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Investing in Trees Program
Investing in Trees Program

Investing in Trees Program

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A trojan horse ‘philanthropic’ effort by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to invest in forests and conserve, restore, and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030. However, behind its philanthropic appeal lies a global surveillance grid, monitoring all activity on the planet — just as prescribed by Agenda 2030 and their 4th Industrial Revolution. Participants such as Bank of America, Apple, Nestle, Salesforce, Mastercard, HP, Amazon, Suzano, and other large leftist corporations plan to spend a couple of million on forests, and billions on ‘monitoring‘ the forests via satellite.

Pachama, a tech startup with funding from Bill Gates (via Breakthrough Energy), is combining satellite, drone, and lidar scans of forests with machine learning algorithms to assess CO2 and also at the forefron of a carbon credit system that will be used to limit everything we can or cannot do. Google collaborated with the World Resources Institute to launch Global Forest Watch, an online monitoring platform tracking deforestation and slowly being used to prevent off-gridders from cutting down trees. Similarly, SkyTruth has partnered with Amazon, Google, National Geographic, and others to ‘monitor’ forests for deforestation.

IDH is aligned with Bill Gates’ AgOne that is buying up Agricultural land like its going out of style [18 plus states including Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres), and Nebraska (20,588 acres)]. Gates is also pushing for the elimination of natural meat as it is causing too much CO2 pollution, and pushing for a move to move to 100% synthetic (lab-made) beef. No thanks! IDH plans to work with small rural forms to help implement new sustainable technologies (ie: eliminate heirloom genetics and replace with GMO seeds, carbon approved farming, and other ‘sustainable practices’).

Essentially, people will be forced off of rural lands and into Smart Cities where they can be more effectively be monitored 24/7 and keep us useless eaters from using the resources of our technocrat masters.

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