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Cold War

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Wikipedia (echoing the official narrative) says it was “a state of geopolitical tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its satellite states) and powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others). However, Operation Gladio would reveal that the notion of two ideologically opposed superpowers locked in opposition was a convenient yarn to spin for both the US and the USSR governments. Anthony Sutton has exposed that these ‘enemies’ did engage in more mutual assistance than was publicly admitted. The ensuing climate of fear and paranoia provided a toxic environment in which the clandestine intelligence agencies thrived and the deep state used proxy wars to rapidly extend their power. Doctrines of “national security” were developed and refined to cloak wrongdoing and obscure the deep political significance of events.

Colin Ross, the psychologyst who exposed MKULTRA after obtaining thousands of government documents via FOIA requests, gave a famous lecture in 1996. In the groundbreaking lecture on MKULTRA, he also exposed how the Cold War was already being planned by the intelligence agencies before WW2 was even over:

When you read the history of the OSS in World War II, in the last years of the War, the Cold War was already being deliberately planned out and set up by the Intelligence Agencies, and it was already apparent to the Intelligence Agencies that things were going to flip – that Germany would become the Allies and Russia would become the enemy. There was an awful lot of jockeying about whether the Germans were going to surrender in North Italy before the Russians got to Yugoslavia – so there were now negotiations with the Germans – because if they agreed to surrender early – before the Russians got there – then there would be such-and-such a payoff which would secure the area for the Allies so they wouldn’t be taken over by the Russians.

There was all this jockeying going on, all this intrigue, communications between the OSS and some of Hitler’s generals. The arch-enemy spymaster, who Allen Dulles was fighting against was Reinhard Gehlen who was head of German Intelligence in the Eastern Front, which means Russia. At the end of World War II, Allen Dulles recruited Reinhard Gehlen to become the Head of that Division of the CIA’s operations against Russia. This is a totally established fact. Harold Wolff who was the Head of the Human Ecology Foundation, was a neurologist at Cornell. When Allen Dulles’ son received a head wound in the Korean War, he was brought back to the USA and treated by Harold Wolff. You start to get a feel for why I call this an Old Boys’ Network. Let’s come down here to MKULTRA-we’re over at hallucinogens.

PT Barnum said it for all time, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” For decades, the American people have been terrorized, not by a foreign threat, but by their own govern­ment. In order for the Federal Reserve System central bankers to continue to loot the nation after the successful conclusion of the Second World War, they had to invent a new threat to scare the American people into giving up more of their constitutional rights. The only candidate was our erstwhile gallant ally, the Soviet Union. The central bank conspirators faced the task of continuing to mobilize the people against a terrible threat, taxing them heavily in order to save them from destruction.

The World Order billionaires launched a complex, long-term plan to demonize Soviet Russia. Overnight, they would undergo a sea change, from the darlings of the American political Establishment to a dangerous and possibly overwhelming enemy. In an article in the August 1977 issue of American Heritage magazine, “Who Started the Cold War?” by historian Charles L. Mee Jr., editor of Horizon magazine, and author of one of the first cold war books, Meeting at Potsdam, Mee writes that on Feb. 27, 1947,

“President Truman met with Congressional leaders in the White House. Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson was present at the meeting, and Truman had him tell the Congressmen what was at stake. Acheson spoke for ten minutes, informing the legislators that nothing less than the survival of the whole of Western civilization was in the balance at that moment; he worked in references to ancient Athens, Rome, and the course of Western civilization and freedom since those times. The Congressmen were silent for a few moments, and then, at last. Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan, a prominent Republican who had come to support an active foreign policy, spoke up. All this might be true, Vandenberg said, but, if the President wishes to sell his program to the American people, he would have to ‘scare hell out of the country’. It was at that moment that the Cold War began in earnest for the United States.”

This is one of the most revealing statements in American history. This is the smoking gun which proves that the federal government used a terror campaign to frighten the American people into supporting four decades of Cold War spending on armaments. The initial campaign was the “atom bomb scare”, which raged for some years; it finally lost its effectiveness, and was replaced by the ogre, based solely on falsified and invented CIA statistics, that Soviet Russia was the most terrifying military power, with the fastest growing economy, in the world. These two CIA claims were mutually exclusive; no nation could have the world’s greatest military machine and at the same time support the world’s fastest growing economy, but the statisticians successfully sold this scare story for years.

In ‘The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax’ by Eustace Mullins, he explains:

The government propaganda techniques by which the American people were terrorized for some forty years began with the dire threat of nuclear annihilation. …….After years of exposure to the imminent threat of being vaporized in an atomic blast, Americans began to ignore the threat; many of them bulldozed their bomb shelters into swimming pools. It was obvious to our masters that new techniques of terror had to be developed. The Central Intelligence Agency now became the vehicle of mass terrorism. It became known as “the Company” under the leadership of stock promoter Bill Casey. He became highly skilled at peddling alarming statistics about the threat of Communism to Congress, who hastily voted vast increases in the “defense” budget……The effect of the CIA propaganda lies about the “great Soviet Union” which might take over the world at any moment has been equally destructive. When conservative economist Paul Craig Roberts landed in Moscow during the height of the CIA propaganda campaign, he was stunned to find that Soviet Russia had “a Third World economy”. I had proved in my writings that the United States taxpayer had been subsidizing the Soviet Union since 1917. In fact, Americans have been living a lie for four decades, the lie that we were in dire peril from “the Communist threat”.

In 1971, Gary Allen proposes further evidence in NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY:

We do know this, however. A clique of American financiers not only helped establish Communism in Russia, but has striven mightily ever since to keep it alive. Ever since 1918 this clique has been engaged in transferring money and, probably more important, technical information, to the Soviet Union. This is made abundantly clear in the three volume history Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development by scholar Antony Sutton of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Using, for the most part, official State Department documents, Sutton shows conclusively that virtually everything the Soviets possess has been acquired from the West. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that the U.S.S.R. was made in the U.S.A. The landscape painters, unable to refute Sutton’s monumental scholarship, simply paint him out of the picture.


Winston Churchill

The Cold War, the Hegelian invention of Soviet Russia and the United States at each other’s throats, the “free world” vs. the “slave empire”, Capitalism vs. Communism, (thesis / antithesis) was the final triumph of dialectical ma­terialism, also invented by the German philosopher, Hegel. He laid down the dictum that to rule the world, you create a problem; you find an antidote to that problem; and you throw the two conflicting theses against each other, to result in a consensus or resolution. This diabolical and cynical formula reached its apogee in the Cold War.   Hopefully, we will not see another such travesty of history.

Hard on the conclusion of the Second World War, the Colossus of the United States stood astride the entire world. With the world’s largest economy, never touched by a single bomb or artillery shell throughout the war, the largest army, and a proud and victorious people, it was incredible that the United States could for a moment seriously regard the war-devastated Soviet Union as a threat. Stalin lost forty million people during the war; his nation was in ruins. He desperately needed a breathing space in which to recover. Miraculously, the World Order invention of the Cold War came to his rescue.   None other than Stalin’s co-conspirator, Winston Churchill, was chosen to launch this new “problem“. Now unemployed, Churchill was desperate to get back into the limelight. At the invitation of President Truman, Churchill was brought to the United States to deliver a speech at little Fulton College, in Truman’s home state of Missouri.

On March 5, 1946, at Fulton, Churchill made his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. He warned that an “Iron Curtain” had descended upon Europe, the Communist enslavement of the Eastern European countries. He failed to mention that he and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had joined at Yalta to deliver Eastern Europe to Stalin, with Alger Hiss, the originator of the plan, beaming in the background. Not a single journalist, anywhere in the world, mentioned Churchill’s overwhelming personal complicity in creating and maintaining the dire situation which he now publicly deplored.


One of Washington’s leading political strategists, Senator Arthur Vandenberg had warned his co-con­spirators at the Feb. 27, 1947 White House meeting that to sell the prospective Cold War program, they would have to “scare hell out of the country“. He had an interesting background. A millionaire newspaper publisher in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vandenberg had been elected to the Senate in 1928. A rock-ribbed Republican, he voted against New Deal measures such as the Social Security Act. He was Republican minority leader, and Capitol Hill’s leading isolationist. When the United Nations proposal came to Congress, no one in Washington doubted that Vandenberg would shoot it down.

All of Washington was amazed when Senator Vandenberg rose on the Senate floor, on January 10, 1945, and called for the establishment of the United Nations. As George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club, later explained to me, America’s leading isolationist had become a rabid internationalist in a single night. A beautiful blonde agent from British Secret Intelligence Service had been sent to his room. After an all night political discussion, Senator Vandenberg awakened to become the new champion of the United Nations. Although a little known story, it epitomizes how things are accomplished in Washington, today as yesterday.

This is the Senator who is described in the Dictionary of National Biography as “a jingoist and chauvinist who supported the aggressive foreign policies of Theodore Roosevelt and Taft.” Franklin D. Roosevelt rewarded Vandenberg for his treachery by sending him as a special delegate to San Francisco with Alger Hiss to draft the United Nations Charter. The White House continued to shower gifts on Vandenberg, even going so far as to make his favorite nephew, General Hoyt Vandenberg, Commanding General of the United States Air Force.


During our discussions at the National Press Club in 1948, the subject of Senator Arthur Vandenberg’s overnight conversion to the congressional champion of the United Nations was examined in detail. We recalled a fellow agent of the blonde British Secret Service agent who accomplished this mission, one Kaye Summersby, who had been chosen to mollify General Eisenhower, Commanding General of the entire European Theater during the Second World War. Summersby’s intelligence training included the arts of the ancient Byzantine hetairae, who were skilled in the arts of “unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged”. With Summersby as his chauffeur, Eisenhower was delivered to small country hotels in England, while his adviser, the political commissar Capt. Edward M. M. Warburg, of the banking family, ran the war from London. The enraptured general notified his superior, George Marshall, that he was divorcing Mamie Eisenhower to marry the princess of endless delights, which of course was never in the cards. Marshall promptly reported this development to President Truman, who was furious, notifying Ike that it was out of the question (Plain Speaking, by Merle Miller). Kaye ended her days as a permanent house guest on a Rothschild estate on Long Island.

Another British agent, Pamela Digby Churchill, married to Winston Churchill’s son, later married Averill Harriman, the unofficial foreign minister of the United States. Harriman’s exploits in traveling the world, instructing the heads of nations in how to conduct their affairs, was legendary. He became the subject of a series of novels by Upton Sinclair, chronicling the feats of one Lanny Budd (Harriman) throughout the world. Harriman spent the last two years of World War II at Stalin’s Kremlin headquarters, dictating to Stalin how he should conduct the war. After his death, Pamela Churchill Harriman took over the Democratic National Committee. She later became U.S. Ambassador to Paris, the most desired appointment in our foreign service, presiding over 1100 employees.


When Charles T. Mee Jr.’s historic article appeared in American Heritage magazine in August of 1977, the editors notified Averill Harriman and gave him the chance to reply in the same issue. Harriman’s response was headlined “We Can’t Do Business with Stalin“. The Communist dictator who had been Harriman’s lackey throughout the war was now dismissed as uncooperative! Harriman recounts in great detail the repressive policies of Stalin towards the captive nations in Eastern Europe (policies which Harriman himself had initiated), and goes on to denounce Mee’s astounding report as “revisionist“. “Mr. Mee has made his own sketchy revision of standard revisionist doctrine,” quoting Mee’s statement that “the Cold War served everybody’s purpose.” Truman needed an excuse for deficit spending, because without it he could not have kept the American economy busy and productive. Thus he waged a Cold War, after the hot war was won, to justify continued deficit spending. With the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, the encouragement of American multinational companies, and a set of defense treaties that came finally to encom­pass the world, he institutionalized it.”

As Charles T. Mee Jr. points out in his article, Stalin was a principal beneficiary of the Cold War. “Stalin needed the Cold War, not to venture out into the world again after an exhausting war, but to discipline his restless people at home. He had need of that ancient stratagem of monarchs—the threat of an implacable external enemy to be used to unite his own people in Russia.” Mee also names Winston Churchill as a prime suspect in the Cold War conspiracy. He states that Churchill “emerged from World War II with a ruined empire, irretrievably in debt, an empire losing its colonies and headed inevitably toward bankruptcy. Churchill’s scheme for saving Great Britain was to arrange to have America and Russia quarrel, while America and Russia quarrelled, England would—as American diplomats delicately put it—’lead’ Europe”. As had been the case for some three hundred years, “leading” Europe and the United States meant that Great Britain would make frequent use of its secret weapon, the Secret Intelligence Service. Its powers included, as we have seen, reversing the entire foreign policy of the United States overnight, from isolation­ism to an abject embracing of the United Nations; making the most prominent American general and future President a “love slave” of a ruthless intelligence agent, and much, much more, most of which we shall never know.


The first victims of the Cold War were not soldiers, they were American politicians who were reluctant to embrace the new campaign. The first casualty was elder statesman Henry Stimson, who wrote a memo to President Truman in the autumn of 1945, cited by Mee as the cause of Stimson’s disappearance from Washington. Stimson’s memo denounced the projected Cold War as a serious error, and called for “satisfactory relations” with Russia. Henry Wallace, Secretary of Commerce, also protested against the Cold War, he was allowed to resign. Mee identifies the “comers” in Washington as those who were quick to latch onto the Cold War as “the wave of the future“. Those who tended to believe in an aggressive attitude toward Russia, were spotted, and promoted—young men such as John Foster Dulles and Dean Rusk. George Kennan, then in the American Embassy in Moscow, was discovered after he sent a perfervid 8,000 word telegram back to Washington. “We have here a political force committed fanatically to the belief that with U.S. there can be no permanent modus vivendi, that it is desirable and necessary that the internal harmony of our society be disrupted, our traditional way of life be destroyed, the international authority of our state be broken.” Mee mentions that, in his memoirs, Kennan says that he now looks back on his cable ‘with horrified amusement‘. “At the time, however, he was ideal for Truman’s use, and he was recalled from Moscow and made chairman of the State Department’s Policy Planning Committee, or as the New York Times called him, ‘America’s global planner‘.”


Critics of the new Cold War foreign policy quickly found a nickname for its architects, “the eggheads“. Like George Kennan, they were liberal intellectuals, often prematurely bald, and unanimous in their dislike of the American people, whom they hated and feared, and their Constitution. Their goal, which they now seem to have achieved, was to liberate the federal government, which Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers had written to “bind down the government with the chains of the Constitution“. While ostensibly following an “anti-Communist” policy, the eggheads never forswore their dedication to Marxism, and its monolithic state.

During the four decades of the Cold War, Hollywood, which never failed to bolster the goals of the Cold War architects, reserved its bitter scorn for “red-blooded Americans” who stood for flag and country. While forbearing from ever presenting lifelong Communists in a deprecating way, Hollywood made films deriding “anti-Communists” as flagwaving American Legion boobs, a stance which it continues to this day. If any one of the eggheads and their Hollywood lackeys were to be called a “patriot”, they would be overcome with shame.


During most of its history, the Cold War was a propaganda war, in which the opponents hurled invec­tives at each other. However, the military-industrial complex cannot make billions of dollars from propa­ganda; there had to be occasions of real shooting. We endured the Korean War and the Vietnam War, with hundreds of thousands of casualties, while Soviet Rus­sia did not lose a man in either war. Both Russia and the United States were careful to have the scenes of battle take place thousands of miles from their own lands, in poverty-stricken countries such as Korea and Vietnam. We had the Cuban missile crisis, a soap opera in which the media convinced Americans that they had been on the brink of atomic destruction, being saved just before the bombs were launched by the “incredible diplomatic skills” of John F. Kennedy and Khrushchev, neither of whom before or after this crisis had ever shown the slightest skill at diplomacy. The Berlin Wall was built, to prevent all of its population from fleeing the desolation of Communist East Germany. The egg­heads greeted the Berlin Wall with praise. President John F. Kennedy made a special trip to Germany to put his seal of approval on the Berlin Wall, and to reassure the Communists that the United States would not re­move it. And we never did. It was the Germans themselves, driven beyond endurance, who ripped it down, much to the consternation of our eggheads in Washington.

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