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Video: Colorado Mother Shames School Board For Pushing “Nightmare” Critical Race Theory
Video: Colorado Mother Shames School Board For Pushing “Nightmare” Critical Race Theory

Video: Colorado Mother Shames School Board For Pushing “Nightmare” Critical Race Theory

A mother slammed a Colorado school board for pushing critical race theory into the school’s curriculum under the guise of “equity.”

Deborah Flora, a radio host and member of Parents United America, lambasted the Douglas County School District (DCSD) school board for promoting “collectivism” through identity politics.

“First of all, the term equity — it sounds great, but it’s exactly the opposite of equal opportunity,” Flora told the board. “Equity demands an equal outcome. That only happens when you gerrymander things to favor one group or another. It’s not the same as equal opportunity.”

“The second thing that concerns me is when I heard the definition of equity that has been shared here and through many communications from the district. It talks about groups of individuals. When you talk about groups, it is collectivism. It is separating children into groups. That is exactly what it is doing.”

Flora also blasted the DCSD for hiring a diversity consulting firm called “Gemini Group” to implement CRT in the school.

“And groups based on what? What we’ve heard…is that groups are broken down into race, gender identity, sexual preference, and oppression. When we look at the Gemini Group teaching — which I took time to watch the entire thing — it is even more disturbing. And this [diversity] group was hired by this board,” she continued.

“In that training, it talks about oppressors and oppressed. That is damaging to every group of children. First of all, some groups of children are thought of as being shamed for who they are. The others are taught that they’re victims without the ability to further themselves and to look at others as the enemies.”

Flora demanded that the “nightmare” that is critical race theory “needs to end now” and teachers should instead focus on teaching students real academics.

“We all know the Dr. King quote that has been shared — ‘color of our skin versus the content of our character.’ He had a dream, this is a nightmare. It is a nightmare for our children and it needs to end now,” Flora concluded.

Mothers across the country have been fighting back against the racist indoctrination program that is critical race theory.

One mother in Rhode Island is facing a lawsuit for speaking up against CRT in her daughter’s school.

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