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Gateway Pundit, The
Gateway Pundit, The

Gateway Pundit, The

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A Top 20 conservative media news site created by Jim Hoft that is one of the most accurate and trusted sources in media frequently reporting on important news not covered by the MSM. Gateway Pundit provides breaking news, commentary and hard-hitting conservative analysis and they are a constant target of the liberal hacks at Media Matters. Gateway Pundit is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Pundit is inappropriately smeared as “far-Right” by Wikipedia, which also falsely and hypocritically accuses it of being “known for publishing falsehoods and spreading hoaxes.” Likewise, liberal “fact-checking” website Snopes.com has falsely smeared, without evidence, the Gateway Pundit as a site that “traffics in conspiracy theories and misinformation” and ran a hit piece on the site regarding the site’s organization of a prayer rally at the statue of St. Louis at Forest Park in St. Louis; that rally was attacked by a gang of over 100 violent and bigoted Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs, led by racist black activist and Crips gang member Terence Page, who viciously assaulted several of the rally attendees and childishly mocked many others, after which Snopes wrote their falsehood-filled article that told one lie after another about the events of the rally.

Source: Conservapedia

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