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VP Joe Biden Bribes Ukraine President Poroshenko to End Burisma Investigation after Trump Won Election
VP Joe Biden Bribes Ukraine President Poroshenko to End Burisma Investigation after Trump Won Election

VP Joe Biden Bribes Ukraine President Poroshenko to End Burisma Investigation after Trump Won Election

An audio of a call between former VP Biden and the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, released by OAN in October 2020.  In the audio, Biden seems to panic while encouraging Poroshenko to “push the PrivateBank to closure so the IMF loan comes forward.”

PrivateBank is the owner of Burisma where Hunter Biden is on the Board.  Biden was encouraging Poroshenko to address all issues with PrivateBank to end.1

“It’s going to be critical for him to work quickly to repair the damage that Shokin did,” Biden said in the call. “And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that new $1 billion loan guarantee.”

At the time, Biden was publicly pushing for reform of the prosecutor general’s office. Last year, Biden said he told Poroshenko that Ukraine would not receive the $1 billion unless Shokin was booted.

The released recordings do not mention Hunter Biden or Burisma.

Derkach, a former member of the pro-Russia Party of Regions, has pushed for a corruption case against the Bidens. He and Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, met in Kiev in December.

Derkach has previously claimed Biden pressured Ukraine in December 2015 to force Shokin’s resignation and dangled $1 billion in loan guarantees as an incentive.

Biden’s campaign responded to the release of the recording, claiming it was part of an ongoing effort by the Russians to hurt Biden.

“They heavily edited this, and it’s still a nothingburger that landed with a thud,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates told the Washington Post.

Biden’s campaign didn’t immediately return a message from the New York Post.

Trump and others have alleged Biden pushed for Shokin’s removal because Shokin was investigating Burisma.

Poroshenko’s political party, European Solidarity, said the release of the recordings was designed to drag Ukraine — a longtime US ally — into the US’ 2020 presidential election.

Source: NYPost

Here’s a video of the call being shared on social media.  The question is whether Biden was threatening Poroshenko’s life of Ukraine’s security.  Either way, Biden comes across as a mafia boss.

This wasn’t the first time Biden threatened Poroshenko as we reported.  Biden threatened Poroshenko earlier in 2016.

“In 2016, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and threatened President Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian oligarch Biden and the U.S. backed to be their leader, to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was fired in the six hours before Biden departed. Shokin was then investigating Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, one of Hunter Biden’s clients, for corruption.”

Corrupt Deep State Democrats laughed when Biden shared about threatening Ukraine over Burisma the first time.

You decide.  Was corrupt Biden threatening Poroshenko’s life or Ukraine’s security over personal matters Biden wanted to be covered up?

Source: TheGatewayPundit