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Carbon Dioxide [CO2]
Carbon Dioxide [CO2]

Carbon Dioxide [CO2]

The essential molecule for all plant life that without, the entire web of life on our planet would instantly collapse. Misinformed environmentalists have been exhaustively convinced that carbon dioxide is somehow a “death” molecule for the planet, when exactly the opposite is true: The planet would die without it… and humans would have no vegetables, no fruits, and no herbs if it wasn’t for carbon dioxide as revealed in an in-depth report on the benefits of CO2. In his paper, independent scholar and author Indur Goklany explains how CO2 benefits both the biosphere and humanity by stimulating the growth and flourishing of plant life. Further, increased concentrations of CO2 directly contribute to more rainfall, which means more food for both animals and people. Contrary to what the global warming fanatics often claim, rising CO2 levels have been helping our planet, not hurting it. So, ironically, reducing the carbon footprint is not green at all!

Scientists have lots of evidence demonstrating that increased carbon dioxide levels leads to healthier plants. A team of scientists in Nevada conducted a five-year experiment in which they grew one group of ponderosa pine trees at the current carbon dioxide atmospheric level of about 360 parts per million (ppm) and another group of pines at 700 ppm. The doubled carbon dioxide level increased tree height by 43 percent and diameter by 24 percent. Similarly, a team of scientists from Virginia Tech University reported that growing loblolly pine trees in a greenhouse with a carbon dioxide concentration of 700 ppm increased average tree height 9 percent, diameter by 7 percent, needle biomass by 16 percent and root biomass by 33 percent.2

Increased atmospheric carbon dioxide doesn’t just make a plant bigger. Carbon dioxide also makes plants more resistant to extreme weather conditions. In a study discussed in the journal Plant Ecology, a team of scientists subjected the Mojave Desert evergreen shrub to three different concentrations of carbon dioxide – the current level of 360 ppm and at 550 ppm and 700 ppm. The plants, which were being grown in simulated drought conditions, responded more favorably in the carbon dioxide-rich environments. Photosynthetic activity doubled in the 550 ppm environment and tripled at 700 ppm. Increased photosynthetic activity enables plants to withstand drought better.3

Likewise, a team of biologists grew seedlings of three yucca plants in cooler greenhouse environments at the 360 ppm and 700 ppm concentrations. The yucca plants exposed to the enhanced carbon dioxide concentration showed a greater resistance to the colder temperatures. Dr. Robert Balling, a climatologist at Arizona State University, notes that by making plants healthier and more resistant to extreme weather conditions, higher levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide expands the habitat of many plants, improves rangeland in semi-arid areas and enhances agricultural productivity in arid areas.4

Another benefit of enhanced atmospheric carbon dioxide is that it helps the tropical rainforests. Scientists from Venezuela and the United Kingdom grew several species of tropical trees and other plants in greenhouse conditions at carbon dioxide concentrations double the current level. The plants responded favorably, showing an increase in photosynthetic activity. The scientists concluded that, “In a future atmosphere with a higher carbon dioxide concentration, these species should be able to show a higher productivity than today.”5

Another team of British and New Zealand researchers grew tropical trees for 119 days at elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. They found that the enriched carbon dioxide environment stimulated the trees’ root growth by 23 percent. Expanded root systems help tropical trees by increasing their ability to absorb water and nutrients.6

Bigger trees, increased resistance to bad weather, improved agricultural productivity and a boon to rainforests are just some of the many benefits that carbon dioxide bestows on the environment. With little evidence that carbon dioxide triggers dangerous global warming but lots of evidence showing how carbon dioxide helps the environment, environmentalists should be extolling the virtues of this benign greenhouse gas.

Rising CO2 levels have actually boosted the productivity of the biosphere by some 14 percent since 1982. Crops are growing more easily as a result of this, and the overall amount of farmable land throughout the world has similarly increased by as much as 17 percent. “Satellite evidence confirms that increasing carbon dioxide concentrations have also resulted in greater productivity of wild terrestrial ecosystems in all vegetation types,” Goklany’s eye-opening report explains.

“Increasing carbon dioxide concentrations have also increased the productivity of many marine ecosystems.”

As agricultural yields have progressively increased as a result of more CO2, food prices have progressively decreased. That’s right: global warming, so-called, has been a powerful weapon against hunger, making food more plentiful and readily available at cheaper costs. Beyond this, global warming has improved the viability of forests and other natural habitats, not only by contributing to their re-growth, but also saving many of them from being destroyed to make way for more agriculture and farming.

“Had it not been for the increase in yields of 9–15%, global cropland would have had to be increased by a similar amount to produce the same amount of food, all else being equal,” the report explains. “That figure means that an area equivalent to the combined area of Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia has been saved from the plough.”

Many animal species have also been saved from extinction as a result of increased levels of CO2. According to the paper, were it not for carbon dioxide “fertilization” of the planet, there would have been a “significant increase” in the number of animal species at risk of disappearing.

Rising CO2 levels have also provided more water, specifically to areas that need it most. The reason for this is that CO2 increases water evaporation and subsequent rainfall, acting as nature’s watering bucket to ensure not only that crops stay hydrated, but also that droughts are avoided.

“Regardless of whether, how and under what conditions carbon uptake and water-use efficiency are related, global ecosystem productivity increased by 14% from 1982–2011 (Figure 1), 8 while vegetation cover increased by 11% in arid areas from 1982– 2010,” the report explains.

“And with regard to agricultural productivity, global crop yields have increased,” it adds. “For instance, from 1961 to 2013, cereal yields per hectare increased by 85% in the least developed countries and 185% worldwide. These yield increases show no sustained sign of decelerating.”

Be sure to read Goklany’s full report on the benefits of CO2, entitled, “Carbon Dioxide: The Good News,” at this link.

You can also read the latest news about global warming at GlobalWarming.fetch.news.

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For decades, enviro-terrorists have been blaming the world’s ailments on carbon dioxide (CO2). Yet, this humble molecule is actually essential for plant life to exist. While proponents of climate change are loath to admit it, CO2 is a key part of photosynthesis – the way plants make energy. CO2 is essentially food for plants. Without CO2, water and sunshine, plants can’t grow. And when plants can’t grow, people starve. It is highly concerning that alleged environmentalists are promoting drastic reductions in CO2 as the only solution to climate change (a heavily fabricated theory to begin with). Without photosynthesis, there can be no life on Earth.

Recent research confirms that carbon dioxide has contributed to global “regreening.” Estimates suggest that increasing CO2 levels has led to a substantial increase in farmable land worldwide. Experts say farmable land has risen by 17 percent, and that overall biosphere productivity has gone up 14 percent since 1982.

Research also demonstrates that global crop yields have increased by 185 percent worldwide – and scientists say these increases show no signs of slowing. Indeed, it would seem that so-called “global warming” has actually been good for the planet. And as Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and Brighteon.com, contends, warring against CO2 is a war against life itself.

As Adams explains, burning fossil fuels actually provides plants with more fuel:

Burning fossil fuels, by the way, means combusting hydrocarbons to release energy. One of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels is the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, providing fresh CO2 that plants are starving to harvest from the air. CO2 levels in the atmosphere right now are at near-emergency low levels of barely above 400 ppm. Forests, food crops and indigenous plants across the globe would flourish at double or triple the current level of CO2. If we had, for example, 1200 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere,the Earth would be greener and more lush.

The leftist call to eliminate carbon from the atmosphere is a suicide mission. In 2017, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chief Scott Pruitt even stated that he did not believe CO2 was a primary contributor to climate change. There is no shortage of reasons to be skeptical of climate change in and of itself, given the numerous instances of fraud and faulty data. Ultimately, the idea that CO2 is a vehicle of climate change is a hypothesis – and a poorly thought out one, at that.

It is no wonder that skeptics now believe that climate change fear-mongering and the GND have nothing to do with environmental concerns – and everything to do with ushering in a New World Order. The GND even spells it out for us, with AOC and her minions promising “a massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline.”

The GND is further described as a “10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create economic prosperity for all.”

If that’s not a dog whistle for a new socialist regime, I don’t know what is. The Green New Deal would kill the U.S. economy, American freedom and the environment in one fell swoop – and this is what the Left wants people to think progress looks like.

Climate change fanatics repeatedly cite “science” as their domain from which they might demand absolute compliance and obedience to their delusions. “Science,” they say, is why they never have to provide any real evidence that would support the bizarre notion that carbon dioxide is somehow bad for the planet. No debate is allowed, either, because they claim a monopoly over “science” by asserting all debates are “already settled.” Therefore, no further discussion may be tolerated. (This is the twisted, Left-wing version of science totalitarianism, courtesy of sociopathic, power hungry science overlords like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.)

In reality, every real scientist knows that carbon dioxide is essential for all plant life across the planet. As the following science diagram shows, carbon dioxide is necessary for plants to breathe. Without it, they would suffocate in minutes:

Plants use carbon dioxide to create CBD, THC, vitamin C and anti-cancer nutrients like curcumin

Not only is carbon dioxide necessary for all plant respiration via photosynthesis, it’s also the key ingredient used by plants to synthesize nearly every medicinal molecule that’s loved by herbalists, natural medicine practitioners and even medical cannabis advocates.

All cannabinoids are made out of carbon dioxide, for example. This includes CBD and THC. For those of you who aren’t chemists, every line segment in the molecular maps shown below represents a carbon bond. Double lines are double carbon bonds. Carbon atoms have four available bonds in their outer shell, and those bonds may be occupied by Oxygen (often a double bond), Hydrogen (a single bond) or other Carbon atoms. (Related: Learn more about chemistry by reading Chemistry.news.)

There are 21 carbons, for example, in a molecule of cannabidiol. Guess where the hemp plant gets this carbon? From carbon dioxide, of course, which all the hemp-smoking Leftists are convinced is an evil molecule.

Despite the fact that cannabidiol comes from carbon dioxide, climate change cultists are simultaneously “pro hemp” and “anti carbon dioxide.” How can this be the case? Because they are science idiots who have been brainwashed by the liberal establishment to despise the very molecule that creates nearly all the natural medicines in the world.

Anyone who hates carbon dioxide must, by definition, hate CBD, THC and all plants. Yet, astonishingly, climate change cultists think they support “green lifestyles” by opposing the very molecule necessary for all plant life on our planet. That’s how gullible and brainwashed they are: They’ll believe anything if it is claimed to “save the planet” (even if it murders the planet).

Curcumin from turmeric root is also made out of carbon dioxide

Curcumin, a powerful anti-cancer nutrient found in turmeric, is also made from carbon dioxide. As you can see in this molecular diagram, it’s made from 21 carbons. Where do you suppose the turmeric plant acquires the carbon it needs to manufacture this molecule? From atmospheric carbon dioxide, of course, the very molecule that delusional climate change fanatics have said they want to eliminate from the planet because it’s a “pollutant.”

In fact, nearly every medicinal molecule in all of botany is made out of carbon dioxide. CO2 is the key source of carbon used by plants to synthesize everything from chlorophyll to resveratrol. Every healing nutrient in basil, oregano, cinnamon, cilantro, garlic and pomegranate fruit is made out of carbon dioxide. The entire world of natural medicine owes its very basis to CO2.

This is why every herbalist, naturopath and medicinal arts practitioner should be in favor of carbon dioxide. Without this molecule, they would all be out of business (and dead, technically, since all life on the planet would collapse).

The real SCIENCE of carbon dioxide proves this molecule is the answer to a greener planet

Every person who argues that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet is a science idiot. Neil Tyson is a science idiot. Bill Nye is a science idiot. Elon Musk is a science idiot. And Al Gore is a science idiot, too. They all have one laughably stupid thing in common: They think carbon dioxide is bad for plant life on Earth. This makes them total morons who couldn’t even pass a high school science class.

Seriously, they would all earn “F” grades in a high school science class because they can’t even get the answer correct on which molecules are involved in photosynthesis.

I remember studying photosynthesis in the tenth grade. I was 16 years old, and my science teacher was an awesome, liberty-loving gun owner who later taught us genetics and microbiology. Photosynthesis was simple stuff then, and it’s simple now. Yet the global warming lunatics are trying to memory hole all science education that covers carbon dioxide or genetics because they have to push their delusional narratives of global warming and transgenderism. Somehow, they ridiculously claim to have a monopoly over “science,” even when their stupid narratives are so full of junk science quackery that real scientists are laughing their heads off everywhere.

The bottom line in all this? Any person who insists that carbon dioxide is “bad” for the planet is a scientifically illiterate moron. These are often the very same people drinking green juice smoothies who don’t even know that plants are green precisely because chlorophyll harnesses carbon dioxide and sunlight to create plant energy. If any molecule is a “green” molecule on our planet, it’s CO2!


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