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History has been rewritten by the globalists in text books, encyclopedias and even Wikipedia – the ‘free and democratic encyclopedia’. Official narratives are falling apart thanks to investigative journalists, whistleblowers, and FOIA requests. Cut through the censorship, the fake news, and fake history and discover the buried truths by our self-appointed overlords who rule behind the scenes. Look up words / phrases, organizations, and people bios and discover if they are sheep or wolves in sheep’s clothing. You’ll also be able to quickly glimpse at a quick tip about each term by mousing over the under-dotted words when reading articles on this site.

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  • Born on October 30, 1735, in Quincy, Massachusetts, he was a direct descendant of Puritan colonists from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He studied at Harvard University, where he received his undergraduate degree and master's, and in 1758 was admitted to the bar. In 1774, he served on the First Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Adams became the first vice president of the United States and the second president. Early Life John Adams was born on(...) Read More
  • (July 11, 1767 – Feb 23, 1848) was the sixth president of the United States of America and the son of American Founding Father John Adams. He served in Congress beginning in the Jefferson Administration, one term as president (1825–1829) and then returned to Congress where he spent the remainder of his political career fighting slavery as a moral evil. He was the son of President John Adams and Abigail Adams.1 His lifetime of service was guided by the Bible. On FEBRUARY 21, 1848, "Old(...) Read More
  • He is more than just a beer! Sadly, on today’s college campuses there is a profound lack of knowledge and awareness of the greatness of the founders of our wonderful republic under God. The man is considered by many historians to be the “Father of the American Revolution” and was instrumental in making the public aware of the tyrannical actions of the king of England and Parliament. It was in his Puritan Christian home and at the Christian college of Harvard where Adams learned that the(...) Read More
  • The first non-physician and first African to serve in the role as Director General of the World Health Organization. During his bid for the $260,000 a year job as the head of the WHO, Dr. Tedros was serving as Ethiopia’s health minister and had served as foreign minister. He vowed to make universal healthcare his central priority if he managed to become the World Health Organization’s Director-General. Dr. Tedros hired a public relations firm to help him clinch the top job at the(...) Read More
  • In pharmacology, a drug or other substance, or a combination of substances, that is used to increase the efficacy or potency of certain drugs. For example, an adjuvant is a substance that increases or modulates the immune response to a vaccine.[1] Various adjuvants are commonly used by vaccine manufacturers to "overstimulate" the immune system to increase the response to a vaccine. These make it possible to reduce the cost of vaccines, or to produce more quickly a larger quantity with a(...) Read More
  • Founded in 1999 by veteran civil-rights lawyers, describes itself as a “civil rights law, policy, and communications ‘action tank’ that advances universal opportunity and a just democracy for those left behind in America,” meaning nonwhite minorities. Specifically, the Project works to organize “communities of color” into politically cohesive units while disseminating its leftist worldviews and values as broadly as possible by way of a sophisticated communications department. A key funder(...) Read More
  • It has the misfortune of sitting in a strategic position at the crossroads of Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East. Despite its mountainous terrain and fiercely independent inhabitants, the country has been invaded time after time throughout its history. Today, Afghanistan is once more embroiled in war, pitting NATO troops and the current government against the ousted Taliban and its allies. Afghanistan is a fascinating but violence-wracked country, where East meets(...) Read More
  • The first indelible image of the war in Afghanistan for many Americans was probably that of CBS anchorman Dan Rather, wrapped in the voluminous drapery of a mujahedin fighter, looking like a healthy relative of Lawrence of Arabia (albeit with hair that seemed freshly blow-dried, as some viewers were quick to point out). From his secret mountainside “somewhere in the Hindu Kush,” Rather unloaded on his audience a barrowload of nonsense about the conflict. The Soviets, Rather confided(...) Read More
  • The largest labor federation in America, consisting of 57 autonomous and international unions. It was formed in 1955 when the American Federation of Labor (AFL) combined with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). At the time of the merger, membership totaled 15,913,077. By 2010, the AFL-CIO represented 11.5 million members, a decline of some 4.4 million since 1955. John Sweeney, AFL-CIO president from 1995 to , transformed unionism into a progressive cause after he successfully(...) Read More
  • a United Nations globalist program as a result of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 introduced with goals for the 21st century relating to the world economy, the environment and education. Agenda 21 is most known for its aims at combating extreme deforestation and protecting fragile environments and maintaining biodiversity among them. Signed by multiple nations, including the United States, the UN's Agenda 21(...) Read More
  • A UN plot adopted in 2015 that, as its full title suggests, is aimed at “transforming” the world - and not in a good way. The program is a follow-up to the last 15-year UN plan, the defunct “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs. It also dovetails nicely with the deeply controversial UN Agenda 21, even including much of the same rhetoric and agenda. But the combined Agenda 2030 goals for achieving what is euphemistically called “sustainable development” represent previous UN plans on(...) Read More
  • He or she may be a police officer or a secret agent of police who encourages suspects to carry out a crime under conditions where evidence can be obtained; or who suggests the commission of a crime to another, in hopes they will go along with the suggestion and be convicted of the crime. A political organization or government may use agents provocateurs against political opponents. The provocateurs try to incite the opponent to do counterproductive or ineffective acts to foster public(...) Read More
  • A privately held security company launched in 2007 headquartered in Switzerland and with over $1bn in international sales. They link data from the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing to form a spy grid for governments. The AGT family of companies have participated in numerous suspect, if not criminal activities.  The leaders of the company were Clinton friends and major donors to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons in turn helped promote AGT. AGT then participated(...) Read More
  • There is no doubt that AIDS erupted in the U.S. shortly after government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) using gay men as guinea pigs. The epidemic was allegedly caused by the “introduction” of a new retrovirus (the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV for short); and the introduction of a new herpes-8 virus, the virus that causes Kaposi’s sarcoma, widely known as the “gay cancer” of AIDS. The taboo theory that AIDS is a man-made disease is largely based on research(...) Read More
  • A San Francisco-based company that operates an online marketplace platform where property owners can list their home or property for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Airbnb is a far-left 'woke' company that  symbolically cut off political funding to Republicans who support Trump. Not that this had any impact, because Airbnb employees and PAC's already were huge Democrat donors by a ratio of 97% to 3%. Airbnb banned Proud Boys at the Million MAGA(...) Read More
  • Every day travelers are herded through the checkpoint corrals into one of these anti-terrorism full body scanners at airports and other places in the name of 'security' thanks to 9/11 followed by the 2009 FBI underwear bomber false flag. First, the TSA told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe. Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the(...) Read More
  • [May 15, 1937 (Prague) - Mar 23, 2022 (DC)] Jewish born 64th US Secretary of State and a deep state operative and ruthless politician. Albright is listed by ISGP as the most connected and powerful woman of all time[1] ahead of her close friend Hillary Clinton. Albright was a crucial advisor to Bill Clinton for pushing for NATO intervention in the Kosovo war.[2] On 12 May 1996, she defended UN sanctions against Iraq on a 60 Minutes segment in which Lesley Stahl asked her: "We have heard(...) Read More
  • A book published by Lewis Carroll (a pseudoname for English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) on November 26, 1865, three years after Dodgson and the Reverend Robinson Duckworth rowed in a boat, on 4 July 1862, up the Isis with the three young daughters of Henry Liddell, including 10 year old Alice Liddell from whom Alice is named. It tells of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic,(...) Read More
  • a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations, and UFO/alien sightings and abductions. In addition, Christians have had success in ending alien abduction experiences by the authority of Jesus Christ. Are aliens actually demons, the third of the hosts of Heaven that were cast out with Satan for rebellion? There is much evidence to support this theory that has been greatly researched (tens of thousands of hours) by Guy Malone, Joe Jordan, and(...) Read More
  • Saul Alinsky was born to Russian-Jewish parents in Chicago on January 30, 1909, but was personally agnostic regarding religion. Author and political commentator David Horowitz writes that Alinsky “came of age in the 1930s as a Communist fellow-traveler (as his biographer Sanford Horwitt tells us in Let Them Call Me Rebel).” Indeed, Horwitt wrote that Alinsky was “broadly sympathetic” with the politics of his friend Herb March, who worked as an organizer for the Young Communist League.(...) Read More