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Dirty Cop Mueller Singled Out by Mother of Sexually Abused Child for Ignoring Calls for Help
Dirty Cop Mueller Singled Out by Mother of Sexually Abused Child for Ignoring Calls for Help

Dirty Cop Mueller Singled Out by Mother of Sexually Abused Child for Ignoring Calls for Help

The mother of a child who was sexually abused and who had made several attempts to obtain help from the FBI, called out Robert Mueller by name.  In a press conference after the related court case, the mother pointed out Robert Mueller by name for ignoring her attempts to bring justice to this horrible scandal.

In the 2000’s there was a huge sex scandal in California that was reported around the world.  The Hollywood Reporter published a story on it –

The Encino mansion known as the M&C Estate—owned by a convicted sex offender named in the lawsuit against Bryan Singer—was home to the wild gay sex parties where Hollywood bigwigs allegedly preyed on underage boys. It was also used to film a 1998 pilot for Digital Entertainment Network described as a “gay pedophile version of Silver Spoons,” starring an as yet unknown Seann William Scott.

Chad’s World was intended to be the flagship show of the doomed Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), the Internet video company founded by convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector and his boyfriend Chad Shackley. (Both were named in the lawsuit that Michael Egan brought against Bryan Singer. Shackley’s younger brother Scott went to high school with Egan, which is how the teen got involved with that whole scene.)

While Collins-Rector, Shackley and 17-year-old executive vice president and former child star Brock Pierce were able to raise nearly $100 million in capital, they weren’t able to deliver the technology they’d promised their big-name investors (like seeing a lamp in a video, and having the ability to click on it and buy it). Instead, they weirdly devoted most of their attention to Chad’s World, a scripted drama about a young gay boy who goes to live with his wealthy older brother and his rich boyfriend. It seems to be based on the lives of Collins-Rector (portrayed by Seann Williams Scott) and the Shackley brothers.

Accusations of sexually assaulting teenagers at the mansion were made and three individuals were charged in 2000, who then skipped the country –

Shortly after the molestation allegations surfaced in 2000, Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce fled the country and lived undetected for two years in Spain before they were picked up by Interpol. Collins-Rector eventually pled guilty to eight counts of child enticement and wasn’t required to serve jail time. Egan and the other boys were awarded a civil judgment, but Collins-Rector has reportedly avoided paying it. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Fifteen years later the famous director of X-Men movies, who was known for a passion for younger men, Bryan Singer, was accused of child abuse as well –

All have denied the allegations vehemently, with Singer calling them “outrageous, vicious and completely false.” Singer denies he was in Hawaii at the time the alleged assaults occurred, and Ancier says he “never so much as set foot on the estate in Hawaii.” The alleged events in Hawaii are key to Egan’s cases because of that state’s favorable statute of limitations: It seems clear the defendants hope to get the cases dismissed by establishing they were not present when the alleged acts occurred.

So far, no witnesses have come forward to corroborate Egan’s accusations regarding any of the four. But the idea that underage boys were drugged and raped at the Encino estate, and sometimes threatened with guns by Collins-Rector, is hardly new. Egan was one of several young men to make such allegations in lawsuits filed against Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce 14 years ago — court cases in which the plaintiffs won $4.5 million from Collins-Rector and Shackley by default because the trio had fled the country (Pierce reached a settlement). Egan and other plaintiffs also named several John Does but did not include Singer or the others he now is accusing. His attorney has declined to explain why.

By far the most high-profile of the four defendants is Singer, 48, whose enviable career began with the 1995 breakthrough film The Usual Suspects, for which Kevin Spacey won his first Oscar, and has continued through the X-Men franchise. Singer is one of only a few A-list directors with a true fanboy following and a proven box-office track record. The first two X-Men movies combined to gross more than $700 million worldwide. Now, thanks to unwanted attention brought by the Egan lawsuit, Singer has withdrawn from media events for X-Men: Days of Future Past, set for release May 23, saying in a statement that he does not want to be a distraction.

Singer long has been known to have an affinity for a certain type of man. “Bryan’s always had a reputation of being with guys that look young,” says a high-level studio executive who oversaw one of the director’s big comic-book movies. “Whether they were underage or not, I have no idea. [But] for 20 years he’s had young guys around him, whether they’re assistants or friends. However they were described to you, they were always around.”

In a press conference surrounding the case, the mother of one of the young men who was sexually abused spoke out (emphasis added) –

What seems remarkable, in retrospect, is that all of the charges against Pierce’s former partner, Collins-Rector, were filed by federal authorities; despite many allegations regarding activities at the Encino house, officials in L.A. never pursued criminal charges against Collins-Rector or his associates. Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, alleged during an April 21 news conference that her attempts to report her son’s abuse to the FBI had fallen on deaf ears. In fact, a 2003 affidavit filed by Special Agent Joseph Brine and obtained by TMZ stated that Egan had brought allegations against Collins-Rector to Brine’s attention.

During the April 21 news conference, Egan’s sobbing mother called out several FBI officials by name: “I’d like to say to Special Agent Joseph Brine: You came to our house once. You interviewed Mike once. You called me a couple times after. I continued to call you. I continued to write certified, return-receipt letters to you. Everything went silent. What did you do then, Mr. Brine? I’d also like to say to Mr. J. Stephen Tidwell, FBI Los Angeles: Why’d you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? Mr. David Johnson, FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? And Mr. Robert Mueller III, Director of FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters?

He couldn’t even respond?

It seems that Mueller was not only involved in the sex scandal related to Jeffrey Epstein and young women, he was also ignored please for help in a Hollywood scandal involving young men.

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