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Whitey Bulger is Murdered in Prison. Was it a Deep State Hit to Protect Robert Mueller?
Whitey Bulger is Murdered in Prison. Was it a Deep State Hit to Protect Robert Mueller?

Whitey Bulger is Murdered in Prison. Was it a Deep State Hit to Protect Robert Mueller?

News accounts on October 30 reported that Bulger, the 89-year-old former kingpin of Boston’s ultra-violent “Irish Mafia” was found “unresponsive” in his cell, after having been savagely beaten. The prison staff, reportedly, administered life-saving measures to no avail, and Bulger was subsequently pronounced dead by the Preston County Medical Examiner.

The prevailing media explanation of Bulger’s demise is that he was murdered by Mafia enforcer Freddy Geas and two additional inmates at the Hazelton high-security federal prison in West Virginia. The motive for the hit on Bulger, goes the media narrative, is that Freddy Geas “hates rats,” meaning he hates “snitches” or informants. And Bulger, as The New American reported for more than 20 years ago, had been exposed as a long-time FBI informant. However, he was not an informant in the usual sense of the word. He was more an “FBI asset” in a corrupt relationship that allowed him to carry on his murderous enterprise with virtual impunity in exchange for information that would allow his FBI handlers to enrich themselves and put feathers in their caps by snaring Bulger’s crime lord competitors.

In our report on Bulger earlier this year (Probing Mueller: What Were His Roles in Boston Mafia Murders, Uranium One, and Other FBI Scandals?) we noted that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who has been leading the “Trump-Russia collusion” witch hunt for the past two years, was a central player in the deadly Bulger-FBI scandal that has been begging for a thorough investigation for decades. A credible investigation of that scandal alone would likely be sufficient to topple Mueller and send him to prison. But, as we reported, there’s more: First, as a DOJ attorney, and then as director of the FBI, Mueller has been at the eye of several storms, including treasonous disasters to our national security. In addition to being mobbed up with Bulger, Mueller assisted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the Uranium One transfer of U.S. uranium assets to Putin & Company. And then there’s the transfer of top U.S. technology to build Skolkovo, Russia’s new Silicon Valley.

But there’s much more, including Mueller’s role at the FBI in covering up the illegal Clinton Foundation deals with Putin and his oligarchs. The reliable, tangible evidence points to the Clintons, Obama, Mueller, and their fellow Deep State globalists who should be investigated (and prosecuted) for colluding and conspiring with Vladimir Putin, not President Trump and his entourage.

It may indeed turn out that Whitey Bulger was murdered in prison as Mafia retribution for his special “relationship” with the FBI and the fellow mobsters he betrayed. Those things do happen. However, the timing, along with certain circumstances, is especially suspect. Bulger survived on the run for 16 years, and then nearly two years in prison while awaiting trial, and an additional five years in prison since his conviction in 2013 on multiple charges of murder and racketeering. Why was he not murdered during the past seven years, and why was he silenced permanently almost immediately after being transferred to a new prison?

The wheelchair-bound former mob boss was murdered within hours of being transferred to the Hazelton prison. It appears that his assailants had advance knowledge of his arrival. Since 2014 he had been incarcerated at Coleman II federal prison in Florida. However, before being transferred to the Hazelton facility, he was shuffled briefly through the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma. A number of questions arise:

  • Why was Bulger transferred to Hazelton?
  • Who initiated the transfer order?
  • Why was a high-profile convict with numerous enemies placed in Hazelton’s general population rather than a protective unit?
  • Why was Bulger, nearly 90 and having health issues, transferred to Hazelton, which reportedly has no adequate health facilities for his condition?

A possible — and plausible — answer to these questions is that very high-level people in the anti-Trump Deep State “resistance” within the administration knew they must not let Bulger reveal any of the dirt he knows on Mueller. It looks like and smells like a setup to rub out a potentially damaging witness. An investigation of the Mueller-FBI-Boston Mafia conspiracy would start a thread unraveling that would also lead to Uranium One, Skolkovo, the Clinton Foundation, and many other criminal actions in Mueller’s career. Mueller’s carefully crafted sterling image would crumble, and with it the Trump-Russia collusion illusion that the Deep State and its media shills have spent enormous resources over the past two years promoting.

Was Bulger getting ready to squeal on Mueller and associates? The New American was not alone in exposing the whole Bulger-FBI-Mueller ball of corruption. On April 8, 2018, shortly after our “Probing Mueller” article cited above was published, Professor Alan Dershowitz blasted Mueller in an interview on The Cats Roundtable radio show on 970AM in New York. “He’s the guy who kept four innocent people in prison for many years in order to protect the cover of Whitey Bulger as an FBI informer,” Dershowitz said. “Those of us in Boston don’t have such a high regard for Mueller because we remember this story. The government had to pay out tens of millions of dollars because Whitey Bulger, a notorious mass murderer, became a government informer against the mafia.”

Dershowitz is referring to the infamous Teddy Deegan murder trial (see here) in which four men — Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone, Louis Greco, and Joseph Salvati — were falsely accused of murdering Deegan and railroaded into prison on bogus evidence and testimony. They were exonerated 30 years later, but in the meantime, two of them had died in prison and the two survivors were in poor health. The taxpayers ended up paying the survivors and the families of the two deceased men $102 million in compensation for false imprisonment and for the egregious actions of the FBI and the prosecution.

“And that’s regarded in Boston as one of the great scandals of modern judicial history,” said Dershowitz. “And Mueller was right at the center of it. So, he is not without criticism by people who know him in Boston.”

Howie Carr at the Boston Herald, investigative reporter/blogger Sara Carter (a regular guest of Sean Hannity on Fox), Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit, Judge Jeanine at Fox, and others were also drawing attention to Mueller-Bulger corruption. But before Bulger could sing to a congressional committee (or a special counsel to investigate the special counsel) he was snuffed out. Very convenient for Mueller and his Deep State partners in crime who are pinning great hopes on Mueller’s efforts to destroy, or at least undermine, President Trump.

Whitey Bulger was a violent, evil man, and his brutal end may have been no more than he deserved. Many family members of his victims that were similarly murdered are rejoicing at his death, according to news reports. That is understandable. They have suffered a long time waiting for justice. However, Robert Mueller and other operatives in high places are also, undoubtedly, rejoicing and breathing sighs of relief — but not out of any desire for justice. They are hoping this permanently closes the book on a loose end that could cause their tightly wrapped secrets to unravel. Bulger’s death does indeed make opening that book more difficult, but it should be opened nevertheless, despite all the howls from The Cable News Network (aka: the Communist News Network, CIA News Network, Clinton News Network, Concocted News Network, etc.) is simply fake news. According to CNN’s own three-time Emmy award winning journalist, Amber Lyon, CNN is routinely paid by the US government to make up fake news and also to selectively report on certain events in ways that fit their narrative. Plus, the Obama administration even paid CNN for editorial control over their content, badly distorting the news in their(...)

" >CNN, the New York Times, and other organs of Fake News Central that this is merely a Trump-directed attempt to smear their shining knight.

Source: The New American

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