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Let’s Go Brandon!
Let’s Go Brandon!

Let’s Go Brandon!

a slogan which arose in October 2021 from corporate media censorship of opposition to Joe Biden after NBC reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to mask vocal anti-Biden sentiment during an interview of Nascar driver, Brandon Brown[1]. Exemplifying the Streisand Effect, the phrase was quickly adopted as a shorthand for corporate media mendacity.[2] The BBC termed it an “anti-Biden conservative heckle”.[3]

In 2021, as increasing evidence emerged of irregularities in the 2020 US election and dissatisfaction increased with the playing out of the COVID-19 project, sports fans adopted the tactic of repeatedly chanting “F##k Joe Biden”. On 2 October 2021 Kelli Stavast, interviewing Brandon Brown, attempted to censor the sentiment by suggesting that the chant was actually “Let’s Go Brandon”.[4][5]

A video of the post game interview was initially posted on Nascar’s Twitter account, but it was subsequently deleted without explanation.

Kelli Stavast’s failed attempt to recharacterize the crowd’s chant quickly went viral, illustrating the Streisand Effect, as the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” was widely and creatively ridiculed.[3][11]. It became a focal point for further opposition.[12][13] It was chanted for example by those opposing mandatory injection of staff with COVID-19 vaccines.[14]

Bryson Gray released a video about the event which became #1 on iTunes.[15][16] Later it was censored by YouTube on grounds of “medical misinformation”.[17]

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