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Brazil 12/12 Protest is J6 2.0 Attempt as Provocateurs Infiltrate and create Chaos to Blame Protestors of Stolen Election
Brazil 12/12 Protest is J6 2.0 Attempt as Provocateurs Infiltrate and create Chaos to Blame Protestors of Stolen Election

Brazil 12/12 Protest is J6 2.0 Attempt as Provocateurs Infiltrate and create Chaos to Blame Protestors of Stolen Election

BUSTED: Video has emerged showing presumed infiltrators among protestors in Brasilía Monday night, when five busses and six cars were torched, for which Bolsonaro supporters were blamed. “Conservatives don’t torch cars”, said businessman Otávio Fakhoury.

Following the brutal arrest of indigenous leader José Acácio Serere Xavante by Federal Police in front of his wife and children Monday for the crime of protesting, violence broke out in the Brazilian capital, with Bolsonaro supporters allegedly attempting to storm police HQ and free Xavante.

The son of Chief Serere Xavante accused the Federal Police of pointing a gun at his head while they arrested his father. The young man said the family was in their pickup truck when they were suddenly and violently apprehended by the Federales. The boy tried to help his father, which is when the officers pointed the gun at his head.

The boy’s mother Suely Xavante said she had asked to see the arrest warrant, but was denied. Indigenous in Brazil are protected by law and have their own justice system, which makes the arrest even more egregious and arbitrary, which was ordered by corrupt pro-Lula Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Bolsonaro supporters stated on social networks that the acts of vandalism in Brasilia were committed by “infiltrators” in the protests. A video seemed to show agents provocateurs torching a bus in Brasilía, shouting “Bolsonaro out!”, “Son of a bitch!” and “Fascist!”

Photos identified a young man, allegedly named Celso Sodré de Souza Cardoso, first dressed as an Indio,  then wearing a gas mask even before tear gas was deployed by police, and then helping instigate a riot.

A video shows him on a bus with indigenous people fron Rondônia, dressed as an Indio. Souza Cardoso is allegedly a dentist from Mato Grosso do Sul.

Another video shows him on the Esplanade of Ministries in Brasilía with other people, confirming his name on what seems to be a roll call on a mobile phone.

A third video shows him helping erect road blocks and foment the riot.

video showed a man dressed in black wearing a mask in the middle of the riot. The Antifa-like man has not been identified.

A vehicle with a Brazilian flag was set on fire during the riots, which many considered “evidence that the acts were not conducted by supporters of President Bolsonaro. The flag is always a strong and respected symbol in every conservative protest in Brazil”, Brazil in English wrote.

Economist and journalist Paulo Figueiredo wrote on Twitter: “I am not convinced the ongoing chaos is being caused by Indians and much less ‘patriots’. Infiltrators have been seen at the center of this. It is a false flag, just like in the USA. This needs to be looked into,” Antagonista reports.

Businessman Otávio Fakhoury said “right-wing protesters don’t burn busses!!! For 9 years I saw the right born and grow on the streets with ZERO incidents of vandalism.”

Rio councilman Prof. Robert Motta blamed premeditated acts by infiltrators, “using the same tactics as the Black Bloc in Rio de Janeiro”, according to RS Noticias on Jovem Pan.

Businessman Matheus Gomes posted a video showing alleged agents provocateurs dressed in Brasilian soccer jerseys like Bolsonaristas, wielding bats, axes and swords. The person filming was then attacked and knocked over for filming them:

A witness filming police shooting at protestors was allegedly attacked with pepper spray by a police officer:

Jovem Pan commentator José Maria Trindade wondered why there had been no arrests on Monday: “There were armed people with slingshots and a lot of marbles in their pockets,  breaking windows and making it hard for police to maneuver on horseback. It started with an attempt to storm the Federal Police HQ and then moved to the hotel (where President-Select Lula da Silva is staying). It was a disaster. People were cornered in the mall and hotels. Buses were stopped and people were taken off the buses. It’s amazing no one was injured or arrested. I don’t understand why,” he said.

During the riots, protestors started identifying the infiltrators:

There are more pictures of imposters involved in the violence.  It looks like the Deep State DOJ and FBI are helping out in Brazil with protests now. 

Source: TheGatewayPundit