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Report: Ilhan Omar Under Investigation by Three Gov’t Departments for Fraud
Report: Ilhan Omar Under Investigation by Three Gov’t Departments for Fraud

Report: Ilhan Omar Under Investigation by Three Gov’t Departments for Fraud

The FBI, ICE and the Department of Education’s Inspector General are all looking into Democrat Muslima Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to investigative reporter David Steinberg.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is under heavy fire from the conservative media over her many scandals including marrying her own brother to defraud US immigration, tax fraud, identity fraud and more recently an affair with a married man.

Ilhan Omar refuses to answer questions about her fraudulent marriage to her own brother and accuses anyone asking questions of bigotry and Islamophobia.

Omar also dodges any questions about her affair with a married man even though her campaign paid over $200,000 to her married lover.

David Steinberg’s impeccable investigative reporting on Ilhan Omar over the last few years has revealed she may have committed the “worst crime spree in Congressional history.”

There is overwhelming evidence that Ilhan Omar married her own brother to defraud US immigration, then lied about it under oath in her divorce papers.

Finally, at least three government agencies are now looking into Ilhan Omar’s case.

Follow this new thread by David Steinberg:

Steinberg handed the FBI his evidence against Ilhan Omar and they found it compelling enough to share with the other two agencies.

“The DofEd. IG is considering evidence that Ilhan married a UK citizen in ’09 perhaps to commit student loan fraud, or other education fraud,” Steinberg said.

ICE is considering evidence that Ilhan Omar married a UK citizen (who was also her own brother) to commit immigration fraud.

Steinberg says according to evidence he has gathered, Ilhan Omar “likely committed dozens of felonies in the course of sustaining this fraud.”

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch also demanded an investigation into Ilhan Omar (we aren’t even sure that is her real name).

“Substantial, compelling and, to date, unrefuted evidence has been uncovered that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have committed the following crimes in violation of both federal law and Minnesota state law: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud,” Judicial Watch wrote in a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics last summer.

Read David Steinberg’s full report on this new development at The Blaze by clicking here.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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