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‘We The People’ Citizens Alliance Exposes Actual Evidence of Fraud in AZ
‘We The People’ Citizens Alliance Exposes Actual Evidence of Fraud in AZ

‘We The People’ Citizens Alliance Exposes Actual Evidence of Fraud in AZ

Citizen Investigation Uncovers Thousands of Illegal Votes in Arizona Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix, AZ, We the People, a citizen’s alliance, exposes ACTUAL evidence of voter fraud in the state of Arizona and provides detailed instructions to join the mass recall effort against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who are willfully standing in the way of truth and transparency.

“Hundreds of Arizona volunteers have been on the ground, knocking on doors, and collecting declarations in a bi-partisan march to find truth in Arizona. The results of this investigation should have all citizens of Arizona outraged” – Director of Citizens Investigation, Liz Harris, “This is not a matter of family members sending in ballots, some of these people still have the physical ballot on hand! How did these votes get counted?”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have grossly failed to represent our rights through unconstitutional lockdown orders and mask mandates, but we stood by obediently, faithfully and with hope that they, the County Supervisors, had our best interest. After more than 10-months of contradictions and forced herd behavior, it is apparent the elected in Maricopa County do not have our best interest. They are now subverting our right to a fair election. The County Supervisors have made it clear they have no intention in preserving the sanctity of freedom through our right to a fair and open election. They have lied! They have stalled, and they have employed deceptive political maneuvering. We the People must act to preserve the integrity of our elections. We must take it upon ourselves to do what is right.

The question remains, if voter fraud exists, where is your proof? Join us to hear real eye witness testimony from volunteers and witness declarations by both Democrat and Republican voters ranging from deceased voters to family members who have left Arizona years ago. How can the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Governor Ducey certify an election with so much uncertainty looming over this election? The people of Arizona deserve to hear the truth and learn what they can do to join a mass recall effort and change Arizona’s future.


We The People did their own research similar to what Bobby Piton did in PA and GA to discover thousands of fake people with fake names, addresses (businesses, government buildings, schools, post offices, car lots, vacant lots, sports arenas, etc.), birthdays (deceased), etc. One homeowner recieved 20 absentee ballots, another organization reported 200 at one address, and another address had over 2000 registered voters.