Taking Back Our Stolen History


Compared to 34 other modernized countries, the United States currently ranks 20th in literacy, 30th in math, 23rd in science out of 34 industrialized nations according to the recent report put out by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). (Source) The United States has fallen to rank 49th in life expectancy of 120 countries while maintaining the dubious rank of being number one in incarcerations, military spending, childhood obesity, hours of television watched, student debt and the highest national debt any country has ever incurred in history.

These continual poor performance rankings persist despite spending more on education than any other country with the exception of Switzerland, who ranks in the top five in education. Currently, only 64% of students who begin college graduate within six years. Those who do graduate have collectively amassed over one trillion dollars in long term student debt. It is of no surprise that over 72% of students who have finished college in the past three years have moved back in with their parents. Additionally, young adults between the ages of 18-26 also have the highest unemployment rate in this country putting further strain on middle class families.

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Chronological History of the Education Takeover

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