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A management consulting firm (a “spin-off of the former Big Five accounting firm Arthur Andersen“) that offers a wide variety of services to its clients including IT, technology, operations, and outsourcing solutions. Accenture “began as the consulting arm (Andersen Consulting) of Chicago-based Andersen Worldwide” in 1989 and changed its name to Accenture on 1 Jan 2001. Previously incorporated in the USA, then Bermuda (still HQ’s), the company re-incorporated in Ireland for tax avoidance reasons in Sep 2009. Accenture has implemented Marxist policies ostensibly to reduce gendered discrimination such as gender neutral bathrooms and gender neutral dress-codes, and is a major contributor to the WEF’s Global Shapers network.

The business model consists of charging big fees for drastic reorganizations of the target company or public service, that often results in destruction of the original business or service (ala Bain & Co.), but where the new structure is privatized or owned by different hands. The company typically spends a few million per year in DC lobbying and is a government contractor. Clients include Dow Chemical, Dupont, the government of Ireland, the government of Portugal, the US Air Force, New Zealand, Singapore, and more.


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