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History has been rewritten by the globalists in text books, encyclopedias and even Wikipedia – the ‘free and democratic encyclopedia’. Official narratives are falling apart thanks to investigative journalists, whistleblowers, and FOIA requests. Cut through the censorship, the fake news, and fake history and discover the buried truths by our self-appointed overlords who rule behind the scenes. Look up words / phrases, organizations, and people bios and discover if they are sheep or wolves in sheep’s clothing. You’ll also be able to quickly glimpse at a quick tip about each term by mousing over the under-dotted words when reading articles on this site.

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  • AristocracyFrom the Greek term that translates to "rule by the best", means government by an inherited elite nobility. The nobles, with titles like "duke", "count", "earl" or "baron," comprised a privileged class. The members have a "right" to rule the country, and non-nobles have no say in the matter. Historically noble status was typically inherited from father to son, and usually tied to ownership of vast amounts of land. Farmers who worked the land were politically controlled by the(...) Read More
  • ArmeniaAccording to ancient tradition, Noah’s Ark rested on Mount Ararat in the Armenian Mountain Range. Armenia’s coat of arms has Mount Ararat with Noah’s Ark on top. Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi (410-490 AD) recounted the tradition that Noah’s son Japheth had a descendant named Hayk who shot an arrow in a battle near Lake Van c. 2,500 B.C. killing Nimrod, builder of the Tower of Babel – the first tyrant of the ancient world. Hayk is the origin of “Hayastan,” the Armenian name for(...) Read More
  • Armitage, Richard"a sophisticated member of the top echelons of the U.S. government", i.e. a member of the US Deep State (Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, and CFR) and the number two man in the George W. Bush State Department under Colin Powell, who referred to him as "my white son." He admits that he publicly released the classified information that Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA spook, and so triggered the Plame affair, although he has claimed it was inadvertent because it was "just an offhand(...) Read More
  • ArtAfter classical antiquity, Christianity became the predominant power shaping European culture between the 13th and 19th centuries. Biblical texts, commentaries, and apocryphal stories inspired artists and patrons alike to create these objects of devotion such as the visions experienced, miracles performed, and other profound theological beliefs and debates. The CIA’s involvement in the promotion of Abstract Expressionism (1950's-70's) exemplifies the aesthetic terrorist’s strategy of(...) Read More
  • Artificial Intelligencethe intelligence exhibited by machines and software. Colloquially, the term is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem solving". For the elite, it’s the deliberate reprogramming of the human race to think and to act according to controllers who want to have absolute control over every aspect of our abilities to think and to act other than the way they approve and program us to(...) Read More
  • Artificial SweetenersMost people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight. The amazing irony is that nearly all the studies that have carefully analyzed their effectiveness show that those who use artificial sweeteners actually gain more weight than those who consume caloric sweeteners. In 2005, data gathered from the 25-year long San Antonio Heart Study showed that drinking diet soft drinks increased the likelihood of serious weight gain – far more so than regular soda. On average, each diet soft drink the(...) Read More
  • Asch Conformity StudyDuring the 1950s Solomon Asch conducted and published a series of experiments that demonstrated the degree to which an individual's own opinions are influenced by those of a majority group. Demonstrating how a "normal" human being can be pressured into unusual behavior by people they deem as authority figures, or by the consensus of opinion around them. Over the 12 critical trials, about 75% of participants conformed at least once, and 25% of participants never conformed. Asch conducted(...) Read More
  • AsiaThe biggest continent in the world, Asia includes 50 independent countries and occupies the eastern part of the single Eurasian landmass. Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean from the north, by the Pacific Ocean from the east and by the Indian Ocean from the south, it is separated from Africa by Suez Canal. The Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea separate Asia from Europe, farther the overland border runs through the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Ural River and Ural Mountains. This(...) Read More
  • AspartameThe technical name for the artificial sweetener brand names NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. It was discovered by accident in 1965 when James Schlatter, a chemist of G.D. Searle Company, was testing an anti-ulcer drug. It was approved for dry goods in 1981 (thanks to some shady maneuvering by FDA head Arthur Hull) and for carbonated beverages in 1983. It was originally approved for dry goods on July 26, 1974, but objections filed by neuroscience researcher Dr. John W. Olney(...) Read More
  • Assange, JulianAn Australian journalist and free speech activist, best known as the founder of the controversial website Wikileaks, a repository of leaked corporate and government documents. Assange was a hero of the American left when he published documents which discredited the Bush administration and aided the election of Barack Obama, but became a villain after the murder of Seth Rich. Assange published documents about the Obama administration's lies in the Benghazi massacre and exposed the Hillary(...) Read More
  • Associated Pressan American not-for-profit co-op news agency headquartered in NYC and founded in 1846. Its members are U.S. newspapers and broadcasters. The AP is governed by an elected board of directors with Gary Pruitt as President and CEO. Britannica wrote that most news throughout the world disseminates from three major agencies: the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse. According to German historian Harriet Scharnberg who unearthed archive material, the AP news agency entered a formal(...) Read More
  • Atheismthe Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary defines atheism in two ways: "1) a lack of belief or a strong disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods 2) a philosophical or religious position characterized by disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods."[1] Lexico.com (Oxford University Press) defines atheism as "Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods."[2] See: Definition of atheismAtheism, as defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Routledge(...) Read More
  • Atlantic CouncilA globalist think tank that discusses international affairs. It is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Association, an umbrella organization also including NATO.[1] The Atlantic Council has worked with the German Marshall Fund to promote internet censorship and purge Facebook of American websites they deem as Russian propaganda.[2] The Atlantic Council supported al-Qaeda terrorists from 2011 for Regime Change in Libya and Syria and have been pushing to escalate the conflict with Russia for(...) Read More
  • Attali, JacquesA globalist architect, political advisor, and author Among the globalist architects, who served as special advisor & counselor to left-wing French President François Mitterrand from 1981-1991. He is a shadowy figure who not only influences the course of French politics but also shapes our future – globally. In a 1998 book, he wrote about a future pandemic to establish a world police force that eventually becomes a planetary power. Archbishop Vigano points to Attali rather than his better(...) Read More
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderDifficulty concentrating, impulsiveness, excessive energy and inability to sit are some of the most common symptoms of what has been unscientifically defined as ADHD. Western medicine focuses on prescription medications that don’t cure ADHD and instead only suppress some of the symptoms. In addition, these medications are linked to personality changes, suicidal thoughts and other disturbing side effects such as delayed growth, sleep problems, decreased appetite and heart problems. To back(...) Read More
  • Austin, LloydMinister of defense in the Biden junta as of Jan 22, 2021. He previously served as fall guy for the Obama administration's disastrous Syrian regime change policy.[2] Austin reported to Congress that after 6 months and spending $500 million, the supposed Free Syrian Army had recruited 5 guys.[3][4] The 5 guys in reality were 5 arms traffickers in Switzerland supplying weapons to the Islamic State.[5]Austin is an active member of the military industrial complex and served on the Board of(...) Read More
  • AustraliaAn independent nation that occupies the continent of Australia, and is considered geographically as part of Oceania, but has been establishing its place politically and commercially in Southeast Asia. Politically, Australia combines the structures of a democratic political system with a governing culture that is authoritarian or even fascist in many respects. It shifted towards Leftism as the result of enacting gun control in the wake of an isolated false flag mass shooting in 1996, the(...) Read More
  • AuthoritarianismAn ideology which affirms that individual rights and liberties do not matter and that the decisions of how society should be run should be left to a single dictator or a small group of elites. Some of the characteristics of authoritarianism include: A centralized government which attempts to gather all power to itself; intolerance for dissent from official government positions; large bureaucracies which become self-perpetuating, existing for their own sake rather than that of the people;(...) Read More
  • AutismIndividuals identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) suffer from significant problems in the areas of social, emotional and communication skills, which can cause serious problems in their daily functioning. There is a strong causal link between the MMR vaccination and autism that was covered up for years. Parental reports, court verdicts, animal studies and human research points to this correlation. Other studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children also conclude that(...) Read More
  • Avian InfluenzaBack in 2005, headlines warned the U.S. and U.K. were facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated two million Americans succumbing to the bird flu; the best case scenario taking only 200,000 lives. The always reliable fearmonger Neil Ferguson at the Gates Foundation-funded Imperial College of London predicted as many as 200 million deaths worldwide. The virus, if it even existed, actually killed 78 people worldwide. Photos of overflowing hospital wards from the 1918 flu(...) Read More