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New Age Spiritualism
New Age Spiritualism

New Age Spiritualism

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The “New Age” (or Self-Help) Movement, is a broad-based amalgam of spiritual, social, and political elements with the common aim of transforming individuals and society through a diverse and non-biblical spiritual awareness. The New Age is a utopian vision, an era of harmony and progress with mother earth and nature. Comprising individuals, activist groups, businesses, professional groups, and spiritual leaders and followers, the movement brought feminist, ecological, spiritual, and human-potential concerns into the mainstream in the 1980s, creating a large market in the United States and other countries for books, magazines, audio and videotapes, workshops, retreats, and expositions on the subject, as well as for natural foods, crystals, and meditation and healing aids.

Often seen as resurgent paganism or Gnosticism, the modern movement has more recent roots in 19th-century spiritualism and in the 1960s counter culture, which rejected materialism in favor of Eastern mysticism and preferred direct spiritual experience to organized religion. Techniques for self-improvement and the idea that the individual is responsible for and capable of everything from self-healing to creating the world, have found applications in health care and counseling as well as in sports, the armed forces, and corporations and have provoked debate in religious and other circles.

Holistic thinking has influenced attitudes about medicine, the environment, the family, work, regional planning, and world peace, among others. Ideas frequently associated with the New Age movement include anthropomorphical teachings, inner transformation, reincarnation, extraterrestrial life, biofeedback, chanting, alchemy, yoga, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, martial arts, the occult, astrology, psychic healing, extrasensory perception, divination, astral travel, acupuncture, massage, tarot, Zen, mythology, and visualization.

It is therefore important that we note the History behind these diverse uprisings which are beginning to resurface on American soil. Because this Land allows freedom of religion, cults, Satanists, pagans, and other diverse movements have a free walk, a free speech and free growth in our society. Is this morally right? Not if your a follower of Christ. All these diverse practices are rooted in ancient practices which clearly defy the instruction of the written word of God (as defined in the OT Torah, and the NT Gospel and Epistles). Many of these followings are rooted in ancient Satanic ritualism. Sacrifices (animal, and in some deeper occultic channels “human sacrifice”), blood letting, dancing across or around the fire, lighting candles or incense in observance of the various Gods or spirits of the earth, emulations, sorcery, witchcraft and the like, are all defined in the word of God as “of the devil”. Whether the followers of these groups proclaim they follow Satan or not, the word of God proclaims, if they image the any of the above practices, they indeed do follow him. Many who follow these groups may or may not understand or perceive their following as rebellion to God. But the Word of God clearly states the following:

“He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” -Matthew 12:30

“He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.” -Luke 11:23

Make your own conclusion, for that passage is quoted by Jesus himself. In these studies we shall observe the roots of these practices, all in an attempt to open our eyes to the light of Christ. Only then can we and judge for ourselves whether these practices are of God, his will, his word, or of Satan, and the Carnal will of man. Satan is described as “the father of all lies and deception” in the Holy Bible.  History has shown Satan to Mimic God, in an attempt to make himself a God to be worshiped through unknowing practices.

“The New Age Movement, the Humanist Religion, and the Communists have made a god out of man; they have deified mankind.  The new morality for a man-god is whatever he decides it is, and that is what the New Age-Humanists-Communists have done.  Their new morality is called Situation Ethics.” – The New World Order, pg. 217, by Ralph A. Epperson; 1990; ISBN: 0-9614135-1-4; publisher: PUBLIUS PRESS, Tucson, Arizona.

Douglas Grothuis, author of UNMASKING THE NEW AGE, wrote:

“Once you’ve deified yourself [made yourself into a god,] which is what the New Age is all about, there is no higher moral absolute.  It’s a recipe for ethical anarchy.” – Time Magazine, (December 7, 1987), pg. 72.

From Sherry Shriner:

When the disciples asked Jesus what would characterize the last days just prior to His return, He explained that it would be a time of the worst religious deception the world had ever seen.

He said sound doctrine would be despised and wondered if there would be any faith left whatsoever on the earth when He returned (Luke 18:8).  He gave His disciples a solemn warning: “Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matt. 24:2,5,11,24).  He characterized the last days as a time of religious deception – or – deception in religion such as false messiahs, false prophets, false miracles, and false doctrines. All four were prophesied to band together to pave the way for the Antichrist (Matt. 24:24,25;).

This prophesied deceit is the same band of deceit we are being infiltrated with today.  The metaphysical realm has exploded into our culture bringing with it shamans, gurus, psychic phenomenon and the paranormal in precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, automatic handwriting, channeling, and astral projection.  These have already become the fastest growing occultic interests in the world.  More recently mind science has been gaining worldwide acceptance as people learn how to properly use their minds to visualize everything from success to bending a metal spoon with their mind. The same false miracles or “wonders” we were warned about but that few take notice of.

It is realistic to suggest that those who read of false miracles that will occur in the latter days think of the same miracles Jesus performed but from a demonic source.  In many instances this is indeed the case with supernatural healings that are talking place all over the world.  But Satan also has his own agenda that he subtly implemented long ago and is now pushing ahead in full stride – psychic phenomenon and the paranormal.

In Matthew 24:24 Jesus warned us of psychic power that produces counterfeit “great signs and wonders” that would occur in the last days.  The power of the mind, the unknown, and accomplished superhuman feats that are grasping audiences worldwide.  A strange departure from the past when psychic phenomena was held at an arms length as ridiculous and ridiculed.  But even then it had a strange fascination, the unknown always has to those who don’t read their Bibles to know that there really isn’t anything unknown about the “unknown.”

For the last days Jesus warned of unprecedented religious deception of the demonic kind.  A wide range of deceit one might not even suspect as demonic.  A time when the last days church would become so corrupted that it would actually begin to oppose and deny what Christ taught while at the same time insisting that it is faithful to Him.

A deceit so pervasive and manipulative that many wouldn’t even recognize it as the prophesied demonic invasion it is.  To those familiar with Biblical prophecy it doesn’t come as a major surprise.  Jesus Himself warned of worldwide religious deception on an unprecedented scale just prior to His return.

In this article I’m going to inform or shock you about the deception that is being embraced by our world and church leaders today with open arms and reveal Satan’s plan to attack and try to defeat Christianity.

The New Age Assault On Christianity

Christianity may well be facing the greatest challenge in its history:  a series of powerful and growing seductions that are subtly changing Biblical interpretations and undermining the faith of millions of people.  Most Christians are scarcely aware of what is happening and much less do they understand the issues involved.  The seduction is surprisingly easy.  It does not take place as an obvious frontal assault from rival religious beliefs. That would be vigorously resisted.  Instead, it comes to some Christians in the guise of faith-producing techniques for gaining spiritual power and experiencing miracles and to others as self-improvement psychology  for fully realizing human potential.

Many have taken for granted the comfort zones of their churches without realizing the enemy isn’t outside the gates he is within our midst. He has so infiltrated our camp that many simply no longer can tell an enemy from a friend, truth from heresy.

What’s happening to our church today?  The New Age of disgrace. A time when many of our own church leaders have embraced Positive Thinking and faith-producing techniques for gaining “spiritual” power. Robert Schuller has become one of the biggest supporters of these new heresies.  He preaches that faith is a force that makes things happen if you believe they will.  In other words, faith is not placed in God but a power directed at Him.  For many evangelicals “faith” no longer requires God as its object, but is touted as a positive power of the mind that creates whatever we want it to.

Thus what we pray for will come to pass, not if God wills, but if we can only believe it will happen.  Schuller has said, “Your unconscious mind…has a power that turns wishes into realities when the wishes are strong enough.”

Dealing with unconscious reality is what sorcerers have been doing for ages.

Anyone who imagines that because he thinks certain thoughts or speak certain words God must respond in a certain way, has slipped into sorcery and if not playing God, is at the very least attempting to manipulate God.  The Ascended Master theology of “positive thinking, positive faith” slipped into the churches years ago and it is dominant among the even newer theologies of being able to create your own reality or changing the development of one’s soul where they experience the things they choose to as they reach into higher levels and realms of “christ consciousness.” Some refer to it as positive thinking, others call it Angelology, others the New Age. It’s all garbage no matter what you want to call it.

There is no room for magic in a Christian’s life as it is plainly a pseudoname for sorcery.  Those in the churches are consistently promoting New Age propaganda preaching man’s own will above God’s. How one can make the world into anything he or she chooses through the power they already have within them.  New Agers have been preaching that line for years.  The underlying theme is that by creating your own reality and living in your own dream world there would be no thoughts of sin, accountability, and judgment. No thought of placing God’s will above your own as you conjure up visions of materialistic possessions under the guise of faith.

Enticed by such false teaching Christians begin to view prayer as a religious technique for getting their own way.  They set their sights upon what they want, then try to have faith to make it happen.  The blab it and grab it Seminars in “How to Write Your Own Ticket With God” by thinking certain thoughts, speaking certain words, or visualizing goals are eagerly attended by thousands.  True Christian faith has no comparison to this kind of New Age “faith.”  Don’t be deceived for this faith is also known as visualization, guided imagery, and witchcraft.  Visualization and guided imagery have long been recognized by sorcerers as the most powerful and effective way to contact the spirit world (demons) for supernatural power and knowledge.

New Agers have claimed for years that we can bring anything we want to into existence through visualization such as good health and success because we can create our own reality.  It is one of the fastest ways into the occult imposing your own will upon God and other people.  These mind manipulating techniques for creating health, wealth, or spiritual power are not new, they have always been a part of the occult.  It is simply a devise by Satan to get a person to trust in their own imagination rather than God.  The Apostle Peter said, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you at the proper time” (I Peter 5:6).

Positive Thinking or “Positive Christianity” has no room for sin, repentance, or guilt.  In fact it is merely occultism dressed in Christian language virtually taking over America. Those who promote Positive Thinking, Possibility Thinking, and Positive Confession are among the most influential church leaders and preachers in the country.   New Agers know that the word “positive” is a catch-all word.  If they said what they really meant, “damnable thinking” and “damnable confession” they wouldn’t’ have half the success they’re enjoying amongst themselves today deceiving many, many Christians worldwide. Almost any “positive” belief supports the delusion of infinite human potential, throws in self-esteem and self-worth and concerns itself with social justice through humanistic efforts. The Kingdom Mandate of some denominations plays into this facade as well. The Lord is not waiting for us to build His Kingdom on this earth. However Satan is. When the real Messiah returns He is coming with a sword to judge and destroy, and not until this this wicked earth is consumed will He build His own reign here on earth.

Today we are also seeing an increase in the preoccupation with “self” where humility is out and self-esteem is in contrary to I Peter 5:6.  When Scripture speaks of self, it usually commands self-denial and self-control and condemns self-worship.  It does not teach self-love, self-assertion, self-esteem, self-forgiveness, instead it teaches us to turn ourselves to Christ. Jesus said we are to deny ourselves and take up His cross (Matt. 16:24-25) and not to be self-seeking.

The message of success and self-esteem has become so important in the church today it has taken the place of sound doctrine which for many, seems too radical and old fashioned to be taken seriously in this day and age.  Christ said that He came to call “sinners to repentance” yet the churches are not preaching sin and repentence. It has been replaced with feel good theologies and things that are ‘positive.’  Sin is to ‘negative’  and doesn’t fill the coffers.

The self-help theologies in the churches today are deceiving millions who are perhaps, unknowingly placing themselves above God.  The only correct self-image comes from viewing God, not ourselves, and it isn’t flattering – but it changes lives and turns us from ourselves to HIM. Today such Biblical truths are considered psychologically damaging to one’s self-esteem.  No, it’s not an outward assault on Christianity that the New Agers are seeking for now, they are succeeding quite well with their inward subversion of New Age doctrine and philosophy into Christian theology.

Invading our churches at an alarming rate also are Positive Mental Attitudes and Human Potential techniques.  These leaders teach that we can become masters our own fate, that we should have self-confidence and faith in ourselves.  Who needs God?  Their underlying message is that man can obtain his own godhood without indicating that this is sorcery and that God cannot be manipulated through mental thought processes.  There is no room for sin or repentance in these methods either.   Today’s Christianity resembles more of humanism which wants us to believe in human potential and self-deification rather than God.

It is no surprise then to learn that the Human Potential Movement and the New Age Movement are both indeed the same movement.  They are both the same just carrying separate titles.  It has become the fastest growing movement in the world underlying many theologies and denominations today.

Other New Age doctrines which have been accepted into our churches include Positive Confession in which we are all gods and that man is the god of this earth.  Success-N-Life Clubs have also become established all over the country that instructs wealthy and independent Christians that they can take over the world for Christ.

There are many religious leaders falling prey to the New Age and many more occult themes being reworded for Christian assumption and indoctrinated into our churches despite the fact that these New Age beliefs are contrary to Scripture, demeaning to God’s attributes, and defamatory.

Many of our most celebrated churches today characterize the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3:17 who are wealthy and “in need of nothing.”  These religious leaders influence millions around the world everyday leading them into doctrines of devils.  They collectively preach that it is unnecessarily negative and bad for the self-esteem to worry and preach about sin and repentance, that one can use faith and get what he or she wants by manipulating God.  That the world is on the road to international revival towards “Christ” contrary to what the Bible teaches that the latter days will be as the days of Noah and the church completely apostate.

This revival in “Christ” is not our Jesus but the Antichrist.  Many are being attracted into Christianity today because of the false teachings and new “Christ” who has the attributes of Antichrist.  They are being fooled into thinking they are following the true Gospel when in fact, wolves are leading them astray.  Many of our church leaders are not teaching Jesus Christ but the Christ portrayed in New Age propaganda that no longer calls sinners to repentance and excuses ungodly behavior as a psychological problem resulting from traumas suffered in childhood.

Instead of requiring his disciples to “deny self and take up the cross,” he teaches them to love and accept themselves and to recognize their inherent self-worth.  Nor does this “Christ” promise the meek that they will inherit the earth, but offers self-assertion training.  Instead of blessing those that mourn he warns against low self-esteem and promotes a new positive self-image.  And rather than promising heaven to the poor in spirit, this false Christ offers to the financially poor the enticing gospel of a hundredfold return for gifts to certain ministries.  This Christ who is being presented and redefined is not our Jesus Christ but a blasphemous counterfeit and deceiver ready and waiting to take over the world.  He is the Antichrist who is blinding the eyes of men and women from seeing the counterfeit he is and turning them away from the Most High.

Prophetic scholars know that the world must be primed both religiously and politically to embrace the Antichrist when he suddenly rises to power.  If “Christianity” is to be the official world religion (which must be the case if the Antichrist claims to be Christ), then it must be blasphemous enough to accommodate all of the world’s faiths.  Don’t be deceived, this is not true Christianity preaching a message of salvation but a perverted form that is already invading our churches today with little resistance from its members. In fact the message of the cross is being rejected! And that was the biggest sign of apostasy and the end of the age as given to us by Yahushua and His apostles (see my article on The Sign of the End of the Age).

In fact, there is no stopping the exploding and relentless Ecumenical Movement led by mostly liberal, unbelieving leaders who have secretly taken masonic and Jesuit oaths, and who serve as pastors today such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Robert Schuller etc.(Most of TBN).  Many of our church leaders are spearheading the Antichrist’s arrival by accomplishing exactly what he needs – a unification of all religions and they are succeeding through rallying cries of “peace and unity.” Even prophetic self acclaimed guru Jack Van Impe himself has a Catholic and world unity agenda for the Ecumenicals.

Though their cry for unity is tempting, it denies the true Christ and is a unification that will ultimately lead to destruction.  Many of our evangelical leaders are promoting ecumenicism alongside the rest of the world who neither accept the literal interpretation of the Bible or take heed to God’s warnings of compromising our faith for doctrines of devils and rejecting its truths.  Unity is certainly something we should strive for among mankind, but never at the expense of Biblical truths and doctrines.  The death, burial, and resurrection of our Jesus would make any kind of union with the world’s religions both impossible and abominable which would lower our Lord’s status to the same level as Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius among others recognizing them all as “great leaders.”

It is what they don’t tell their church congregations that make these ecumenical leaders among our churches all the more dangerous.  Perhaps, these leaders are unknowingly being deceived themselves, but a union with the world’s religions will be a crushing stumbling block to the true Christian church who will no longer be able to preach the Word of God as openly as we can now. In a tolerant world all is one and one is all.  To criticize a religion for the deception it is would be intolerable.  To preach your views against someone elses would be considered a crime against the establishment.  In a tolerant ecumenical world Jesus Christ would just be another great leader.  His ministry would be no greater than a gurus.  The Bible would be the same as an encyclopedia of historic events.  Is this really what our churches want?  Yet is prophesied that it will come to pass. Every Christian must decide what stand he will take.

The Bible teaches that if Jesus isn’t Lord of all, He isn’t Lord at all. Yet those who oppose this ecumenicism are labeled as “narrow minded bigots” for uncompromising the truth that Scripture warns we are not to sell at any price (Prov. 23:23) or barter for a delusional peace and unification.  Many Christians are being deceived by the New Agers commitment to love and peace. They can’t believe that anyone who is committed to love and peace could actually be an instrument of Satan.  Precisely why Jesus warned us that Satan can pose as an angel of light and transform his demons into ministers of righteousness (perceived).  Don’t be deceived.  He is shining his light through many of our churches today.

For religious leaders who claim to know the Bible, one would think they would be the first ones to know when they are being deceived, that they would be the first to recognize religious deceptionSatan knows in order to destroy the Christian Church he has to start from the top down and kill it with subversion. He is quietly succeeding.

The appeal of New Age doctrines is that they offer a new way of perceiving reality and religion.  This poses a tremendous challenge to true believers.  The New Age is more than a passing fad  it offers spiritual reality, fulfillment, and world harmony. Yet its promises spring from what turns out to be a spiritual counterfeit.  Scripture repeatedly warns us of spiritual counterfeits, warnings of counterfeit Christians (Matt. 24:5; Acts 5:36-37), counterfeit prophets (Deut. 13:1-4; Matt. 7:15; 24:11), counterfeit miracles (Ex. 7:8-13), counterfeit angels,  counterfeit gods , counterfeit good works (Matt. 7:15-23), counterfeit godliness (2 Tim. 3:5), counterfeit converts (I John 2:19; 2), counterfeit spirits (I John 4:1-3), counterfeit doctrine (I Tim. 4:1-3) and counterfeit gospels.

New Agers know that Christians will not accept a frontal assault of occultic doctrines and themes, so they changed occultic words into Christian terms such as “faith,” “God,” “Christ,” and “born again” with many churches buying it hook, line, and sinking.  Satan knows how to mix just enough truth with falsehood to make the falsehood seem true and intensely appealing.  He already has millions falling into his traps of destruction.  Don’t be deceived and if you have been get out of the deception. Return to, and stay focused on the Most High.

Randall R Baer’s personal experience ought to be a tremendous wake up call not only to those who defend New Age teachings and/or engage in its practices, but also a very sober warning to all believers in Jesus Christ as to the concentration of evil and seductive power being focused on convincing the world that the New Age Movement is benevolent and contains sound, reliable universal truths. Some background on Mr. Baer:

“Entranced by the Eastern Mystical Religious concepts he saw on the television program, Kung Fu, as a teenager, he read books on Eastern religion, and taught himself yoga and meditation. He used marijuana, expecting it to expand his mind into a state of “higher consciousness.” In college, he studied Native American culture, pantheistic religious views, and read books by Timothy Leary, Richard Albert (now Ram Dass), and Aldous Huxley [Ed. note: author of the influential Luciferian-ideal-world book, Brave New World, which acutely describes the current and future state of humanity far more so than George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four].He became involved with gurus and Transcendental Meditation, receiving his own personal mantra, and studied Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Yoga.

Eventually, he and his wife ran a New Age center in New Mexico working in group channeling, acupuncture, past life incarnation, past life regression, UFO contact sessions, guided imagery for success and prosperity [Ed. note: the precise “laws” and techniques admonished and taught by modern best-selling New Age literature, such as The Secret], stress management, and related New Age topics. His spirit guides gave him explicit instructions, while he was in trance states, on writing a book on crystals, transmitting their thoughts and influences.

“During 15 years of New Age involvement, he saw a wide variety of people drawn into the New Age movement, M.D.’s, Ph.D.s, dentists, chiropractors, teachers, and many other highly educated professional people.” 11

While involved in the New Age phenomenon, Baer wrote two books: Windows of Light: Using Quartz Crystals As Tools for Self-Transformation published in 1984, and The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension published in 1985. Both of these books were composed primarily through channeling spirits that assisted him in what to write. These books are still available for purchase, and are yet considered highly valuable and legitimate by New Age practitioners despite Baer suddenly and completely renouncing everything regarding New Age spiritualism and becoming a fundamental Christian.

In 1989 an autobiographical work by Baer was published called Inside the New Age Nightmare which chronicles his life, spiritual development and rise to prominence in the New Age movement. In it he details the pivotal experience that shattered his delusions and slapped him awake to a reality of the Devil, his legions and their extraordinary abilities to deceive.

The following segments come from Mr. Baer’s deeply personal and alarming work (emphasis added):

“While in the midst of pursuing [further New Age visions] and doing Ascension Chamber sessions, an entirely new level of national exposure was opening up. National seminar tours that followed on the heels of my first book, Windows of Light, met with good response, but now I was on Satan’s fast-track for promotion into the big time during this next sequence.

“In late 1985, my second book – The Crystal Connection: A Guide-book for Personal and Planetary Ascension – was published and released by the same mainstream publisher, Harper and Row. About 400 pages in length, it set the standard in the thriving field of crystals. By this time crystals were hot, were buzzing. One of the top three national New Age magazines, East-West Journal, reviewed the book and pronounced it “light-years beyond the rest.” The book was marketed as: “An essential reference, The Crystal Connection is a landmark achievement in the field of crystal-based sacred science.”

“With a follow-up national seminar tour, speaking to enthusiastic audiences of many hundreds in each city, I rode the crest of a wave of crystal popularity. Though there were over a thousand crystal teachers by now in cities large and small, I was widely held to be one of the top three international authorities in the field. One of the others (who is still active in the field) is named Marcel Vogel, Ph.D., who is a retired senior research scientist at IBM, claiming over 60 patents in his distinguished career. At a later date, I was on the television program, 20/20 in a segment on the “crystal craze.”

“By now I also was offering a variety of week-long advanced study programs at my New Mexico headquarters. The primary course offered was called the Advanced Crystal Energetics Training Program – a course for advanced studies in crystal power and sacred science….

“Other week-long courses offered included: The Sacred Science Program, Advanced Sacred Science Intensive, Vortex Visitations, and The Keys of Enoch Seminar. In effect, my teaching and research center became a type of college of sorts, training people to begin or further develop professional careers in the New Age….

“You might be surprised at some of the attendees – an astrophysicist, a noted solar scientist, scientists in several other disciplines, many chiropractors, dentists, some Fortune 500 businessmen, some M.D.s, many holistic health practitioners, numerous nurses, and quite a few highly successful professionals of other varieties, including a couple of media celebrities.

“Invitations to national-level New Age expos and retreats were coming in.

“I had a third book – 500 pages in length – in the offing.

“At this point so many opportunities were opening up that I could write my own success ticket. I had hit the big time, and the horizons of my career looked spectacular.

“Yes, I was riding high, but there would be a price to pay for all this later— a painful price indeed. I was a rising New Age star. But the meteoric rise eventually would come to a burning halt. Satan always exacts his pound of flesh, sooner or later. This I learned well in the later stages of my season  of New Age success….

“Though primitive compared to grand future-science prophecies, the Ascension Chamber [which I had constructed and was conducting sessions in] was still fairly elaborate. Its stated intent was to “use sacred science to activate New Age higher consciousness.” In essence, it claimed to: “Use New Age science to accelerate spiritual growth so that in a matter of hours, many lifetimes of evolvement can occur, like a time-lapse photography sequence. You no longer need to trudge slowly along your spiritual path like an ox-cart along a dirt road. This was for the old age— this is the New Age. Why not take the high-tech spiritual fast-track to instant enlightenment?”

“The Ascension Chamber room was filled with hundreds of crystals in geometric configurations, and close to a hundred pyramids hanging from the ceiling and walls. The purpose for this supposedly was to “create a concentrated energy field of ultra-high vibrations.” Lasers, magnets, specialized electronic devices, computers, and aromatic agents were added in specific ways to help “amplify, enhance, and control the energy field.” Further, an orchestrated multi-media presentation of rotating multicolored designs, films  of occult symbols, mystical New Age music, and swirling colors that filled the entire room (somewhat similar to a laser show) all were combined to induce a trance-state in the recipient. This type of trance-induction or hypnosis deeply affected many of the recipients. Many occult-based New Age practices also were applied to induce mystical and out-of-body experiences, as well as channeling experiences….

“Also used in the Ascension Chamber were subliminal cassette tapes and videos. In short, subliminal technology inserts messages into the mind of the individual without the person being aware of the mind-programming process. This highly developed modern technology has been around for many years. In the process, it also has become quite sophisticated, so much so that it has blossomed into a real high-tech hazard. What I see today that I did not understand then is that even though the stated purposes of most all subliminal cassette tapes are apparently positive and benign (e.g., losing weight, gaining self-confidence, overcoming fears and phobias, etc.), the method of “unzipping” the mind without the
person being aware of the process as well as the many potential misuses of such a technology (on individual and mass scales) hold many serious dangers best avoided

“In short, the Ascension Chamber was a modernized form of white magic and sorcery applied toward a trance-inducing, hypnotizing procedure for inducing mystical experiences, out-of-body experiences and “reprogramming the mind with positive and evolutionarily advanced thoughts.” While today I do not know if all the crystals and pyramids really made a difference, the trance-inducing methods (New Age music, subliminals, brain-drive machines, films of occult symbols, and  swirling light-shows) did indeed produce powerful experiences and effects in a large percentage of the treatment recipients….”

Is not the irony uncanny? Mr. Baer was considered one of the top three national experts and consultants in “crystal power,” and yet he later humbly admitted that he actually had no idea if all the crystals and pyramids in the Ascension Chamber actually made any difference! Are not the words of apostle Paul incredibly apt?! “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

Continuing from Mr. Baer’s autobiographical work (emphasis added):

“If I had an evening off, for example, it would be spent alone, having trance-meditation and out-of-body experiences and receiving knowledge from my spirit guides in the Ascension Chamber well into the late evening and early morning. The mind-blowing cosmic power, the glittering good feelings, and the amazing revelations experienced during these times completely captivated me. While holding down the responsibilities of my New Age career, this overriding desire to travel deeply within the heavenly spirit-world became a virtual obsession….

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