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Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ Rally Psy-Op and False Flag: 2 Cars, 2 Drivers, 2 Takes = 1 False Flag
Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ Rally Psy-Op and False Flag: 2 Cars, 2 Drivers, 2 Takes = 1 False Flag

Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ Rally Psy-Op and False Flag: 2 Cars, 2 Drivers, 2 Takes = 1 False Flag

On August 11-12, 2017, a planned “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, (voted 80+% democrat in 2016) to protest the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces, descended into violence when what the MSM describe as “white supremacists” clashed with counter-protesters, forcing the city to declare a state of emergency.

On August 12th, a white man rammed his car into a group of counter-demonstrators, killing a liberal, Heather Heyer, and injuring 19 in a horrific REAL incident. James Alex Fields, Jr. was supposedly driving the car, but photographs taken captured possibly another man.Let’s assume it was Fields driving the car.

Late in his senior year of high school, James Fields Jr. was excitedly mapping his future, hoping to join the Army right after graduation. Although his political and social views ran counter to American values – he much preferred authoritarianism and the racial purity dogma of the Third Reich – Fields looked forward to soldiering in democracy’s most powerful military.

That’s how Derek Weimer, his favorite teacher in 2015, remembers it.

Then one day in that spring semester, Fields told Weimer that the Army had turned him down for a reason related to his psychiatric history, Weimer recalled this week. Weimer wasn’t surprised by the rejection, he said, because Fields had confided to him a year earlier that he suffered from schizophrenia and was being treated with drugs to control his illness.

Now Fields, 20, is charged with a deadly act of automotive fury amid the violent clashes Aug. 12 between white-nationalist demonstrators and counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Weimer, a former officer in the Kentucky National Guard who taught Fields in a class called America’s Modern Wars, had encouraged his military aspirations and tried to steer him away from neo-Nazism.

“He talked about being an infantryman or possibly a military policeman,” Weimer said. “He wasn’t really an emotional guy, so he wasn’t super in the dumps” about the Army’s decision. “He was just like, ‘Hey, they turned me down.’ He said he had a history of taking antipsychotic meds, and the way his recruiter explained it, he had to be off those meds for a certain amount of time before they’d consider him.”

Weimer’s recollection offers the most specific public clue thus far about the mental state of the driver accused of purposely accelerating his 2010 Dodge Challenger across a crowded pedestrian mall and ramming another car, sending bodies flying during the civil unrest in Charlottesville. A 32-year-old counterprotester, Heather Heyer, was killed and 19 other victims were injured during a day of rage that has consumed the nation and the Trump administration for a week.

As for Fields, who had recently moved to an inexpensive apartment in Ohio, his turbulent formative years in northern Kentucky were marked by reports of abusive behavior toward his disabled mother and a marginal existence since graduating from high school.

At least four times when the boy was in the eighth and ninth grades, Florence police were summoned to his home, mostly by his frantic mother, Samantha Bloom, an IT specialist. It was just the two of them living together, and young James, among other incidents, was reported to have spat in her face, smacked her head with a phone and frightened her with a foot-long knife, according to records of the 911 calls.

Neighbors, in interviews, similarly described a troubled youth who treated his mother cruelly. Bloom, who now lives in Ohio, did not respond to repeated visits and phone messages from The Washington Post. She has told other journalists that she was in the dark about her son’s extremist beliefs. But many people were aware of his infatuation with Hitler, including a group of 20 classmates, three teachers and parent chaperons who traveled to Europe right after graduation. “It was no secret,” one chaperon said. At one point, the group toured Dachau, where thousands of Jews were killed. (Read more on Field’s SSRI history at SSRI Stories)

Dr. Jim Fetzer says this was a classic false flag staged event and orchestrated by the deep state that was conducted in 3 stages:

  1. Aug. 11 – Physical attacks on UVA students who were attempting to protect the statue of Thomas Jefferson from protestors at a torch-lit demonstration. He says this was meant to draw attention to the next staged act…
  2. Aug 12 – Supporters gathered in Emancipation Park Saturday morning in anticipation of a noon rally held by “Unite the Right.” The aim of the rally was to protest the removal of a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The park was formerly known as Lee Park. The Charlottesville police had been ordered to stand down as the state police under control of the Governor of VA and National Guard, channeled them down into a confrontation with the Antifa and Black Lives Matter people who were allowed to demonstrate in a counter-protest while the Unite-the-Right protest was shut down. Meanwhile stage 3 was developing several blocks away…
  3. Actors were in place along with the planned videographers / reporters to film the incident. Prop pictures had already been Photoshop ready.

The purpose of the false flag was to ban conservative demonstrations and speeches, and ultimately to further incite division among races and political ideologies. The following analysis is possible thanks to several great researchers such as Dr. Eowyn (FellowshipoftheMind.com), Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, Dr. James Fetzer, Infowars, and others.

Attacks on UVA Students

Hundreds of white marchers with blazing torches clashed briefly with counter-protesters on the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia on Friday ahead of Saturday’s violent rally planned by thousands of white nationalists. (Reuters/BNO News)

CNN began pushing the white supremacist narrative that had been pushed somewhat unsuccessfully previously because the establishment had too often tried to fit a square peg into a round hole. This time they created their round peg  that would allow them to echo their narrative and push their agenda for as long as they needed. CNN reported that “historically in the United States, torch-carrying mobs lit the scene of countless Ku Klux Klan rallies and mob lynchings. The government-planted provocateur leader, Christopher Cantwell, yelled white supremacist chants that were meant to paint themselves as neo-Nazi, alt-left, white supremacists that would make it easy to discredit and demonize the right, especially Trump supporters.

Chants of “You will not replace us!” and “Blood and soil!” were met with shouts of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” Reuters and a number of local reports put the number of protester in the hundreds. The Washington Post reported that the march lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. At least one person was arrested Friday night and several others treated for minor injuries, according to The Daily Progress. Both sides reported being hit with pepper spray, the newspaper added.

Incredibly, the rally’s organizer, or the pied piper, of what the MSM call the “white supremacist Nazis” is a former avid Obama supporter and Occupy Wall Street protester named Jason Kessler, who supposedly did a 180° reversal and changed to a Trump supporter. In 2011, Jason Kessler worked for CNN as an “assignment editor”, but we are to believe that now he’s a neo-Nazi white supremacist?

Unite the Right is a George Soros Open Society Foundation-funded “honeypot psyop” of Antifa goons disguised as Nazis created by Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, another faux ‘white supremacist’ who created the word ‘alt right’. More on Spencer in the Fetzer/Dean video at end of article. InfoWars‘ Alex Jones observed that the KKK protesters at Charlottesville actually were Jewish actors who looked like the cast of the TV sitcom Seinfeld. Jones said:

“Nothing against Jews in general, but they are leftist Jews that want to create this clash and they go dress up as Nazis. I have footage in Austin — we’re going to find it somewhere here at the office — where it literally looks like cast of ‘Seinfeld’ or like Howard Stern in a Nazi outfit. They all look like Howard Stern. They almost got like little curly hair down, and they’re just up there heiling Hitler. You can tell they are totally uncomfortable, they are totally scared and it’s all just meant to create the clash.”

Investigative journalist and founder/editor-in-chief of Disobedient Media William Craddick @williamcraddick tweets:

“There were provocateurs on both sides of the crowd fomenting violence and creating justification for martial law.”

How many of the protesters, on either side, are real? We know there are “public relations” firms that solicit actors for events, including rallies and protests. Below is a Craig’s List ad by Crowds on Demand — a Los Angeles public relations firm — soliciting “actors and photographers” in Charlotte, NC, to “participate” in “events”:

Gathering at Emancipation Park, Stand down, & Martial Law

State police and members of the Virginia National Guard surrounded the park after McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and the city of Charlottesville declared the alt-right protest an unlawful assembly 30 minutes before its official start time — effectively cancelling the demonstration before it even got started.

City police estimate between 2,000 and 6,000 people were expected to attend the “Unite the Right” rally, according to local paper The Daily Progress. The controversial event was seeking to unify the far-right wing and “affirm the right of Southerners and white people to organize for their interests,” according to its Facebook page.

McAuliffe said he declared a state of emergency to allow for a response to quell the violence. “It is now clear that public safety cannot be safeguarded without additional powers, and that the mostly out-of-state protesters have come to Virginia to endanger our citizens and property,” McAuliffe said in a statement released shortly before noon. “I am disgusted by the hatred, bigotry and violence these protesters have brought to our state over the past 24 hours.”

Charlottesville police were told by the mayor to stand down. Trial lawyer Robert Barnes @Barnes_Law, referring to a tweet by ACLU of Virginia, tweeted that:

ACLU confirms that police were given stand-down order.This invited the violence the city used to shut down a court-permitted protest.”

VDare reports:

“Antifa,” the openly communist, anti-white and violent thugs who exist solely to attack European-Americans, were out in force in the city, using the cowardly tactics they specialize in: spraying demonstrators with mace, throwing bottles and bricks, and attacking people with weapons (including a homemade flamethrower).

It is quite true, as VDARE.com reported, that the police did not protect [Unite the Right] demonstrators from Antifa and did little to prevent confrontations. Attendees of the demonstration, rather than walking a clear path to the park, were instead forced to walk through a line of screaming protesters….

Then activists, totally unprotected by police, were deliberately funneled into a gauntlet of attacking Communists, in a kind of Kill Zone. Injuries on both sides were predictable….

All of this occurred after a “state of emergency” had been declared and demonstrations were supposed to have been halted….

Violence did not just “break out” at Unite The Right. Attendees were attacked—by Leftists and by the police. They worked together as seamlessly as if they had common leadership.

Car Smashes Into Crowd of Counter Demonstrators

Here is what we are told about James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, the driver of the car that plowed into the crowd, killing Heather Heyer and injuring others (Heavy.com):

  • Fields recently moved to Maumee, Ohio, from Kentucky.
  • A security officer for Securitas Security Services USA who “performed his duties satisfactorily,” Fields was on previously requested vacation time when he attended the rally. After he was arrested, Securitas promptly fired him on Monday, August 14.
  • An uncle, under the condition of anonymity, told The Washington Post that Fields was raised by his paraplegic mom after his dad was killed by a drunk driver just a few months after Fields was born.
  • Fields has no criminal history. However, according to the AP, his mother had called 911 twice in the past, telling officers that he had beaten her.
  • High school teacher Derek Weimer said Fields had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on anti-psychotic medication. Weimer also said Fields “really bought into this white supremacist thing. He was very big into Nazism. He really had a fondness for Adolf Hitler.”
  • The car that allegedly (see below) rammed into the crowd in Charlottesville, a gray 2010 Dodge Challenger, was registered in Fields’ name.
  • Charlottesville Police Chief, Al Thomas, said the crash was premeditated.

However, according to Ruby Henley of Investment Watch Blog (IWB), citing Tweeter “Whitehouse Plumber” @rharrisonfries (who identifies himself as a retired television broadcast manager and U.S. Navy), James A. Fields “was a supporter of Hillary Clinton and a member of Antifa funded by George Soros.”

More confusing still, according to former NSA operative Jim Stone, James Alex Fields Jr. is not who the MSM say he is:

“‘James Alex Fields Jr’ – supposedly of Maumee, OH – doesn’t turn up when you search his name on Intelius. Oh, plenty of James A Fields exist, but none 20 years old from OH (or VA or anywhere else in the USA).”

Using the people search engine Spokeo, I found there are 5,149 people named “James Fields” in the United States:

  • 365 “James Fields” in Ohio, none of whom is a “James A. Fields,” age 20. In fact Ohio has no 2o-year-old “James Fields”.
  • 342 “James Fields” in Kentucky, none of whom is a “James A. Fields,” age 20. Nor does Kentucky have any 2o-year-old “James Fields”.

Stone claims that the man who actually crashed the car is “a seasoned military veteran” named James G. Field, age 32, and that the name of “the patsy” is actually James Bloom. Indeed, according to The Blade, the name of the paraplegic mother of “James A. Fields, Jr.” is Samantha Bloom, of Florence, Kentucky.

Spokeo says there is a “Samantha Lea Bloom,” aka Samantha Meyer, 49, whose most recent address is in Maumee, Ohio, and who had lived in Florence, Kentucky, and Silver Grove, Kentucky. Spokeo has no family members for Samantha Bloom. However, when she was in Silver Grove, she lived with a “James Meyer” (could this be “James A. Fields, Jr.”?)

Below are side-by-side pics of the driver in the car (screenshot taken from a video of Charlottesville), James Alex Fields Jr. (who Stone says is really named James Bloom), and James Field, 32.

Compare the side of the face and the mouth of the three men. To me, James Field, 32, more resembles the driver.

That may explain the oddity of applause as the driver slowly drives past a small group that includes police officers who do nothing – even as protesters who had chased him approach and alert them. The video below shows State police standing by, just watching the “killer car” drive by:

How convenient to have professional-grade photographs taken from across the intersection. There was also video from a drone camera above this particular intersection.

Here’s a photo-shopped picture below. You can see all of the signs are still raised nicely for the cameras, but conveniently the leg of someone on the hood

In the aftermath of crash, one man interviewed by news reporters was treated as a ‘random’ witness. The man was so close to the tragic car accident that killed one woman and injured dozens of others, he was able to get a video of it and speak about his experience on all of the mainstream media outlets and in an op-ed published by Politico magazine on Monday.

However, it turns out that Brennan Gilmore, identified by media outlets as a native of Lexington, Virginia, who formerly served as chief of staff to Tom Perriello, candidate for Virginia governor, was anything but a random observer.

Before becoming a famous “random” witness over the weekend, he served for 15 years in the U.S. Foreign Service at postings in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, Tunisia and Sierra Leone. Brennan lives in Charlottesville, where he works in rural workforce development to bring IT jobs to underserved communities in rural Virginia. He was an undercover CIA op.

It’s also been reported by several sources that Brennan has links to George Soros through Perriello, an insurgent candidate in Virginia’s closely watched race for governor, who “outraised his opponents last quarter with big help from hedge-fund billionaire George Soros and the global activist group Avaaz,” according to an AP report published in April.

“Campaign finance reports filed Monday show Perriello raised $2.2 million since he got in the race in January, with about half coming from four donors who gave six-figure donations. His biggest donor is Sonjia Smith, a philanthropist from Perriello’s hometown of Charlottesville who gave $500,000. Soros and his son, Alexander, gave a combined $375,000 while Avaaz gave $230,000. Perriello helped found the nonprofit, which is active in various progressive causes around the world and is not required to disclose its donors,” the AP disclosed. Brennan served as Perriello’s chief of staff.

More on Brennan HERE


Also, as You-tuber SonofNewo was the first to point out, the Ford Fischer video shows the maroon van alone at the stop sign at least 5 minutes prior to the crash and before many protestors arrived. We don’t know how long it was there prior, but it did not move. Why did he wait there all of that time when he could have easily gone in any direction he wanted to without much trouble. He also points out how Fischer seems to have foreknowledge of the accident; that Fischer was present during the Ferguson riots in Mo, the Baltimore riots, and just happened to be rolling his mobile phone camera for several minutes prior to the Charlottesville Rally to catch the accident as it happened; and how he was embedded in the fake neo-Nazi movement they are fabricating. I really like SonofNewo’s incite so take time to watch his analysis at the link at the top of this paragraph.

Two Different Dodge Chargers in footage / pictures

In the picture below, you will notice differences in James Field’s Dodge Charger and the one used in the Charlottesville Attack. You can also see some resemblance of the driver and James Fields, the patsy, but there are also some differences and perhaps a greater resemblance to James Field mentioned above.

There are pictures that where the Charger has racing stripes and others with none at all.


There are also questions about the person actually driving the Dodge Charger, the appearance of photos of what appears to be James A. Fields being handcuffed and replacing the actual driver in a private neighborhood away from downtown.

There was actually a Bigger Crash in Charlottesville that same Day that Barely Got Mentioned

There was no distress call from the Virginia State Police helicopter that crashed during the response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend and killed two troopers, the National Transportation Safety Board said.

A white supremacist rally ended with three people killed, as violence erupted between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12, 2017. The helicopter was helping law enforcement officers monitor the clashes between between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville when it crashed Saturday evening.

The last radar contact shows the chopper was flying at just 34 mph at an altitude of 2,300 feet, the NTSB said. There was no distress call from the helicopter before it crashed about seven miles southwest of the Charlottesville airport. The helicopter was not equipped with a flight data recorder, nor was there a cockpit voice recorder. The chopper was not required to have either, the NTSB said.

Was the a coincidental accident or had they seen something in their surveillance that they weren’t supposed to?

Other interesting facts:

  • Dodge Charger started a drag racing event called ‘Roadkill Nights‘ on the same day as the rally (8/12)
  • August 12th is George Soros birthday. Soros  is renowned for funding leftist groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and spent $30 million through his Open Society Foundation to fund groups that bussed in provocateurs and rioters in Ferguson, MO.
  • (INTELLIHUB) — The FBI had multiple informants in both groups during the deadly Charlottesville riots who may have played an active part in facilitating the violence that led to an Ohio man driving his car through a crowd of protesters, killing one and injuring many others. According to multiple sources, backed up by the historical truth of widespread FBI infiltration of white supremacist and hard-left groups, the FBI “absolutely” had assets on the ground throughout the day.

Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Extent of Media Lies

  • Shows there was almost no chance convicted driver James Fields knew that he was turning onto a street with extreme left-wing protesters as a gathering left-wing crowd waited while protesting through the whole city.
  • Could be critical evidence in the pending appeal by James Fields of his double convictions in both state and federal courts, leaving the then-20 year old with a life without probation sentence plus 419 years.
  • Shows that the pro-Lee protesters looking to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee from being taken down were literally pushed by Democrat police agents and funneled through a hostile crowd of left-wing agitators.
  • Shows militant Antifa, ‘alternative left’ Communists, outnumbered pro-Lee protesters by 10:1, yet media only covered the presence and violence of pro-Lee protesters. Left-wing violence was officially sanctioned by media, government and police during the protest.
  • Law enforcement never requested this footage; this full footage has never been seen before!
  • Video makes clear the ‘alternative left’ could protest anywhere, assault anyone, and police would not stop them. The pro-Lee protesters were repeatedly shut down by police and had to fight for months in federal court to even get a protest permit.

@ 10:40 you can see left-wing extremists flying Communist flags, celebrating the over 100 million who perished mercilessly under international Communism and its many socialistic variants.

@ 14:55 you can see a group of radical leftists, having attacked the pro-Lee protesters for most of the video, now form a human barricade across the street to prevent any other attendees from entering the park.

@ 17:15 you can see a pro-Lee group calling themselves the “Highwaymen” who are dressed distinctly in yellow attire, prevented from walking up the street by the barricade and you can see them try to snake their way through the hostile crowd. This crowd and arrangement is clearly set in place by the many police barricades ensuring a clash between the two groups.

@ 18:25, anti-Lee protester Corey Long, black male, who is shirtless with a white t-shirt around his neck, violently launches projectiles into Lee Park assaulting the pro-Lee participants. Long will later be found trying to set pro-Lee attendees on fire with an improvised flamethrower as they exit the park at the demand of the Charlottesville police.

@ 20:00 you can again see the group of prominent Communist flags that go unreported and unseen in most photos from the event.

Read the Excellent Full Report at TheGatewayPundit.com

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