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#WalkAway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka Banned From Facebook
#WalkAway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka Banned From Facebook

#WalkAway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka Banned From Facebook

Brandon Straka a New York actor and hair stylist who began the #WalkAway Campaign encouraging American liberals to walk away from the modern left and the Democratic Party has been banned for 30 days on Facebook for sharing an InfoWars link.

Straka began the campaign with a YouTube video “Why I left the Democratic Party”which explains how the message of equality and tolerance first attracted him to left but has now seen the movement morph into a violent and hate driven movement in the post-Trump era.

The video has been viewed 323k times with the hashtag going viral online and the movement gaining mainstream media attention. Straka was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro Fox News about why he felt the need to speak out and mentioned he was denied service in a camera shop because the retailer believed he would be using it for ‘alt-right activities’.

The #WalkAway Campaign has gone beyond a social media hashtag is now a fully fledged political movement with its own website and social media channels. It contains testimonials from others about why and how they left the Democrats and American liberalism with advice for others.

They held their first public event #WalkAway Campaign Washington DC March on October 26-28 to further the message of their cause.

#WalkAway has sought to crowdfund both the march and the promotion of its message through GoFundMe and Patreon using the name The Unsilent Majority.

Now Brandon Straka has reached his first major obstacle in his campaign with this Facebook ban reportedly for sharing an InfoWars link.

Alex Jones’ Infowars has been banned from every major social media platform to spreading fake news and hate speech and now it would appear Facebook is now even targeting those who post any InfoWars content.

Now Straka has had seven messages from Twitter to reset his password suggesting his account may be being hacked and implying that these messages from Twitter along with his Facebook ban may not be coincidence.

There is already a campaign to free Straka from Facebook jail. It should be noted the #WalkAway Campaign Facebook page with 77k likes and group has not been affected.

Whether Straka is about to be mass de-platformed remains to be seen but with the infrastructure he is investing in his #WalkAway Campaign as well as how its message is resonating it is unlikely it will be hindered.

Source: http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/walkaway-campaign-founder-brandon-straka-banned-from-facebook/

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