Taking Back Our Stolen History
Gvir, Itamar Ben
Gvir, Itamar Ben

Gvir, Itamar Ben

leader of the popular political party Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Strength”) in Israel and wants to become the next Security Minister. The mainstream media paint Ben Gvir as a radical, since he was a student of far-right firebrand Meir Kahane, whose Kach party was banned after Kahane disciple Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Muslim worshippers and wounded 125 at the Cave of the Patriarchs 1994. Ben Gvir is said to have kept Goldstein’s photo on his wall and never condemned the attack.

Far-left Soros-financed NGOs and prosecutors tried in vain to get rid of Trump ally Benjamin Netanyahu, but Netanyahu achieved a stunning comeback thanks to a deal he made in Spring 2022, when new elections were called, with the other right-wing parties, Ben Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit, Bezalel Smotrich’s Religious Zionist Party and the smaller Noam party, which formed a joint list and gave conservative voters disaffected with Netanyahu an alternative. The biggest winner was Ben Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit, who went from only one seat in 2021 to eight or nine in 2022, making Ben Gvir the kingmaker in coalition negotiations.

“I am an extremist”

“I can’t say I haven’t changed, maybe mellowed,” Ben Gvir told Adam Berkowitz at Israel365 News. “Itamar at 46 years old is not the Itamar at 16 years old. But my basic principles remain unchanged and uncompromised. I love Israel. I always have and I always will. When I was young, I shouted that we should kick out all of the Arabs. I don’t believe that anymore. But I do think that anyone who lives in this country should obey the laws. I still think terrorists have no place in this country, even more than I did when I was young.”

“I am an extremist,” Ben Gvir told Berkowitz. “I am an extremist when it comes to a love of Israel. I love Jerusalem. I love Judea and Samaria. I love our soldiers. I love Israelis. But this isn’t extremist anymore. The majority of Israelis are becoming ‘extremists’ in their love of Israel and those are the Israelis who support me. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to love.”

“Terrorists deserve the death penalty”

“I am not a racist, God forbid. I don’t hate Arabs. They are part of my country and I love my country”, said Ben Gvir. “But anyone who hurts my country, I hate them. Arabs who are violent, who attack others, I have a problem with these people. We need to deal with these people in a very strict manner. Terrorists deserve the death penalty. A terrorist that murdered a baby should not be sitting in a prison being treated like he is a guest at a four-star hotel while collecting a salary from the Palestinian Authority. I want to stand up for our soldiers, give them the support they need. If they are attacked, they need to feel that they can fight back without worrying about being abandoned to be attacked in the press or, worse, prosecuted for acting correctly. In Israel, civilians should be able to acquire a gun to protect themselves. ”

In the wake of Ben Gvir’s electoral triumph, Western media have been highlighting a video showing Ben Gvir defending himself with a gun during clashes in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, as Arab rioters hurled stones. Two Jewish teens were hurt in the clashes. “If they throw stones, shoot them,” Ben Gvir is heard saying to the police.

“The politicians are tying the hands of our cops,” he later said in a tweet that included a picture of him with the pistol. “It cannot be that Arabs throw stones next to cops and the cops don’t respond with fire.”

In December 2021, Ben Gvir drew his gun in an altercation with two Arab security guards in a Tel Aviv garage, claiming that he was attacked and harrassed by the Arab guards.

Now, gun-toting patriot Ben Gvir is poised to become Israel’s next security minister.

Source: TGP