Taking Back Our Stolen History
Fusion GPS
Fusion GPS

Fusion GPS

the notorious news-for-hire “opposition research” outfit that produced the Trump dossier. Fusion GPS is paid to invent and publish salacious charges of moral turpitude in order to smear anyone its clients want to silence. Planting false charges in newspapers is one of their tactics. A document provided in a D.C. court case against Fusion GPS shows that the company was involved in much more than the garbage Steele Dossier behind the Trump-Russia hoax. The company was also behind the Alfa Bank, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and the Trump family lies and smears as well. (Here is the link to the court documents.)

We learned from the inventory of Fusion GPS projects that they were involved with Crowdstrike who was first reported as the experts claiming Russia had stolen the DNC’s emails back in 2016.  This lie was kept in place by the Mueller gang for years as the excuse to look into the Trump – Russia collusion.

Fusion GPS was involved in the Alfa Bank story that turned out to be a lie, the Carter Page story that was a lie since Page was working for the CIA, the Paul Manafort story, and the Papadopoulos story.  All of these stories and individuals were used by the DOJ and the Mueller gang as a means to harass and attempt to have President Trump removed from office.  Every one.


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