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Build Back Better
Build Back Better

Build Back Better

A catch-all phrase first used by the United Nations to push every Deep State policy prescription ranging from globalism and Big Government to “climate” schemes and “sustainable development” that would crush whole sectors of the economy. It goes hand in hand with the UN-backed “Great Reset” and the totalitarian “Green New Deal.”

Perhaps hoping nobody but globalists and Deep State bigwigs would notice the obvious connection, Joe Biden’s campaign for president touted its “Build Back Better” scheme all over its website and beyond for weeks. However, there was no mention of the UN’s own “Build Back Better” scheme upon which it seems to be based — and that is not surprising, since American voters would likely be horrified. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is using the same phrase, too, as are authorities in Canada and multiple other nations. The World Economic Forum, which is pushing the “Great Reset” alongside the UN and the IMF, is also peddling “Build Back Better” as a slogan to “reinvent capitalism.”

In all cases reviewed by The New American magazine, the goal of the “Build Back Better” campaigns is to promote a “rebuild” of society or different elements of it based on progressive, globalist values in response to some sort of crisis. Originally, it was about “building back” in a UN-desired way after natural disasters. But COVID19 did not destroy any buildings or infrastructure. Now, then, the phrase is being applied to rebuilding the economy and governance — and hence, the framework of society — following the economic devastation wrought by governments over coronavirus hysteria and other ongoing crises. It appears to have much in common with the radical Green New Deal promoted by communists in the United States and other nations.

First approved by the UN General Assembly in 2015, the UN’s “Build Back Better” machinations were originally promoted by the Japanese government as part of the UN “Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.” Among other points, the UN scheme called for building better infrastructure following disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. However, the plan was openly globalist in nature, also promoting “international cooperation” as well as “psycho-social support and mental health services” amid the aftermath of disasters. Before the UN adopted it, Bill Clinton used the slogan in 2006 while serving as UN Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery.

Today, the UN’s use of the phrase has now morphed into something much broader, with the UN peddling the “Build Back Better” concept across a wide array of policies. In line with the UN, national governments and even the Democrat presidential candidate are using the slogan as cover for restructuring their societies and nations following the devastation unleashed by government responses to COVID19, as well as the Deep State-backed riots that plagued Democrat-controlled American cities in recent months.

“Make no mistake: America has been knocked down,” Biden’s campaign website says, pointing to massive unemployment and destruction of businesses amid coronavirus lockdowns (ironically engineered mostly by totalitarian-minded Democrat mayors and governors). “And, Black and Latino Americans, Native Americans, immigrants, and women have never been welcomed as full participants in the economy.”

The chaos and destruction now offers a perfect opportunity to “Build Back Better,” the campaign explains on its website. “Biden believes this is no time to just build back to the way things were before, with the old economy’s structural weaknesses and inequalities still in place,” the campaign states online, again echoing the UN in terms of strategy. “This is the moment to imagine and build a new American economy for our families and the next generation.”

Among the key policy prescriptions offered by Biden’s handlers as part of the “Build Back Better” scheme are massive wealth redistribution schemes. Basically, the federal government would seize more money from taxpayers (or steal it surreptitiously by printing it, thereby diminishing the purchasing power of the dollar) to hand out to those same Americans, corporations, state and local governments, and others. Of course, Congress is actually responsible for all appropriations, but the Biden campaign never mentioned that complication.

The Biden campaign’s “Build Back Better” schemes also called for creating a “Public Health Jobs Corps” that would supposedly “fight the pandemic.” While the campaign was short on details about this massive new “corps,” presumably this would including hiring massive numbers of snoops for Orwellian “contact tracing” programs that have been backed by George Soros, Bill Gates, the Clintons, various socialist schemers, and other insiders. Biden’s campaign wants to create a New Deal-style “Environmental Conservation Corps,” too.

Biden will also “mobilize the American people in service of four bold, national efforts” outlined on the site. These schemes include boosting “sustainable” projects, helping Big Labor bosses acquire more dues-paying union members, handing out more corporate welfare, fighting the supposed “climate crisis,” having government take more responsibility over the raising of children under the guise of easing the “burden” on parents (and especially mothers), and much more. All of this will be paid for with higher taxes, Biden’s campaign admitted. The “climate” schemes alone would cost $2 trillion over his first term.

Finally, the “Build Back Better” plan seeks to “mobilize across the board” to fight against what the Biden camp called the “systemic racism” of America — the nation that literally elected his half-black former boss to the highest office in the land, twice. This mobilization against racism would include federal wealth transfers from Americans with lighter skin tones to those with darker skin tones, federal funding for “entrepreneurs” with the correct skin color, police and “criminal justice reform,” and much more.

Nowhere does Biden give credit to the UN for the “Build Back Better” slogan, despite its well-documented origins. But this is no surprise. In 1988, the New York Times reported that Biden “quit the 1988 presidential race in the face of accusations that he had plagiarized part of a speech from Neil Kinnock, the British Labor Party leader at the time.” Incidentally, the same Times reporters also noted that Biden “was found to have suffered two aneurysms” shortly after withdrawing. According to media reports, Biden also plagiarized while in law school, and even stole material from a Bobby Kennedy speech. The media has remained largely silent.

Of course, it is not just Biden or Democrats who are hopping in bed with the UN to re-build society based on new values while using UN slogans to market the schemes. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also leading the way. “If we are to defeat COVID19, achieve a global recovery, and avoid a future pandemic, we must work together across borders,” he said. “Our national efforts will count for little unless they are fortified by international cooperation…. Once we move beyond the emergency phase, we owe it to future generations to Build Back Better.” Building back better, according to Johnson, means enforcing a “fairer, greener and more resilient global economy.”

Not everybody is buying the catchy but Orwellian slogans, though. In May of 2020, the brilliant British commentator and climate-hysteria-destroyer James Delingpole argued that the Build Back Better terminology was merely the latest “code phrase” for “green global tyranny.” Pointing to the slogan as employed by Johnson and the UN, Delingpole explained in Breitbart that “what it actually means is more world government, more green taxes and regulation, more expensive energy, more identity politics, more corporatism — and, of course, less freedom and entrepreneurialism.”

Delingpole is right. And the U.K. “Build Back Better” campaign, backed by a dizzying array of fringe left-wing and environmental extremist groups, was literally initiated by “Green New Deal UK.” As Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore explained to The New American, the Green New Deal is a “recipe for mass suicide” that, if implemented, would decimate humanity and the natural environment.

Deep State Insider Mark Carney, former head of the U.K. and Canadian central banks and a Bilderberg attendee, has also been peddling the “Build Back Better” scheme. Speaking of the ongoing economic devastation, Carney said the “sustainable” so-called “new economy” that is emerging will require a “massive re-allocation of capital.” The former Goldman Sachs banker suggested who industries would be wiped out as part of this transformation.

“Every financial decision will have to take climate change into account,” he said, adding that Big Government would force these dramatic changes under the guise of stopping supposed man-made “climate change.”

Building on that, Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and the radical left-wing administration of Justin Trudeau are promising to “Build Back Better” in Canada. Even the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is urging nations to adopt “Build Back Better” as a tool for achieving a more “sustainable” future after COVID19.

While plagiarism is bad, that particular Biden scandal pales in comparison with the devastation to freedom and prosperity that would result from allowing him to implement the plagiarized UN-OECD-WEF-globalist-Deep State plan to “Build Back Better” and use a “Great Reset” to transform life on the planet. Biden, who recently boasted of working for Council on Foreign Relations boss Richard Haass, should acknowledge where he gets his dangerous ideas and slogans from. But more importantly, he should either respect the oath he took to the U.S. Constitution, work to amend it using constitutional procedures, or withdraw from politics completely.

Photo of Joe Biden: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, regularly attends UN and international summits. He can be reached at anewman@thenewamerican.com or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter at @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

Source: https://thenewamerican.com/build-back-better-biden-rips-off-orwellian-un-slogan/