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Federal State of China
Federal State of China

Federal State of China

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A political movement or lobby group created by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, with the stated aim of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the Chinese Government. Launched on 4 June 2020 (the anniversary of Tiananmen Square) in New York City in front of the Statue of Liberty, the body was referred by its founders as a “government in exile” of China. The NGO called Himalaya Supervisory Organization is the organization behind the movement, dedicated to spreading the word and acting as the means of communications with “international communities”.

In 2017, Mr. (Miles) Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman who was exciled to the US, launched the Whistleblower Movement that exposes the deceptive inside affairs of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Inspired by him, hundreds of millions of Chinese gathered together to declare their seperation from the rule of the CCP, and formation of a new nation with the rule of law, democracy, and freedom. This is the origin of the New Federal State of China.

Below: Bannon & Guo: Bannon reads the new declaration.


The group operates in Australia under the name Himalaya Australia, in New Zealand under Himalaya New Zealand and in the UK as Himalaya UK. It has been involved in protests against the Chinese government and against the arrest of Bannon in the US, and in the spread of misinformation about the origins and treatment of the COVID-19 virus in Australia.

The ideology of righteousness and justice is the nations firm foundation, as well as freedom, equality, rule of law and other modern democratic principles. The nation also recognizes the fundemental wisdom of Chinese culture as the foundation of the new system. Furthermore, its citizens must have religious freedom and the freedom to live without discrimination.

The three missions of the new Federal State of China are:

  1. To overthrow the dictatorship of the CCP
  2. Establish a new order under the rule of law, democracy, and freedom
  3. Establish a new paradigm of mutual respect and cooperation worldwide

The flag of the new Federal State of China is a blue rectangular background with 49 golden seven-pointed stars forming two orthogonal ellipses with a larger star in the center representing ‘Divine Duty.’ The seven-pointed stars represent faith.

Mr. Miles Guo was interviewed by Han Meimei and David on NFSCTV7, and talked about the significance of the “March For Trump” Rally, which they participated in with an anti-communism rally 2 hours prior to the Trump Stop the Steal Million MAGA rally, Guo also discussed what the 2020 Election means to the Chinese people as well as the American people.

The American Constitution and the Amendments are the basis of modern human civilization. The Chinese Communist Party cadres let all their families, their illegitimate children live in the West because they trust the rule of law and belief in God in the democracies. Ever since the beginning of the “Whistleblower Movement”, Mr. Guo has been telling the West that elites from the Wall Street, the Silicon Valley, Hollywood are undermining the basis of the American democracy and pushing the ideology of socialism and communism. This small group of elites want to take control of the majority of human wealth and population forever, depriving basic human rights and dignity from the “laobaixing”, and ruin the American Constitution and Freedom of Speech. The CCP has infiltrated all American main-stream media and big techs with its “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme (intelligence, bribery and homey trap) and “3F” plan (to weaken, mess up and kill America), launching an “unrestricted warfare” onto every aspect of the American way of life.

America has witnessed and suffered the indecency and malign tactics of media oppression and misinformation, like twitter, Facebook, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal… But imagine living under a harsh dictatorship for 7 decades, having no freedom of speech or protest, all basic human rights being taken away. That’s what the Chinese people are living through day after day, generation after generation. The Wall Street, Hollywood, big techs and Washington are responsible for this disaster, because without their money and technology, the CCP by no means could survive and enslave the Chinese people for so long. They know perfectly the slave labor in China, the dead bodies at the “June 4 Tiananmen Square”, the selling out of the CIA informants and Hong Kong, and the fragility of the Taiwan relationship, and yet, they are still colluding with the CCP. They owe the Chinese people.

Now the elites are trying to impose the same dictatorship on the American people. They even want to steal the Election from the people. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, CNN, WSJ…they are trying so hard to block different voices, spread misinformation, take away people’s freedom of speech, cover up voter fraud and manipulate public opinions. They even threaten the American people that either Biden be elected or “Antifa” will riot in the streets. This is outrageous and pathetic. The world have seen a firewall in Communist China. The media and big techs are building one in the U.S., totally ignoring the laws and human rights. They are the CCP in the U.S..

It’s time democracy, rule of law and freedom were given back to the Chinese people. The people of the New Federal State of China stand out today to show their support for President Trump because President Trump and his team will fight with us to take down the CCP. We know it’s the only way to free the Chinese people, as well as to defend America’s national security and dignity, and uphold its Great Power status in the world. We believe President Trump will win the 2020 Election. The Constitution and the American people get to decide who will be their president, not the media or the big techs. This is a historical opportunity for the America to improve their electoral system, drain the swamp and enter a new era, to “Make America Great Again”.

The New Federal State of China will follow the best democracies in the world and have an electoral system where all Chinese people get to vote and choose their own leaders too. We learn from the experience and mistakes from the West and will establish a system with separated powers, freedom of religion, rule of law and independence of media.

Mr. Guo has raised some concerns about President Trump’s personal safety. He knows what the CCP wants to or dare to do. For several years, our intelligence and information have been accurate and adequate as to dealing with the CCP’s operations.

Mr. Guo has also expressed his perspectives about the next actions that America should be taking after the election. There need to be three battle fields. First, deal with the problems within the American system. Drain the swamp and rectify the media. They cannot hide behind Section 230 and continue to sell out the country or frame the patriots. Second, improve the constitutional and electoral systems and remedy the loopholes. Find out the criminals behind the scenes, both domestic and international, and bring them to justice. Do not let any of them get away with this criminality against the nation. Third, fully restore the American economy, which means they need to find out the truth of the CCP virus and decouple with the CCP. People will want to know where this virus came from and who interfered the U.S. Election. Those who collaborated with the CCP, including the media and the medical communities need to come clean. Criminals need to be brought to justice. People need to be reassured of their confidence in the government and rule of law.

Last but not least, the New Federal State of China stands for the Chinese people. We will work closely with the American people to restore order for the world. With our American allies, we will work to tear down the great firewall in Communist China, develop Gnews, GTV, G-coin, G-dollar, G-fashion and G-club, and be the bridge between China and the West, to establish a civilized world of thousand-year peace, order and cooperation under the laws, with respect for each other’s religions, history and traditions. We don’t want any more killing or economic wars. We want all peoples to be free from enslavement, make clean money, live a decent life, have less pressure or pain, and more time for their families. It’s our commitment. It’s written in the New Federal State of China Declaration. We will gain the recognition and approval of the American people without any delay. We welcome cooperation.

God bless this movement and down with the CCP! God would have these people to be free and enjoy the liberty meant for all of His children.

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