Taking Back Our Stolen History


A San Francisco-based company that operates an online marketplace platform where property owners can list their home or property for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Airbnb is a far-left ‘woke’ company that  symbolically cut off political funding to Republicans who support Trump. Not that this had any impact, because Airbnb employees and PAC’s already were huge Democrat donors by a ratio of 97% to 3%.

Airbnb banned Proud Boys at the Million MAGA March and threatened to ban “Unite the Right” attendees, yet it appears as though Airbnb has never banned ANTIFA or other radical left-wing groups. Airbnb blocked all reservations in the Washington DC area in order to prevent Trump supporters from protesting Biden’s inauguration. Airbnb never blocked leftist reservations during Trump’s inauguration. Airbnb offered free housing to refugees and any others not allowed into the United States as a result of Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13769.

Airbnb banned undefined ‘hate groups’, yet will not ban BLM, and in fact supports BLM. Big Tech is famous for using the ‘hate group’ label as an excuse to essentially smear and ban conservatives. Conservatives should boycott Airbnb anyway.

Donated $500,000 to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and to the NAACP and encourages others to donate as well. On July 7th, Airbnb encouraged guests to only spend money at black-owned businesses, thus discriminating against businesses owned by people of other skin pigmentations.

Hosts and guests alike have endless negative stories to tell about Airbnb.