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Vaccines for Dogs
Vaccines for Dogs

Vaccines for Dogs

The Rabies shot is the only “required” vaccine for dogs, however any and all mandatory rabies vaccination programs are colorable law, law passed by Administrative agencies/bureaucrats who have been given so called authority to pass laws, in that they have been passed and mandated upon the pet owning public by certain vested interest groups. Who are these groups? First and foremost they are veterinarians, in general, and veterinarian medical organizations. Second are the local animal control personnel, bureaucrats and politicians. What are their reasons? GREED, POWER AND CONTROL. Both these large powerful interest groups stand to benefit greatly by having rabies mandated by colorable law.

Lots of dog owners nowadays recognize (or have experienced) the chronic problems that vaccination can cause. And it can happen with just one shot. So you can opt not to give your dog the DHPP Vaccine at all. With gradual exposure, your puppy will gain natural immunity from disease.

Veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit from vaccines given in the office. On average vaccines cost 60 to 95 cents per dose and are charged to the client at $15 to $25 per injection and substantially more in the large cities. Therefore, if veterinarians and big pharma manufacturers lobby to have a colorable law passed to give rabies vaccine every year that enhances their financial picture.

The veterinary medical societies, by working with other groups and area politicians, are rewarded by increased prestige and professional standing in the community. After all we are protecting you from the dreaded disease rabies, whether it exists or not. Some areas of the country are more enlightened and fortunate to have the rabies vaccine mandated every three years. You can be assured the rise of rabies is never taken into account as to whether the vaccine should be required or not. More on this later.

The local government personnel benefit by extending more control over our lives, enriching the public treasury with fees, tags and fines, and giving the appearance that local government is doing something about animal populations, disease and risks to the public. Since rabies vaccines have been mandated, what county or area has seen less dog and cat bites, better animal control, more public awareness and educating of pet owning responsibility, better birth control of unwanted animals, less euthanasia of animals and decreased growth of animal control facilities?

These special groups and lobbies will use any argument, realistic or not, to justify their position. They are excellent at using the media to spread the lies and distortions. Examples: We have increased numbers of dogs biting people, pitbulls attacking and killing children are on the increase, more dogs and cats are running loose terrorizing neighborhoods, killing wildlife and other domestic stock, etc…ad nausaem.

The only thing rabies vaccination is for is the protection from rabies virus, all other justifiers for the vaccine fall under human control and exist because there are a certain number of humans, connected to animals, who are irresponsible. Rabies is spread by the bite of an infected animal. The number of dog/cat bite cases in the U.S. that expose humans to rabies is as rare as shark attacks. This low incident rate has nothing to do with mandatory vaccination as the number of cases was low before the mandatory requirement.

Let me give you an example of Pinellas County, FL where my Affinity Clinic is located. I secured information from Pinellas Animal Control through the Freedom of Information Act. The record of animal control starts in 1964. From 1964 to 1978 there were zero cases of dog rabies in the county. Magically in 1978 rabies vaccine was mandated to be given every year and all dogs tagged and licensed. WHY? Well it seems four veterinarians, with animal control bureaucrats, pushed the county board of supervisors to pass a law mandating rabies vaccination every year.

There were three local vets and one professor from the State Veterinary College who were behind this. It was interesting reading their letters pushing this law and the minutes of the county meeting. There was talk of dogs biting people (no actual figures given), dogs running loose, animal overpopulation, rabies on the increase in the U.S. (the increase was in wildlife, not dogs), etc.,etc. Not once was the issue discussed that there was no rabies in the county in dogs. To this date there still has not been one case of dog rabies, including the population of dogs whose owners, GOD BLESS THEM, do not vaccinate for rabies. Let’s go further.

From 1964 to 1989 there were no cases of rabies in cats in Pinellas County. Magically in 1989 a law was passed mandating rabies vaccination, tags and licenses for all cats. Same tired worn out excuses were used. Since the 1989 law there was one cat with rabies contracted from the bite of a bat. DO YOU READERS REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE JUST STATED? This is standard throughout the Country. No allowance is made for dogs/cats who never leave the house or yard, could never be exposed to rabies under any circumstances, or who are so ill, old or at the end of their life cycle that the rabies vaccine would throw them over the edge. No, all dogs and cats are treated the same because we have the bogeyman, rabies, stalking the streets waiting to strike unprotected dogs and cats.

Is there rabies in this Country? You bet. Are there areas of this Country that have rabies in their wildlife population and do some dogs/cats become infected? You bet. But let’s be realistic. Rabies has been on this earth long before man walked here and will be here long after we are gone. The only way to get rid of rabies is to remove mankind and the upper animals susceptible to the virus. Then maybe the virus will die off. It is a self limiting disease in the wild as it is fatal. So the virus has an extremely hard time spreading far and wide.

What is wrong with targeting those areas of the Country that have a problem with rabies using a realistic and specially formulated program that will protect the population at risk? Too logical and the special groups don’t make any money. Why not educate the pet owner to the risks and dangers and let them decide whether the immune system damage from rabies vaccination is greater or lesser than contracting the disease. We do have a God given Constitutionally secured right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Public health officials always have the right to mandate emergency health care procedures in case the public, in general does not respond properly. But why should every day, month and year be as if an emergency or crisis exists? And why should we have more and more control of our lives taken from us?

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The vaccines, particularly rabies, are a political and economic scam being forced upon pet owners because they do not know the truth. Rabies, nationwide, is nowhere near the problem the veterinarians, media, politicians and bureaucrats would like you to believe. If you wish more of the truth go to your local city or county government building and look up the codes and statutes concerning vaccines and rabies. Get figures from local animal control for rabies in dogs, cats and wildlife in your area. Then you can start to fight back, take control of your life, and protect your pet from the only dreaded disease that is important–special interest groups pushing their program leading to vaccine induced damaged immune systems. Only you can set yourself free.

Current Veterinary Therapy by Kirk, the textbook bible for veterinarians in general, has an article on canine and feline vaccines by two researchers. Near the end of the article is a paragraph called Annual Vaccinations. It states “The practice of annual vaccinations lacks scientific validity or verification. There is no immunological requirement for annual vaccinations. The practice of annual vaccinations should be considered of questionable efficacy unless it is used as a mechanism to provide an annual physical examination or is required by law.” Sure, if we can’t manipulate you with annual vaccinations let’s pass a law to get you into the office. Nice trick!

Most vets recommend a DHPP booster one year after the puppy shots. And then they’ll want to repeat it every 3 years.

Some vets will even remind you annually that your dog’s due for DHPP. If you want your dog to have an annual checkup, that’s fine. But it doesn’t need to include a vaccine!

If you adopt an adult from a shelter or rescue, they’ll proudly state that he’s up to date on vaccines. That’s because most of these organizations don’t know your dog’s vaccine history … so they vaccinate “just in case.”  And usually that “just in case” vaccination was unnecessary.

You may get businesses asking for proof of your dog’s vaccination. It might be your vet, groomer, trainer, doggie daycare or boarding facility.

Note: This isn’t about rabies. That’s a different issue because of the laws. But now you know DHPP isn’t legally required, and you’ve decided not to do it. So how do you handle these situations?

Here are some options …

There are more and more stories about vets who refuse to treat unvaccinated pets. If this happens to you, look for a more holistically minded or integrative vet. Even if they’re not completely holistic, more vets nowadays will understand your concerns. Some may agree to work with your unvaccinated dog. Or they may accept titers instead.

It’s a really good idea to have a holistic vet anyway! Find one to work with. Otherwise, in an emergency, you could be stuck with a vet who insists on vaccinating your dog when he’s sick! If you don’t have a holistic vet locally, find one who’ll do remote consultations with you by phone. Check the directories at theavh.org and ahvma.org.

You do need a relationship with a local vet. Sometimes you’ll need a local vet for emergencies and hands-on exams. Seek out one who’ll accommodate your needs.  Some vets have house call businesses. These vets should be less likely to insist on vaccination.

Always ask to have your dog’s file clearly labeled “No vaccines without owner’s permission.”  

Boarding Or Daycare
You have a few options with these businesses.

  • Find another provider: unless this is the only business in town, call around to find a provider who’s not seeking proof of vaccination.
  • Offer to sign a waiver: many businesses are worried your dog will get sick on their premises. So see if they’ll let you waive their liability.
  • Ask about titers: many businesses will accept titers in lieu of vaccination.
  • Get in-home care: instead of boarding or daycare, have a dogsitter or walker come to your home. They shouldn’t have vaccine requirements

Find a groomer who doesn’t require vaccines. Small boutique or holistic groomers are more likely not to push for vaccinations. Or, ask if they’ll accept titers. Or find a mobile groomer who’ll bring their van to your home. They shouldn’t have vaccine requirements.

If you’re taking a group class, find a try offering titers in lieu of vaccine requirements. If you’re hiring a private trainer, ask them to come to your home or do training off their premises.

Sometimes you have to work a bit harder to find the right service providers. And that means they won’t push you to give your dog potentially harmful vaccinations.

Whether you choose to give your dog a DHPP vaccine or not, remember there are ways to lower the risks to your dog. And that includes giving it only once, at the right time. There’s just no good reason to risk your dog’s health by over-vaccinating.


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