, analysts outraged by the report noted that the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the establishment’s fiendish efforts to slash human populations — especially those considered “undesirable” by self-appointed guardians of the gene pool — have a long and sordid history going back decades. Today, the agenda marches on, as illustrated in the latest UN report calling for drastically reduced numbers of Kenyans.

Especially troubling is the eugenics component of the agenda, critics say. “This kind of eugenics by the United Nations and their population-control conspirators is not helping the black family but turning large poor families into small poor families,” explained Mark Crutcher, president of the U.S.-based pro-life group Life Dynamics. Crutcher is also the producer of the hard-hitting documentary Maafa21, which exposes what he calls the ongoing genocide of blacks worldwide by prominent establishment forces.

The controversial report, produced by the Kenyan government’s “population” minions and the UNFPA, claims that — despite dramatic declines in fertility over recent decades — authorities must do much more to bring the population down to “desirable” levels. Citing debunked claims about what the UN views as “too many” people supposedly resulting in a wide range of real and imagined problems, the radical document outlines numerous schemes to reduce the population. Among the suggested plots: more taxpayer-funded contraception, re-education, “empowering” women, reducing the “demand” for children, and more.

“One issue surrounds the realization of the policy objective of reducing total fertility rates from the current level of 4.6 to 2.6 children per woman by 2030,” observes the report, taking special aim at the poor. “This is because the demand for children is still high and is unlikely to change unless substantial changes in desired family sizes are achieved.” Incredibly, the document also states matter-of-factly that there is a “need for rapid decline in fertility.” Thus, the UN population-control zealots claimed, “the challenge is how to reduce the continued high demand for children.”

The more than 300-page report, dubbed “Kenya Population Situation Analysis,” does not explicitly call for abortion. However, experts say anyone versed in the UN’s deceptive bureaucratic language would see the real agenda clearly. For example, the document is packed with references to so-called “reproductive health” and “reproductive rights.” As then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it in a 2010 speech, “reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.

Despite occasional claims to the contrary, the Western establishment and the UN have been working fiendishly to promote abortion worldwide. The self-proclaimed goal of the UNFPA, displayed proudly on its website, is “achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health (including family planning) and promoting reproductive rights.” In Communist China, the UNFPA and its co-conspirators at Planned Parenthood have even been implicated during congressional hearings in forced abortions.

Another common theme throughout the report on Kenya is the alleged “need” to prod women into delaying marriage, family, and child-bearing. Some of the proposed methods for achieving that goal include “education,” with a wide range of schemes admittedly aimed at brainwashing African women into having fewer children. “The achievement of lower fertility is complicated by differences between individual fertility preferences and desirable fertility levels,” the report explains. In other words, the UN knows better than African families.

“Investing” in what the UN calls “education” and “health,” the document continues, would “contribute to the attainment of more favorable demographic indicators.” The “favorable” outcomes the population-control zealots are seeking, according to the report, include “lower fertility through enhanced contraceptive use” and “lower ideal family size.” The document also advocates getting more women into the workforce and government-mandated changes in “gender roles” as a way to ensure fewer African births.

Sustainable development requires Kenya to be in a position to proactively address, rather than only react to, the population trends that will unfold over the next decades,” the widely criticized UN report continues, alluding to another one of the international outfit’s controversial ploys — sustainability — to empower itself at the expense of liberty, humanity, and national independence. “Universal access to sexual and reproductive health is still being constrained by a number of factors that are economic, social and cultural. UNFPA is expected to be in the forefront in supporting implementation of the Reproductive Health Policy.”

As with coercive sterilization in India and forced abortions in China, American taxpayers are unwittingly helping to fund the radical UN efforts across Africa. In 2013 alone, for instance, U.S. taxpayers were forced into providing more than $30 million to the UNFPA. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), meanwhile, spent almost $11 million of public funds in 2011 on “family planning” and “reproductive services” in Kenya. By comparison, it spent $60,000 on nutrition.

However, critics are already crying foul and demanding action to rein in official U.S. support for the atrocities. According to experts, U.S. government funding for the anti-population machinations is almost certainly in violation of U.S. law, which prohibits the funding of any entity engaged in coercive population-control plots. The same measure bars funding for any schemes that involve targets or quotas for birth numbers, such as the population-control regime being developed by the UNFPA and authorities in Kenya to drastically slash the fertility rate even further.

Population Research Institute (PRI) chief Steven Mosher, blasting the report’s premise as “insulting to women,” was among the experts suggesting that the scheme to reduce fertility down to a target of 2.6 children per woman violates U.S. law. “The Kenyan government, urged on by the UNFPA and USAID, is asserting the women of Kenya should not be allowed to make their own decisions regarding how many children to have, and should be re-educated into rejecting large families,” he observed, adding that because U.S. taxpayers provide millions for the schemes, the policy violates the federal law. “Such open targets for births and contraceptive acceptors are a clear violation of the Tiahrt Amendment. Congress ought to investigate.”

Of course, the same UN agency, along with the U.S. government-funded abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood, came under intense criticism last year during U.S. congressional hearings on even more serious violations. Among other concerns, the UNFPA and Planned Parenthood were accused by multiple experts of participating in the enforcement of the Communist Chinese regime’s brutal “one-child” policy. The draconian population regime set up by the mass-murdering dictatorship in Beijing often features gruesome forced abortions, reportedly assisted by UNFPA and Planned Parenthood.

Life Dynamics chief Mark Crutcher, who has played a key role in exposing the ongoing eugenics efforts aimed at blacks, also explained that the history behind such ploys goes back a long way. In a statement, Crutcher highlighted a 1974 document produced by the U.S. National Security Council and multiple other agencies and departments outlining the U.S. government’s official policies on world population. The document, known as National Security Study Memorandum 200, or NSSM 200, called for reducing third-world populations — specifically identifying abortion as a primary tool in the twisted mission.

Three outfits, including Planned Parenthood, founded by virulent racist and fiendish eugenicist Margaret Sanger, would be tasked with carrying out the plot. In 1970, then-Planned Parenthood boss and former American Eugenics Society vice-president Alan Guttmacher reportedly suggested that the UN should also be charged with implementing the agenda worldwide. “If you’re going to curb population, it’s extremely important not to have it done by the damned Yankees, but by the UN,” Guttmacher was quoted as saying. “Because the thing is, then it’s not considered genocide…. If you can send in a colorful UN force, you’ve got much better leverage.”

While the U.S. government continues to foist ever greater sums of odious debts on the American people to fund the UN, Planned Parenthood, and oftentimes brutal population-control scheming, criticism of the controversial organizations and activities is steadily growing. Efforts to defund UNFPA and other outfits are accelerating as well. The UN, however, regularly blasted by critics as the “dictators’ club,” remains as zealous as ever in its goal of reducing the world population — especially in Africa and the Third World. In the United States, analysts say, and data show, Planned Parenthood has been deliberately targeting blacks since its inception, too. With the outcry growing along with awareness of the schemes, however, critics of the population-control agenda are still hopeful that it can eventually be shut down.

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