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Refers to at various ‘waves’[3][4] of classified documents found by Biden. The highly classified documents had been discovered in an office used by Joe Biden before he became president It would not even get any attention had it not been leaked.[5][6]

It was also linked with the Hunter Biden’s scandal Laptop from hell.[5]

The first set of docs case dates at least to Nov 2022, then came revelations in Jan 2023.

A batch of classified Biden docs were found in Biden’s Delaware garage next to his Corvette.

Yes, as well as my Corvette,” Biden admitted

First, the discovery at two locations of classified documents from President Biden’s time as vice president has prompted the Justice Department to scrutinize the situation.

Then, a third ‘wave’ was on Jan 12, 2023, the additional pages, were discovered hours after a White House statement that cited only one page that had turned up in a storage area adjacent to the garage of the president’s home in Wilmington.[4]

With that discovery, a total of six[4] classified pages have emerged from Biden’s Wilmington home — while the number of documents found in the home’s garage and in the office of his DC think tank remains unknown.[8]

One of the alarming details is, that Hunter had access to Delaware garage where Joe Biden stashed classified Docs.[9]

Noted dates on revelations of the docs.

  • Nov 2, 2022
  • Nov 14, 2022
  • Dec 20, 2022
  • Jan 12, 2023

It was odd that the Biden FBI was tasked with investigating everything back on November 9, 2022, according to Merrick Garland; yet two months later it was not the FBI finding more documents, but Biden’s attorneys.[10]

Questions arose as well, why it was not revealed before the 2022 Midterm Elections.[11] Former House Intel chair Devin Nunes noted that it was no coincidence that Garland appointed a Trump-Russia hoaxer as Special Counsel to investigate. Nunes: ‘No coincidence’ Garland appointed Russia Hoaxer as Biden Special Counsel, January 15, 2023. Rumble.


Even media on the left pointed to the obvious: ‘Not being straight with American people days before the election.’[12]

Still, for the most part, the hypocritical MSM VS Trump‘s case highly conspicuous.

Desperate Amna Nawaz on PBS News Hour led the “explanation” to make sure viewers see there is no comparison. She with Ms Lopez who put up a chart, did the propaganda work on their own, not as explaining or on behalf of the White House. So much for the title “news.”[13]

From the arrogant-wisdom-fountain of MSNBC, Brzezinski offered: Many ‘Republicans aren’t smart enough’ to see differences between Trump, Biden docs cases.[14]

Jonathan Turley criticized Chuck Todd for ‘getting Personal’ (on his Sunday show MTP), dismisses investigation into possible Biden foreign influence peddling.[15]


On Jan 13, 2023, Jim Jordan launched first investigation as Judiciary chair into Biden classified docs scandal.[16]

Source: Conservapedia