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Hobbs, Katie
Hobbs, Katie

Hobbs, Katie

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Arizona corrupt Secretary of State (D) who took money from foreign governments and George Soros and won in an after-election ballot dump herself (after the race had ‘prematurely’ called for her opponent) in 2018 and called Trump supporters neo-Nazi’s in a tweet, was said to have been a key player in the election fraud in Arizona and was the person responsible for choosing Dominion as the voting machine for AZ. Hobbs replaced unbroken, bi-partisan chain of custody with citizen spectators while she concealed the foreign interference in the Dominion election machines, and therefore the Arizona election itself.

Catherine Engelbrecht, the Founder and President of the nation’s largest voters’ rights group – True The Vote, emailed Hobbs in November for the eligible voter list report and was shocked to see that waqas@kavtech.net was cc’ed in the replyAccording to Creative Destruction Media: “Kavtech is a private Pakistani-based business intelligence firm with close ties to the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI. The Co-Founder Waqas Butt is cc’d on emails containing personally identifiable voter information from the Nevada Secretary of State.

Hobbs has previously accused the Trump administration of attempting to “sabotage” the United States Postal Service ahead of Election Day and demanded an unwarranted investigation. Now, as she as at the center of massive fraud in her state, but assures no investigation is necessary. Nothing to see here. She, also, was (s)elected by the Soros-funded Secretary of State Project (SoSP). She tried to stop the Maricopa County forensic audit with a letter and then snuck operatives onto the audit floor.

Kooky Katie setup a hotline for voter registration by telephone for registration to vote after the deadline which some counties refused to comply because they knew it was illegal. After multiple efforts to sabotage and discredit the forensic audit, the Republican-controlled state Legislature in Arizona voted in June 2021 to revoke her legal authority in election-related lawsuits, handing that power instead to the Attorney General. This came on the heels of being “stripped” of her ability to “defend election lawsuits” by the state’s House Appropriations Committee after she trashed the very open, secure, and valid forensic audit conducted in May-June to determine if there was any fraud in the 2020 election.1

Hobbs, as the faux AZ Governor, vetoed SB1027, which would have established “knowingly manufacturing carfentanil, fentanyl or fentanyl memetic substances under any circumstance that causes physical injury to a minor who is under 15 years of age as a class 2 felony offense punishable as a dangerous crime against children” and made changes to existing sentencing provisions for certain narcotic drug offenses. This includes harsher sentences for those convicted of distributing heroin, carfentanil, fentanyl, or a fentanyl memetic substance and even more damning consequences under circumstances that cause physical injury to a minor. The bill passed through the Senate and House with bipartisan support. This is why Arizonans refer to the illegitimate Governor as “Cartel Katie.” Hobbs vetoed the bill, claiming that it would undermine Arizona’s “Good Samaritan Law,” which provides protection to individuals who intervene to save someone experiencing an opioid overdose. State Senator Anthony Kern, the bill’s sponsor, called this a “misleading stretch” and stated that “Hobbs is more concerned with protecting fentanyl manufacturers and providers than implementing real measures that protect our children and communities from these dangerous drugs.”2