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Barbara Wise was Found Dead in her Locked Office on the Fourth Floor of Ron Brown’s Department of Commerce
Barbara Wise was Found Dead in her Locked Office on the Fourth Floor of Ron Brown’s Department of Commerce

Barbara Wise was Found Dead in her Locked Office on the Fourth Floor of Ron Brown’s Department of Commerce

As the scandals continued to swirl around the John Huang, one of Huang’s associates, Barbara Wise, was found dead in her locked office on the fourth floor of the Department of Commerce, partially nude (by one report completely nude) and covered with bruises. No cause of death has ever been announced even though an autopsy was conducted (prior to next of kin being notified). Calls to the D.C. pathologist, Dr. Jaardemal have gotten an assurance that the bruises were not from being beaten but nothing else. Despite claims of ongoing illness, no record of a hospital visit in the months leading up to her death has surfaced. Oddly enough, following the discovery of her body, Bill Clinton made an unscheduled return to the White House from Camp David, claiming he needed a book of poetry in order to complete his inauguration speech.

Did Reagan era appointee, Barbara Wise, discover what was behind the illegal contact between Bill Clinton, Ron Brown, and operatives of the Chinese government, John Huang and Wang Jun? John Huang, long time friend of Bill Clinton, Democratic Party bagman and agent of the Chinese, was hired by Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and privy to classified documents. Ron Brown died tragically in an airplane crash. When John Huang left the Commerce Department to be bagman/fundraiser for the DNC, he was retained on contract to the Commerce Department, by Charles Meissner, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy. Under this arrangement with Meissner, John Huang kept his security clearance and remained in phone contact with agents of the Chinese government. Charles Meissner has since died tragically in a plane crash.

Barbara Alice Wise was suspected of leaking Commerce documents exposing the Chinese espionage. On November 29, 1996 Barbara Wise was found dead and bruised & from head to waist in a locked Commerce Department office. According to a news report on WRC TV, he body was found partially nude. On that same morning President Clinton inexplicably left Camp David where he was vacationing for the weekend and flew to the White House on Marine One, the presidential helicopter. Questioned by reporters regarding this sudden visit on the same morning that Barbara Wise’s mottled body was discovered, Mike McCurry, on behalf of the President, told an obvious and, as yet, unchallenged lie: John Belmont, ABC News: President Clinton took time out from his holiday weekend at Camp David to stop by the Oval Office this morning to pick up some poetry.

Jerry King, ABC Reporter from the White House: “Says Mike McCurry (Presidential Press Secretary),” ‘The program for the President’s January inauguration has to be completed by Monday. Mr. Clinton did not have some of the books he wanted to research for example to find poetry to be read at the event. So, he flew in the official helicopter, Marine One, back to the White House to pick up the books.’ [Reporter] Could the research not have been delivered cheaper? McCurry says, “Well, sure.”

There have been numerous news reports that President Clinton tinkered with his inauguration speech well into January of 1997. As for the poem that the President had to have that day–its as forgotten as poor Barbara Alice Wise. Why did the White House lie about the President’s unusual behavior that day?

How seriously incriminating are the documents at the Commerce Department? Here is James F. Hoobler, Bill Clinton’s Inspector General of the U.S. Small Business Administration writing a letter in the November 21, 1996 Wall Street Journal, a scant eight days before Barbara Wise’s death.

“In respo Pour Nov. 5 editorial (CIA Takes Commerce Files): Let me make it perfectly clear that no files have been taken by the CIA or any other agency. All files remain in my custody. In addition, I took custody of the safe and its contents at the request of the SBA’s Office of General Counsel, not in response to a subpoena….As for the classified documents, Executive Order 12958, Section 4.2, prohibits disclosure without the authorization of the agency that originally classified the document.

Examine these news stories filed by Reuters, Associated Pressed and UPI respectively.

12:01 p.m. Friday November 29, 1996 Reuters: Body found in deceased’s office, where the International Trade Administration has offices. Cause of death not yet determined. Police say the city’s medical examiner would perform an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of her death. Case being investigated by Homicide branch.

5:21 PM Friday, November 29, 1996 [AP]

“The name of the 48-year-old woman was being withheld pending notification of relatives. District of Columbia police spokesman,
J. C. Stamps said that an autopsy was being performed.”

Clinton reviewing inaugural plans
by Helen Thomas UPI
29-NOV-1996 14:29

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 (UPI) — President Clinton briefly interrupted his Thanksgiving holiday weekend at Camp David Friday with a quick trip to the White House to gather data he wants to study in planning his second inauguration and then returned to the mountaintop retreat.

The president, still suffering from a raspy voice, and ordered by his doctor to rest his vocal chords, carried a briefcase as he strolled to the waiting helicopter to return to Camp David. He wore a leather jacket and was followed by an aide carrying a huge box of inaugural papers.

Did the President orchestrate the unusually hurried autopsy of Barbara Wise during his mysterious trip to the White House? Given the homicide rate in DC, the shortage of medical examiners and the backlog of suspicious deaths awaiting autopsy, how was the body of Ms. Wise able to jump to the head of the line and go under the knife less than 10 hours after being discovered. Was the huge box of “inaugural papers” actually Commerce Department files similar to those buried in the SBA’s safe?

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