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The year is 1847. Physicians in America are not enjoying competing with inexpensive, natural remedies, which are offered by Indians and skilled midwives. These are remedies which are effective but are not profitable or patentable, so elitist physicians join forces and form an alliance called the AMA, the American Medical Association. Not just any doctor was allowed to join this new, prestigious organization, but only the “regulars” everyone knew well, and those who did NOT use herbal remedies, homeopathy or Native American remedies – for anything. By the turn of 1900, word got out fast. The AMA is “hiring” and if you join the “patentable remedy industry” there would be plenty of money to go around. Critics called it the “Great American Fraud,” and the AMA doesn’t like critics, so they created an anti-critic department called the Department of Investigation, or DOI, to hunt down and SHUT DOWN doctors and healers alike that were still using natural remedies, and thus digging into the profits of the AMA.

The DOI kept files also, on anyone cured of cancer, files on vitamins and acupuncture, and even faith healing. The head of the AMA, Morris Fishbein just so happened to be one of the most skilled extortionists to ever live. He invented the “Seal of Acceptance” for all medicine he personally approved (accepted bribes for) or the medicine would not be in any medical journals and wouldn’t sell, in other words. Fishbein ran a huge scam on all pharmaceutical medicine (fake medicine) and charged exorbitant fees to approve and advertise in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, of which he was the Editor for decades. As a US healer at the time, you had two choices: pay Fishbein for chemical drug coercion approval or find another profession. The AMA had the last say in all “prescribed” medicine, even though Fishbein never practiced a single day of medicine in his LIFE, and the AMA did NOT have any facilities to test any of the drugs they were slapping the “Seal of Acceptance” on, because it was all just a BUSINESS scam.


In 1849, the AMA established a board to analyze what they labeled ‘quack remedies and nostrums’ and to brainwash the public in regard to the nature and danger of such remedies. The Department of Investigation (1913-1975) gathered and disseminated propaganda for the public for over 60 years. In 1873, the AMA founded the AMA Judicial Council to deal with what they deemed ‘medical ethical and constitutional controversies.’ Through their own judicial council, in addition to their propaganda journal, the medical cartel began to manipulate the industry. In 1905, the AMA established the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry, which set standards for drugs and then evaluated them (). “The council’s goal was to steer patients toward using effective pharmaceutical preparations prescribed by physicians and to discourage their using ineffective, self-administered patent medicines” (homeopathic and natural remedies). The few ‘snake oils’ that did exist were only used to further demonize the homeopathic industry and prove that it was a quack industry. In 1906, the AMA published the first American Medical Directory listing over 128,000 licensed physicians in the U.S. and Canada, none of which practiced natural medicine. The Flexner Report, funded by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations and supported by the AMA, was published and facilitates new standards (exclusive of natural remedies) for medical schools.

The AMA Symbol, the Staff of Asclepius

The staff of Asclepius (an ancient greek physician deified as the god of medicine) has a single serpent encircling a staff, classically a rough-hewn knotty tree limb. Asclepius is traditionally depicted as a bearded man wearing a robe that leaves his chest uncovered and holding a staff with his sacred single serpent coiled around it, symbolizing renewal of youth as the serpent casts off its skin. Medical schools developedin ancient Greece, which were usually connected to temples or shrines called Asclepions (Asclepieia) dedicated to Asclepius. The Asclepion became very important in Greek society. Patients believed they could be cured by sleeping in them. They would visit, offering gifts and sacrifices to the false god, and be treated by priest healers (called the Asclepiadae). The worship of Asclepius spread to Rome and continued as late as the sixth century. The Asclepiadae were a large order of priest physicians who controlled the black art secrets of alchemy healing, which were passed from father to son. Harmless Aesculapian snakes were kept in the combination hospital-temples built by the ancient Greeks and, later, by the Romans in honor of the false god.

Despite the unequivocal claim of the staff of Asclepius to represent medicine (and healing), the caduceus, a rod with two entwined serpents topped by a pair of wings appears to be the more popular symbol of medicine in the United States, probably due to simple confusion between the caduceus and the staff of Asclepius, the true symbol of medicine. Many people use the word caduceus to mean both of these emblems. (TMS Editor – LF)

Since 1847, burying natural remedies has been BIG business for the AMA

The AMA was founded in 1847, but wasn’t INCORPORATED until 1897, when it became the largest association of physicians, including both MDs (Medical Doctors) and Dos (Doctor of Osteopathy) in the United States. Once the AMA gained power and prestige in the early 1900s, nutrition education was removed from all medical schools, bar a few classes, and vitamins and minerals would no longer be a part of the Western “School of Medicine” for healing anything, via the AMA. Part of the AMA mission statement says they “promote the art and science of medicine … ” but natural remedies are an art and many are scientifically proven to be effective for all kinds of diseases, disorders, infections and for preventing chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, heart disease, and the list goes on. Another part of their mission is to “promote public health and lobby for legislation favorable to patients, but there is NO RECORD of any lobbying that has benefit any preventable diseases, but rather chronic care medicine that delays the ongoing disorders from processed foods and chemical medicines. Obesity is a major public health issue in America, but the AMA is reluctant to even try to do anything about it. They recently classified obesity as a “disease” even though it’s not contagious, is totally preventable, is treatable with organic raw food and filtered water. The AMA wants no part in nutrition or food as medicine and has maintained their stance and “mission” as stated from more than a century ago. They are trapped in the dark ages and chemical medicine is not the cure for anything, but rather temporary relief of symptoms while chronic health detriment worsens, without nutritional advice. Surgery and chemotherapy have never been the best choices for battling cancer or food-related diseases (like obesity – which causes cancer!) and conditions, and vaccines contain too many toxins to ever help, so where does the AMA take the “public health crisis” next? The AMA Code of Medical Ethics is being systematically dismantled. This is supposed to dictate professional conduct for practicing physicians, but money and policy positions have taken root and industry hacks and politicians are moving back and forth from Biotech and Big Food CEO and management positions to working for the AMA, the FDA, the CDC, the EPA and so forth.

The AMA has one of the largest political lobbying budgets of any US organization

The AMA’s political positions throughout history have been CONTROVERSIAL. In the 1930’s, the AMA tried to prohibit members from working for health maintenance organizations that popped up during the Great Depression. This violated the Sherman Antitrust Act and the AMA was convicted by the US Supreme Court. Then, the AMA campaigned against MEDICARE in the 1950s and 60s. Ronald Reagan led the charge with “Operation Coffee Cup.” Now the AMA opposes any cuts to Medicare funding. The crooks at AMA also changed medical malpractice law to LIMIT damage awards, so patients are left “holding the bag” of medical responsibility and most (if not all) of the cost. Chronic “AMA-style” care has skyrocketed since Obamacare began and the AMA has their hands in everything regarding the “Affordable Care Act.” After considering the AMA’s complete line of books and products, the AMA publicly reports (in CPT codes) that it generates up to $70,000,000 in revenue annually. If anyone wants to view the collections of the association’s papers, dating from late 1800s to the late 1960s, just check the National Library of Medicine. (source)

AMA found GUILTY of racketeering THREE times

April, 2001: Three state medical societies join together with over 75,000 members and sue the nation’s largest health insurers. 12 different health plans and their so called “managed care” authorities. They were violating federal racketeering laws. Twenty individual doctors from seven states accused managed care companies of denying medically necessary treatments, systematically delaying payments, and bundling claims – which basically means they made piles for claims they didn’t want to pay on and DENIED THEM WITHOUT REVIEW. End result? The HMO insurers “managed care” practices had violated the Federal Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act. The HMOs AUTOMATICALLY “down-coded” and “bundled” claims, which was done with software which had protocols set by the American Medical Association itself, well in advance. This enabled the mass manipulation of reimbursements. The conviction marked the third time that the AMA was found guilty of antitrust violations for CONSPIRACY. (source)

The AMA violated the SHERMAN ACT

The AMA violated the Sherman Act, as revealed by the 1990 antitrust lawsuit where four chiropractors won a landmark suit because the AMA attempted to destroy the ENTIRE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION. The AMA had paid salaries and expenses to professional thugs (a team of rogue medical doctors and lawyers who will do anything for money) to covertly destroy the profession. It’s on the record that the AMA paid Sunbeam Corporation about $10 million to avoid breach-of-contract trail. The AMA was going to endorse Sunbeam’s blood pressure monitors without any plans to test them. The AMA only pulled out of the plan once the public knew.

This is similar to the CDC pulling mercury out of vaccines, but leaving it in flu shots. Still, the public doesn’t know this. Most pregnant women don’t know there is still mercury as thimerosal in flu vaccines.

False Heroes Purported and Exalted by the AMA

Dr. Jonas Salk, the “Father of Vaccines” and inventor of new Polio strains, was a hack who never invented the cure for polio, but created new strains instead. Polio was already on the way out when vaccines came to be, but those statistics are now skewed and not readily published for the American public to view. They have been memory-holed, but one look at the REAL graph and we all see that what Salk was credited with was really all one huge lie. However, because the majority of Americans believe, thanks to propaganda, that polio is one of the most serious of infectious diseases, the scam works.

Yet, most people incur Polio’s mild infection, lasting only a few days, and there is only ONE rare complication of the disease that destroys motor cells in the brain and spinal cord, but EVERY government advertisement and warning uses paralysis as the scare tactic and fear-mongering coercion for people to accept vaccinations as safe and effective, or at least safer than being paralyzed by a scary disease only medical doctors can “understand” and “prevent.” We must learn to ignore the propaganda and dig up the real statistics, then health enthusiasts who question invasive chemicals as medicine find real answers and can trust natural medicine even more so.

As a matter of scientific fact, it has been observed since the early 1900s that an animal that survives an attack from poliomyelitis became resistant to subsequent infections. The AMA refuses to publish anything helpful to public health in THIS realm. Chemical medicine has made health matters worse as a whole in America, but the AMA has a demented view of what “public health” means, and the ineffectiveness of the entire health care system is to be questioned. Archaic forms of treating disease and disorder are still being used, thanks to the AMA. That takes the discussion and research proof to a madman named Dr. Henry Cotton, who somehow went down in history (thanks to the AMA) as an influential person, when he was in fact, infamous and demented.

The “Madman” Dr. Henry Cotton

The ADA (American Dental Association), AMA and CDC all call him the “Champion of Conventional Medicine,” but health enthusiasts who know the truth call him a sick demented scientist who was accredited by an evil, morally-void cult of Western medicine – a.k.a. allopathic. The American Journal of Psychiatry refers to him as “one of the most stimulating figures of our generation.” This the man who used medieval methods to treat mental health, such as using pliers to yank teeth and removing organs and removing the intestines to try to cure bacterial infections. In two years, 1919 to 1921, Dr. Cotton removed more than 10,000 teeth from mental patients WITHOUT ANY CONSENT at the State Hospital in Trenton, NJ, while trying to treat insanity. He also removed ovaries and the uterus, with a death rate of more than thirty percent for intestinal removal surgery. The crazy doctor Cotton simply lied about surgery success in his mental hospital and bragged to the press. Dr. Cotton had nobody to prove him wrong, not even the politicians that were steeped in pharma profiteering and racketeering at the AMA. (source)

Morris Fishbein – Head of the AMA and Editor of JAMA – and the ultimate Charlatan

The AMA began its reign with the ultimate charlatan issuing the infamous AMA “Seal of Approval” which is the same as we have today with the fast-track approval of dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals the FDA approves for top dollars. For those inclined to place trust in the AMA, just take a look at the association’s history. Even today, the AMA continues to make decisions obviously designed to protect organized medicine, not patients. Since before World War II, Americans have been falsely reaffirmed by the FDA, AMA, and NCI that conventional medicine is based upon science, but it is not. (source) Morris Fishbein was a charlatan and a huckster, a “pharma” shill selling America on quack chemical-based medicine, and he was running the American Medical Association for decades. Fishbein was like a billionaire lobbyist would be today, with power, money and most of all, control.

Today, the AMA spends hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbyists, second only to the American Chamber of Commerce. They are supposed to advocate for healthy water supplies, but most US tap/municipal water is laced with highly corrosive, toxic sodium fluoride imported from China’s industrial waste complex for pennies on the dollar. Instead, this form of fluoride lowers I.Q. in humans and causes brittle bones, cancer, Alzheimer’s and bone marrow loss. This is not the naturally occurring fluoride being discussed here either, which is a favorite trick used by the AMA and the ADA to make people believe fluoride helps with strong teeth. The AMA also pushed for the Affordable Care Act, most likely because it’s the AMA that invented chronic care management for the medical industrial complex of the USA.

The AMA purposely limits the supply of physicians and inflates the cost of medical care in the US. The number of medical schools and their curriculum are severely RESTRICTED by state licensing boards which are CONTROLLED by reps from state medical societies associated with none other than the AMA. If any business not working with and through the AMA becomes competitive, the AMA can legally revoke licenses. The AMA itself, though, violates its own code of ethics when US states pass forced vaccination policy, as is happening now in California. This violates the informed consent promises made in the AMA’s own ethics “bible.” The AMA is like a monopoly created by the Government and funded by Big Tobacco. In fact, the AMA gladly accepted huge sums of advertising fees from tobacco companies who advertised heavily in its flagship journal, JAMA, throughout the 20th century, and of course during the latter half of the reign of Morris Fishbein – the ultimate charlatan. Still, the University of Chicago’s Center for History of Science and Medicine is named after him. He was editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) from 1924-1949.

When Dr. Fishbein took the stand under cross-examination in a court case where he had tried to bury a natural cure for cancer for years (see Hoxsey Remedy), Dr. Fishbein made shocking admissions. He failed anatomy in medical school and he never even completed his internship before going to work at the Journal. In other words, he never practiced a day of medicine or treated a single patient in his entire career. He was the quack he had warned America about for years and years.

The AMA even once paid a prominent cancer researcher a quarter of a million dollars to leave the country and stop working on natural cures for cancer. It worked. The researcher took the money and moved to Mexico. (source)

AMA continues to protect organized medicine, not patients

Even today, the AMA continues to make decisions designed to protect organized medicine, not patients. For example, the AMA is right now engaged in the following actions:

  • Refusing to support the ban of direct-to-consumer drug advertising, a dangerous phenomenon that is partly responsible for the vast over-prescribing of prescription drugs that are right now killing 100,000 Americans each and every year.
  • Continuing to support the prescribing of antidepressant drugs to children, even though such drugs are now clearly linked to violent thoughts and suicidal behavior and have been banned from use in children in the U.K.
  • Continuing to accept tens of millions of dollars each year in advertising funds from drug companies whose products dominate the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Many of the drugs advertised in JAMA are, in fact, the very same drugs that are right now killing tens of thousands of Americans each year, according to senior drug safety researchers at the FDA. This massive funding of the AMA by drug companies creates a clear conflict of interest. (source)

Source: TruthWiki.org

The AMA began pushing for sex to be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates in 2021. They argued that “Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records,” according to WebMD.

In 2013, the organization passed a resolution stating “That our American Medical Association support policies that allow for a change of sex designation on birth certificates for transgender individuals based upon verification by a physician that the individual has undergone transition according to applicable medical standards of care.” The AMA is a tool of the elite to push their new world order agendas.

Chronological History of Events Involving the AMA

California Dem Behind Radical Plan To Vaccinate Children Joins American Medical Association

California Dem Behind Radical Plan To Vaccinate Children Joins American Medical Association

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AMA Adopts New Policy to Allow "Mature" 12 Year Olds to Consent to Vaccination without Parents Consent

AMA Adopts New Policy to Allow “Mature” 12 Year Olds to Consent to Vaccination without Parents Consent

At the conclusion of the annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago, AMA delegates adopted a doozy of a new policy. The powerful trade group agreed to develop model legislation that pressures state legislatures into allowing minors to “override refusenik parents on vaccination.” Interesting that the medical tyrants and communists use the soviet word "Refuseniks". Refusenik was an unofficial term for individuals, typically ...
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District Judge Susan Getzendanner found the American Medical Association Guilty of a Conspiracy Against Chiropractors to Eliminate them Entirely.

District Judge Susan Getzendanner found the American Medical Association Guilty of a Conspiracy Against Chiropractors to Eliminate them Entirely.

District Judge Susan Getzendanner found the American Medical Association (AMA) and fourteen associated parties guilty of waging a conspiracy against chiropractors to contain and eliminate them entirely, in violation of the Sherman Antitrust law. Judge Getzendanner ruled, I conclude that an injunction is necessary in this case. There are lingering effects of this conspiracy; the AMA has never acknowledged the lawlessness of its past conduct and ...
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Dr. Max Gerson Called to Testify Before Congress (The Pepper-Neely Bill) on his Miraculous Cancer Treatment which was Later Expunged from the Congressional Record

Dr. Max Gerson Called to Testify Before Congress (The Pepper-Neely Bill) on his Miraculous Cancer Treatment which was Later Expunged from the Congressional Record

On July 1-3 1946, Dr. Max Gerson was called to testify before the United States Senate at a hearing for the Pepper- Neely Anti-cancer Bill which was designed to appropriate 100 million dollars in funding for anyone who could show promise in the realm of cancer treatment. During this hearing Gerson was able to demonstrate a remarkable case history of cancer patients that had complete tumor ...
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The Persistent Harry Hoxsey (Arrested Several Times for Curing Cancer with Herbs without a License) Opens a Cancer Treatment Clinic in Dallas, TX

The Persistent Harry Hoxsey (Arrested Several Times for Curing Cancer with Herbs without a License) Opens a Cancer Treatment Clinic in Dallas, TX

Harry Hoxsey had spent a dozen years prior to opening his clinic in Dallas battling the American Medical Association. The AMA had witnessed first-hand the curing of a 'stretcher-case' policeman whom Morris Fishbein himself as well as doctors thought had no chance after medical treatments had had no effect. The policeman was given 3 weeks to live by the medical profession. Harry Hoxsey cured him and ...
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In His 1st Month as Editor of the JAMA, Morris Fishbein Launches His First of Many Attacks on Natural Cancer Cures with a Scathing Article on Scientist Dinshah Ghadiali's SCT

In His 1st Month as Editor of the JAMA, Morris Fishbein Launches His First of Many Attacks on Natural Cancer Cures with a Scathing Article on Scientist Dinshah Ghadiali’s SCT

Dinshah Ghadiali was a gifted scientist who developed and used with great success what he called Spectro-Chrome Therapy ("SCT").  It was simply subjecting people to light waves.  In certain respects, it was little different from Royal Rife's therapy.  As soon as Morris Fishbein became editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1924 he attacked Ghadiali and SCT in the January 24, 1924 edition ...
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The American Medical Association Begins a Smear Campaign Against Homeopathic Cancer Cure Developer, Dr. William Koch

The American Medical Association Begins a Smear Campaign Against Homeopathic Cancer Cure Developer, Dr. William Koch

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