Taking Back Our Stolen History


refers to the independent legal authority of a population in a particular territory, based on the recognized right to self-determination. Among the powers exercised by every sovereign nation is the right to control its own borders, including trade, tariffs, emigration, and immigration. By sovereignty, in its largest sense is meant supreme, absolute, uncontrollable power, the absolute right to govern. For example, God has sovereignty over all creation. “He Who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords” (1 Timothy 6:15). In Islamic teaching, Allah alone is sovereign (“alone without partner”, meaning a denial of the divine nature of the Trinity) and does not delegate power to Jesus or any civil government.

From the 1400s to around 1960, most lands were classified as either sovereign nations or colonies. Sovereign nations were free standing and practiced self-government. (Each nation’s separate government was a democracy, a dictatorship, a monarchy, or something else.) Colonies were governed and controlled by a separate nation. Since 1960, most colonies have been granted independence, with rare exceptions where a lack of resources prevent the colony from surviving as a viable independent nation. Globalism has caused the individual nations of the world to lose some of their sovereignty (“popular sovereignty”). Many liberals support the eventual unification of all humanity under a one-world government.

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See also: War on Sovereignty In short, a term used to describe the push by liberals, globalists, and Marxists to undermine and eventually do away with national sovereignty, autonomy, self-governance, and national identity, replacing it with a “global community” or “consensus” and a one-world government. They have several methods to advance this agenda, including mass migration, so-called “free” trade agreements, and international organizations.

Due to rebellion against God, naive belief in the Idea of Progress, and support for big government policies, the globalist establishment of liberal elites seeks to gradually but steadily do away with sovereignty and merge the world into a single unified political organization. In the process, they and the organizations they affiliate with either attack the notion of sovereignty or redefine it for their own purposes.

Contrary to the claims of some naive or ill-intentioned critics, the War on Sovereignty is not some “conspiracy theory” that its promoters are malevolently plotting in secret as a short-term project. In reality, liberals and globalists see it as a benign and long-term goal openly grounded upon one of the basic philosophical views accepted in contemporary mainstream society. Continue…