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Rapper and Social Activist KRS-One discussed the Relevance of Secret Societies in Today’s Culture
Rapper and Social Activist KRS-One discussed the Relevance of Secret Societies in Today’s Culture

Rapper and Social Activist KRS-One discussed the Relevance of Secret Societies in Today’s Culture

While this is not something that is new to his line of conversations, this ten-or-so minute video (the video can be seen below) provides some interesting and even perplexing new information from the man who is considered the “leader” of the Modern Hip Hop movement. Before addressing this, however, it might be important to cover some quick ground information.

Discussing The Last American Vagabond’s end-of-the-year investigation into social engineering and controlled opposition, a great many of things unsettling were found. Far from breaking any insider information on the subject, the Vagabond has been able to sift through the primary data sets and come to the conclusions that the American Hacktivism movement has largely been compromised by the Big Brother Surveillance State.

If Anonymous has not been a product of social engineering from the start, it is clear that they have developed into a puppet of the Media Apparatus, and the same can be said of Edward Snowden, specifically due to his connection to Glenn Greenwald, who is now receiving $250 million from the owner of PayPal and eBay to continue his “independent” journalism (and is also now employing Barrett Brown–alleged spokesperson for Anonymous–to write a column from prison). In this line of research, it was also brought to the Vagabond’s attention that the majority of the 1960’s acid counter-culture was a CIA insurgency into the dissident youth of America during one of the culture’s murkiest times.

In a time where American youth were searching for something more out of their lives than what was offered, the CIA, with the help of Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and the like, helped initially distribute and release millions of hits of acid on to a youth population that was rebellious and dangerously uneducated in psychedelic chemical practice. Instead, what the youth did, was indulge in an unbridled amount of psychedelics and listen to chaotic, nonsensical music that was heavily funded and produced by networks of the CIA, many researchers pointing out that The Beatles were one of the first governmental successes in the music industry, and that this was a crucial element to Lennon’s assassination. (Also, this is not a dig on the music, but rather a comment on the history of the writing process).

While this may all seem quite far-fetched, it has continued as a recurring theme in the Alternative Media since the 60’s acid rock era under ideas like Project MKULTRA, Project MONARCH, Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Project DELTA and others. In today’s culture, the genre of music that receives the most attention for infiltration is Hip Hop. For those who do not know, Hip Hop is a great deal more than just a form of music, and for many, it is a true way of life with doctrine and principles that can be considered a loose modern adaptation of traditional African culture.

Hip Hop was originally meant to help stimulate a people whose culture was uprooted from their homeland only to become slaves; similar to today as the same people have become statistical fodder for an elitist private prison industrial complex. Hip Hop sought to stimulate this culture by encouraging the performing arts and the unifying of family traditions. The music genres “rap” and “rhythm and blues” can be considered the two most renowned forms of art from Hip Hop, and with everyone’s fascination with understanding conspiracy theories and secret societies today (with good reason), the infiltration of the african-american culture by Big Brother Surveillance has held center-stage for some time.

Looking to mimic, disrespect, and ultimately destroy the integrity of a culture that has been a crucial element in America, much of the lore suggests that top Mainstream Hip Hop members have been knowingly coerced into being assets of the Big Brother Surveillance State for rewards of fame and fortune. Some of the most notable members, who have been illustrated by many as “selling their soul to the Devil” however allegorical that may be, are Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Kanye West, Common, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Chris Brown.

To put it bluntly, Hip Hop is not about wanting shiny things, being a gangster, selling drugs, misogyny, or the like, but is rather a tool to help African-Americans (or any other race, ethnicity, and culture for that matter, as this has nothing to do with race at its core) to help express their culture, and something in the Mainstream is distorting this reflection process of the culture. Prominent rap/hip-hop artists who are outspoken about this infiltration of culture are Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Mos Def (who is not allowed back in the country currently), Guru, Rakim, RA the Rugged Man, Prodigy, Jean Grae, and KRS-One, as well as others. Of course, none of these people are united under any association or committee, other than the fact that they have proven themselves to be continuous reflections of the movement and have also continued to be accepted by the movement itself on a mass level. And yes, for those wondering, there is heavy speculation that Tupac’s death was involved with this infiltration of the culture(it seems that Biggie was just caught in the game–at the wrong place, at the wrong time).

In the video, KRS-One addresses the question as to why he has not been assassinated yet or been taken from his pedestal if there is an infiltration in modern Hip Hop (and all mainstream music) that is a product of the Big Brother Surveillance State through Project MONARCH, Project MKULTRA, Operation MOCKINGBIRD and others. The interviewer even asks KRS-One to comment on whether or not he himself is a Freemason. From here, the rapper takes his point as an avenue to help him illustrate his stance on the confusing maze of postmodern secret societies. To briefly highlight the points in the video, here is a list of some of KRS-One’s talking points:

1) He explicitly described the fact that he is not a Freemason, but that he is in personal contact with many masons, has been for all of his life, and is considered on an informational-level to be a 33rd degree freemason by other masons. Basically, this means that KRS-One is considered or thinks he is considered as, an honorary 33rd degree mason, which raises a great deal of questions, but does not condemn him by any means.

2) The rapper moves forward to detail the fact that Freemasonry was originally established as a way to bypass the cultural stipulations of the earth at any given time. This means that despite any condition that the collective culture might be in, no matter how confused they might be, Freemasonry was established so that some men might be able to preserve the ancient sciences, knowledge, and history. KRS-One concludes that this is what Freemasonry is, and that is has nothing to do with being evil.

3) Addressing the Illuminati, the rapper describes that this has simply been a slang-term that has been adopted by the internet to describe the global Rothschild/Rockefeller-connected banking cartel (Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, etc.), and that the original secret society titled the “Illuminati” actually has no epistemological connection to today’s elitist secret societies. The original Illuminati, founded in Bovaria in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, was also meant to bypass cultural stipulations. Weishaupt sought to create an organization based on what could be called “science” in today’s terms, in order to leave behind the strange superstitions of the Catholic church.

4) KRS-One explains that Big Brother government has not taken him out yet because he is at a stalemate with them, although these are not his words. He references a book-signing he held where a CIA journalist came up, gave him his card, and told him that he enjoyed the book, and does not elaborate on it a great deal further than this. The rapper can also be quoted saying that the “Illuminati needs to be worried about my conspiracy.”

While all these points discussed are things that The Last American Vagabond certainly agrees with (aside from the fact that KRS-One seems to be shirking some of the responsibility off of Freemasonry–and this is questionable), the final point made by the rapper is perhaps the one that will help plant seeds of doubt inside researcher’s minds for some time to come.

“Those who are really in control, we don’t even know their names. We will never know their names. And here’s the secret to life right here: The ones that are in control are righteous and good. The world is controlled by righteous people. Those righteous people make you believe that they must be feared so you don’t rob them and beat them, and run up in the White House and demand justice…”

And then he follows this statement up with an even more ambiguous statement, when someone asks him to clarify the statement.

“They are [righteous and good]. This is physics. The nucleus is surrounded by the proton. Every piece of mater is positive–it’s the negative charge that makes it stagnant. If we only had positive charges, you would talk to the chair and it would respond to you. It’s the negative charge that makes the chair what it is. So if you could somehow sidestep the negative charges in matter, you change it. This is called alchemy–another subject.”

The intention is not to call into question the possible undiscovered validities in ancient sciences like alchemy, or to call into question the holographic theory behind wave/particle duality that could help explain what KRS-One is eluding to here, but the real red flag is why exactly he is using these things to discuss the planet’s ruling elite. Either he is suggesting that good and evil is more a matter of physics than people would commonly understand, or he could essentially be endorsing the corporate enslavement of the common man by their elitist counterparts. While this seems highly unlikely in comparison to everything that KRS-One has spoken about, it is an interesting theory to suggest that KRS-One could be to modern Hip Hop what Timothy Leary has been discovered to be to the 1960’s acid rock movement, or what Anonymous or Edward Snowden has become for American hacktivism.

Hopefully this is not the case. KRS-One seems to be an incredibly enlightened and honorable individual, yet sometimes those are the very individuals on which a close eye must be kept. Interviews with people like Immortal Technique, Mos Def, and RA the Rugged Man on similar subjects will bring much less ambiguous answers, but these people are also not involved with freemasonry, so the comparisons could be unfounded to begin with. So is KRS-One a product of social engineering, or is he dispensing some authentic information? As far as what can be verified by sources, the rapper’s points are pretty valid, but still this leaves a large grey area–like usual.

Source: TheLastAmericanVagabond