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Boris Wins Big and BREXIT Gets Done
Boris Wins Big and BREXIT Gets Done

Boris Wins Big and BREXIT Gets Done

Finally, after three and a half long, painful years of dithering and complete failure to enact the will of the British people expressed in the historic Referendum of June 2016 where they voted to LEAVE the European Union, Boris has won, and won big.

“Get Brexit Done” was the Conservative leader’s campaign slogan and the public in many ways just wanted it put behind them so they could move on.

His Conservative Party took 50 per cent of the electoral vote gaining 51 seats in parliamentary elections, today. This is a sizeable majority of 86, the largest Conservative victory since Margaret Thatcher.

The exit polls show:
Conservative 368
Labour 191
Scottish Nationalist 55
Liberal Democrat 13
Others 23

All this means Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservatives can now enact the long-awaited Exit.

Boris, like the English St. George, has slain the dragon.

In that myth-story of antique fame, the patron saint slays evil, portrayed as the deadly dragon (the EU), and in a swift victory rights all wrongs and puts life back on the path of goodness and tranquility.

The victory may be just short of such divine acclaim, but it nonetheless does the trick and means a total transformation and realignment in British politics.

Labour’s loss was actually  the biggest since 1935, before WWII, and means its leftist leader, Marxist Jeremy Corbyn will have to resign tomorrow.

The young female leader of the Liberal Democrats lost her own seat and is gone, too.

It is worth noting that yours truly predicted this victory and called the exact majority number of 86 — two weeks ago!

This is the reason the European Union detested and feared me, because of my deep respect for the 2016 referendum result which has finally been ratified by the overwhelming election result.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/466771/