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Biden Awards George Soros Related Group $172 Million to Help Illegals Avoid Deportation
Biden Awards George Soros Related Group $172 Million to Help Illegals Avoid Deportation

Biden Awards George Soros Related Group $172 Million to Help Illegals Avoid Deportation

The Biden Administration awarded a $172 million contract to a George Soros-related group to help illegals avoid deportation. 

George Soros is an old man who has had a tremendous influence on the Democrat Party for years.  Recently TGP reported that Soros was reportedly donating another $125 million to the 2022 mid-terms.  Politico reported on this story as if the corruption before and after the 2020 Election was due to those who want to get to the truth.  (This was one of the sickest reports you’ll read in in a long time.)

Billionaire mega-donor George Soros is seeding a super PAC with $125 million, an enormous investment that will aid Democratic groups and candidates for the 2022 election cycle and beyond.

The group, Democracy PAC, has served as Soros’ campaign spending vehicle since 2019, channeling more than $80 million to other Democratic groups and candidates during the 2020 election cycle. The new, nine-figure investment from Soros is aimed at supporting pro-democracy “causes and candidates, regardless of political party” who are invested in “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,” Soros said in a statement shared first with POLITICO.

Soros added that the donation to the super PAC is a “long-term investment,” intended to support political work beyond this year.

Alexander Soros, George Soros’ son, will serve as the PAC’s president. In his own statement, Alexander Soros cited the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, and “ongoing efforts to discredit and undermine our electoral process, reveal the magnitude of the threat to our democracy,” adding that this “is a generational threat that cannot be addressed in just one or two election cycles.”

As we’ve reported, George Soros admits to helping Nazis in World War II and not having regrets.  At the same time, he admitted he doesn’t believe in God.  This was Soros in an interview decades ago on 60 minutes with parts from Ukraine.

Soros is also behind numerous far-left political ‘non-profits’ and was involved in nearly every riot during President Trump’s first months in office.  He is behind many of the Secretaries of State who helped steal the 2020 Election and he’s behind many of the evil DA’s across the country in big cities who are setting criminals free after committing horrible crimes and destroying law and order across America.

Now it’s reported that a Soros-backed group has been awarded a contract on the open border to help illegals avoid deportation.  Why is our government paying for this?  It’s like Soros uses money given to him for the destruction of America and corrupt politicians like the Bidens turn around and refund Soros with a BS contract.

Breitbart reports:

A left-wing group linked to billionaire George Soros has won a nearly $172 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s administration to help young border crossers avoid deportation, a report revealed this week.

Fox News’s Adam Shaw and Joe Schoffstall reported on Thursday that the Vera Institute of Justice, with financial ties to Soros, has won a federal contract for $171.7 million that will provide attorneys to Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) to avoid deportation from the United States.

The federal contract could end up showering the Vera Institute of Justice with $1 billion in taxpayer funding, Fox News reported…

This story comes as no surprise.  Evil is evil.  America must stand up to this or we will lose this great country soon.

Source: TheGatewayPundit