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Malloch-Brown, Mark
Malloch-Brown, Mark

Malloch-Brown, Mark

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(born 16 Sept 1953) British Queen’s Privy Counselor globalist, George Soros Open Society director, SGO Corporation and Smartmatic (chairman, director, shareholder) where he has used his machines to steal elections throughout the world, and who has held several positions with the United Nations (UN Deputy General Secretary, Chief of Staff to the UN General Secretary (Kofi Annan); VP of the World Bank; CEO of the United Nations Development Programme); chairman of British Nuclear Fuels; director of Kerogen Capital; director of Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc; director of Investec plc; St. Leonard’s Partners Limited (director, shareholder); director of T-Solar Group; advisor to LADOL Free Zone; advisor to Eurasia Group; advisor to Swiss Re; chairman of Marlborough College; Best for Britain chairman; International Crisis Group chairman; World Economic Forum vice chairman; advisor to ISquared Capital; European Alternative Investments Conference, speaker; Duff & Phelps, speaker; Kruger Cowne Limited, speaker; Geofaber LLC, consultant.

He used $400,000 in an effort ot reverse the Brexit vote.

According to his bio, he has been aligned with the Clintons and Larry Summers at the World Bank and World Economic Forum since the early 1990s, along with Facebook’s Sheryl K. Sandberg and Mail.ru’s oligarchs Yuri Milner & Alisher Usmanov. He takes orders from the Queen’s Privy Council. Malloch-Brown was knighted into the K.C.M.G. Order of Saint Michael and Saint George in December 2006.

In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer.

Lord Malloch-Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO since its foundation, while Antonio Mugica remained as CEO of the new venture. They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaolo and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder.

The aim of SGO, according to its CEO was “to continue to make investments in its core business (election technology), but it is also set to roll out a series of new ventures based on biometrics, online identity verification, internet voting and citizen participation, e-governance and pollution control.”

Lord Malloch-Brown concentrates on “social” and “ethics” in Investec Plc (where he hides his hundreds of conflicting relationships) while he rigs elections for the Queen’s Privy Council and his bunk buddy George Soros around the world thru SGO-Smartmatic. Malloch-Brown has been a director of Investec, the parent-child-name-stealer, depending on which side of the world you are standing, since Aug. 08, 2014. The company is run by South Africans. It appears there is a Golden Share inside this convolution, but it is well hidden.

Malloch-Brown’s wholly owned by Investec Plc, a global monopoly underwritten by Goldman Sachs International, “audited” by Ernst & Young LLP, is attempting to control every aspect of daily life and industry. His portfolio includes companies in 5G wireless satellite WiFi, media editing and election rigging and public relations to wine merchants, property, pathology, biotech and oil. Clearly corrupt.

Former politician Sir Geoffrey Pattie introduced legislation to allow a company naming trick where a new company could assume the same name as an old company (RCA became Serco Limited while Serco Plc took over the Internet of Things and the Walker patents).

Malloch-Brown was a senior policy advisor to ISquared with offices in the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Houston, and New Delhi according to the SEC.

Take a look at the offshore Cayman Islands holdings underneath the I Squared front:

I Squared 2016 Investment Advisors Form ADV SEC Disclosure
No. Entity_Relationship_Name Fund_size
I Squared Capital Advisors, LLC ($17 billion)   $ 17,000,000,000
1 Adil Rahmathulla, Partner
2 ASIA CUBE TELECOM HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. Nos. 805-7271798988, 805-4621275335)       1,000,000,000
4 CITIBANK, N.A. Custodian
5 CUBE DISTRICT ENERGY HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7934834708)             76,000,000
6 CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. Co. (Cayman Islands No. 805-5697026189)             88,000,000
7 CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2831505629)          135,000,000
8 CUBE HYDRO HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5407584761)          219,000,000
9 Gautam Bhandari, Partner
10 I SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7826571109)          364,000,000
11 ISQ ASIA FUND, L.P.  (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2092392684)          800,000,000
12 ISQ CUBE HYDRO CO-INVESTMENT FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6188732309)          209,000,000
13 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3642320242          184,000,000
14 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3518732150)          349,000,000
15 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (S), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1304419843)          262,000,000
16 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3820248899)          353,000,000
17 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6542089405)          215,000,000
18 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8573971224)          190,000,000
19 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5712055233)       1,300,000,000
20 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1922745663)       1,100,000,000
21 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5284639364)          262,000,000
22 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1230278754)       2,900,000,000
23 ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9060969690)       2,700,000,000
24 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5947513236)             58,000,000
25 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)          177,000,000
26 ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)             72,000,000
27 Kristina M. Johnson, a former Obama undersecretary for energy, U.S. Department of Energy, CEO of Cube Hydro
28 Malloch-Brown, Lord Mark, Senior Policy Advisor (2012-current)
29 NAUTILUS ENERGY HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6299809994)          807,000,000
30 ORAZUL ENERGIA HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8340805699)          464,000,000
31 ORAZUL ENERGIA PARTNERS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1616725152)          508,000,000
32 Ronald Robert Schweizer, CFO
33 Sadek Magdi Wahba, Managing Partner
35 SHIPROCK MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS LLC (Delaware Co. No. 805-2712380067)          204,000,000
36 SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8269428945)          175,000,000
37 VIRIDIAN TOPCO LIMITED ($720 million Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9703286077)          720,000,000

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown has conspired with the SES, Soros, Deep State and rogue C.I.A. since early 1990’s right after Soros allegedly crashed the UK Pound (Sep. 1992) – he formed ICG with Soros and Carnegie just THREE MONTHS after Soros crashed the UK Pound and put billions of dollars in his pocket overnight.

Patriots4Truth’s conclusion is that Lord Malloch, via ISIS Management, funded the development of AVID’s console to control propaganda and election for Sir Geoffrey Pattie and himself GLOBALLY. ISIS can then provide propaganda video, photos, newsroom copy in near real time… so that all the newsrooms on the planet push out the same messages worldwide. AVID is the leading editor in TV and film production.