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Bolsonaro, Jair
Bolsonaro, Jair

Bolsonaro, Jair

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(b. Mar 21, 1955, Glicério, São Paulo, Brazil) is the president of Brazil. He is a strongly conservative and anti-establishment[1][2][3][4] former congressman and retired army captain. He often invokes God in his speeches, and is known as the “Trump of the Tropics.”[5] Under his leadership, conservatives made record gains in winning legislative seats through the 2022 election:

Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party gave Brazil’s far right its best-ever election night outcome since the country’s return to democracy nearly four decades ago. It won 99 seats in the lower house of Brazil’s Congress, 23 more than in 2017.[6]

He supports the right of all non-criminals to own firearms and proposed this as one of his first initiatives upon taking the office of president. One of his favorite expressions is “combater o lixo marxista,” which means “fight the marxist garbage.”[7]

Personal gun registration soared almost 500% under Bolsonaro’s government.[8] Brazil was an economic success having deflation while other countries had the opposite. Security grew under the conservative president, Bolsonaro is a great defender of economic and social freedom, he stopped the Sao Paulo Forum and recovered Brazilian national pride. He defended Brazilian sovereignty over the most of the Amazon against globalists like Leonardo Di Caprio and Emmanuel Macron that wanted to globalize the region.

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