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Wyss, Hansjörg
Wyss, Hansjörg

Wyss, Hansjörg

(b. 19 Sept 1935) The richest man in Switzerland worth about $5bil according to Forbes. Wyss’ fortune stems from his 2012 sale of medical device manufacturer Synthes, which he founded, to Johnson & Johnson for $20.2 billion. He now holds stakes in publicly-traded biotech companies NovoCure and Molecular Partners. He donated $135 million in Sixteen Thirty Fund dark money donations to the Democrat Party for the 2020 Election to defeat Trump in spite of zero evidence he’s even a US citizen (He does have a residence in Wyoming and vineyard in California). Real Clear Politics released more information on Wyss, the mysterious black money donor to the Democrat Party, this week.  His sister says he is not a US citizen.

Wyss made headlines recently by leading a consortium of investors attempting to buy the Chelsea Football Club from sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. He also tried unsuccessfully before that to purchase a national newspaper chain owned by Tribune Publishing. One area where the wealthy Swiss businessman has met with unquestionable success after retiring from the pharmaceutical industry: U.S. politics. He has deep pockets and deep ties in Washington as a result – connections that he tells reporters overseas extend all the way to the White House.

And yet, despite the hundreds of millions Wyss has spent bankrolling progressive advocacy groups and despite the undeniable heft Wyss throws around in the Democratic Party and its causes, one question has remained unanswered in the American press. Despite being a power player in U.S. politics for decades, it was unclear whether or not Wyss is a permanent resident in the United States or an American citizen.

The New York Times reported that they did not know the answer. Neither did beltway periodicals like Politico or the Hill.  According to a biography of Wyss, written by his sister Hedi Wyss and reported first by RealClearPolitics, the answer is no.

How is Wyss’s allowed by law to give to political efforts in the US?  How can this be legal?  Why not let China’s Xi do the same?

As the New York Times noted in a story about Wyss a year ago, foreign nationals without permanent residency are forbidden from donating directly to federal political candidates or political action committees. They have not, however, been barred from giving to groups that seek to influence public policy. A watchdog group, meanwhile, has filed suit over that distinction.

“Americans for Public Trust is suing the FEC for failing to investigate foreign money in our elections,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, told the Hill in April. “Mr. Wyss, who is barred from directly or indirectly influencing our elections, has done just that by potentially funneling hundreds of millions of dollars through the Arabella Advisors network to benefit liberal and left-wing causes. Until the FEC takes action, we won’t know the full extent of his foreign interference in our electoral process.”

Wyss is a member of the Democracy Alliance, a club of liberal donors.[24]

Wyss has plowed a fortune into American politics without ever even going on the record as to whether he holds American citizenship. Meanwhile Wyss’ Hub Project, operating out of STF, set up fronts like Floridians for a Fair Shake, Keep Iowa Healthy, and North Carolinians for a Fair Economy that went after Republicans. This isn’t politics: it’s a hostile foreign takeover.

Wyss, like George Soros, has been accused of paving his path to wealth through horrifying crimes, whether it was Soros’ participation in the seizure of Jewish properties in Hungary, or the illegal medical experimentation on patients that sent multiple executives of the company that serves as the source of Wyss’ wealth to prison. Wyss was reportedly “deliriously happy” when he learned that he would not be indicted over the experiments that had been tested on pigs, before killing the pigs, only to then be injected into human beings. “They do not have enough on me. They don’t have enough emails on me,” he reportedly boasted. His vast wealth and megalomania cannot be separated from the images of elderly patients dying on operating tables while representatives of Wyss’ company looked on and watched them suffer

In January 2015, the conservative U.S. news site, The Daily Caller, accused John Podesta, who was at the time an advisor on environmental issues to the Obama administration, of an alleged ethics violation for pushing the advocacy agenda of a former employer, because previously, he had received $87,000 as a consulting fee for work he did in 2013 for the HJW Foundation (a Wyss organization that later was merged with the Wyss Foundation). According to the High Country News, “nothing ever came of the accusations”.[25]

He is divorced with one child.


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