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Globalists Freak as “Tropical Trump” Bolsonaro Wins Election in Brazil
Globalists Freak as “Tropical Trump” Bolsonaro Wins Election in Brazil

Globalists Freak as “Tropical Trump” Bolsonaro Wins Election in Brazil

Brazilian Congressman Jair Bolsonaro’s platform was everything the establishment despises, all wrapped up in one campaign: pro-God, pro-free market, anti-globalist, pro-family, anti-corruption, pro-gun rights, anti-establishment, pro-life, anti-communist, pro-Western Christian civilization, anti-cultural Marxism, and pro-Brazil. And now, thanks to evangelicals and conservative Catholics uniting in an election that shocked the globalist political class worldwide, the so-called Tropical Trump, or Trump of the Tropics, is Brazil’s next president. It is likely that U.S. President Donald Trump and Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro (shown) will have a lot in common. And assuming Bolsonaro keeps his campaign pledges — a likely prospect considering his decades of walking the talk — Brazil is set to see a counter-revolution that could set the powerful communist and globalist movements in Latin America back by decades or more.

What happened in Brazil over the weekend represents a political earthquake of immense proportions. After two back-to-back communist-controlled administrations nearly drove Brazil into the abyss of totalitarianism over a period of about a dozen years, a fierce anti-communist opposed to globalism has come to “rescue Brazil,” as Bolsonaro put it. Former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva — a close ally of the Castro regime, Marxist narco-terror movements, and other murderers and criminals — is behind bars for flagrant corruption in the “Operation Car Wash” (Lava Jato) scandal. His handpicked successor, Dilma Rousseff, was impeached and removed from office by Congress amid massive anti-communist demonstrations. Lula’s next minion, Fernando Haddad, meanwhile, went down in flames in Sunday’s election, with Bolsonaro winning by a margin of around 12 percentage points. Haddad’s campaign slogan was simple yet obviously ineffective: “Haddad is Lula.”

Instead of electing another Marxist masquerading as a “moderate,” conservative Catholics and increasingly influential evangelical Christians teamed up in the world’s largest Catholic country to not only stop the march of communism, but to root it out completely. Ranchers and the agricultural community played a large role, too. And so did everyday Brazilians sick and tired of corruption, oppression, high taxes, out-of-control crime, massive unemployment, and other hallmarks of socialist and communist nations everywhere. Some analysts are calling the historic Bolsonaro election a “revolution” in Brazilian politics. However, much more accurate would be to describe it as a peaceful counter-revolution, with the Lula-backed revolution in Brazil and across the region now shattered. Indeed, the Foro de São Paulo, a communist network founded by Lula, Castro, the Sandinistas, the communist terror group known as the FARC, and other forces, was on the cusp of conquering all of Latin America. Now, they are on the run practically everywhere, with many of the top leaders dead or in prison.

In typical fashion, though, the establishment media around the world was not interested in the real story. Instead, they chose to reveal just how far to the left they have gone, blasting the obviously mainstream candidate as a “far-right” extremist. The media continuously lied about Bolsonaro in other ways, too, seeking to portray him as some sort of monster on the verge of killing everyone. Like Trump, Bolsonaro occasionally speaks before thinking through his comments. And so, as with Trump, the press has endlessly recycled the same three or four quotes to paint him as some sort of dictator-admiring racist, sexist, and bigot. Obviously the Brazilian people did not fall for it. Ironically, many of the same establishment mouthpieces who portrayed actual communist terrorist Rousseff as a “moderate” claimed Bolsonaro was “extreme” and “radical.”

Indeed, one of the key lines of attack is the claim that Bolsonaro is a supporter of dictatorship who would jail, torture, and execute his political opponents. In reality, the former Army captain has simply expressed support for the (admittedly sometimes overzealous) efforts of Brazil’s pre-1985 military government to keep communist terrorists and murderous revolutionaries in check. Of course, what the media fail to mention is that, had it not been for the anti-communist efforts of Brazilian authorities and others in the region such as Chilean General Augusto Pinochet, the entire South American continent could and likely would look today like Communist Cuba — a giant open-air prison and slave state ruled by communist criminals in which dissent is not tolerated, critics are tortured and executed, Christians are persecuted, poverty reigns supreme, and everyone except the ruling elite is equally miserable. However, Bolsonaro was able to bypass the media’s dishonest reporting and reach out directly to the people using the Internet, social media, and direct communications spread by his supporters.

But while the establishment media in Brazil and worldwide, which Bolsonaro ridicules as “fake news,” was almost unanimously against him, the people were clearly behind him. “I was never alone,” Bolsonaro told supporters outside his Rio de Janeiro home after his victory. “I always felt the presence of God and the force of the Brazilian people.” A failed assassination attempt on the campaign trail nearly claimed his life, but Bolsonaro pulled through. And now, he is vowing to make Brazil great. “We have everything we need to become a great nation,” Bolsonaro said in a Facebook video after the vote was called for him. “Together we will change the destiny of Brazil.” Despite “fake news” reports claiming he would institute a dictatorship, Bolsonaro vowed to respect liberty, the rule of law, self-government, and the Brazilian Constitution. “I will be the president of everyone,” he said, adding that ideological indoctrination pushed under the previous regimes would be removed from schools. “It should not be us against them, them against us. We need politics that serve the interests of everyone…. We will unite everyone and be one people, one nation.” He concluded by asking God for strength to do the right thing for Brazil.

President Trump called Bolsonaro after the victory was announced and wished him “good luck” in what Bolsonaro described as “obviously a very friendly contact.” And on foreign policy, Bolsonaro is expected to follow Trump in defending Western Christian civilization against the twin threats of cultural Marxism and global Islamist jihad. In fact, Bolsonaro’s top candidate for foreign minister, Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo, last year wrote a fantastically insightful piece in a foreign-policy journal headlined “Trump and the West.” In it, Fraga Araújo, a senior Brazilian diplomat, compares the Trump presidency to a “Hail Mary pass” in a football game. With the Christian West on the verge of destruction — and many Westerners not even realizing that a “game” threatening their civilization was underway — along came Trump with a series of almost impossible wins to potentially rescue his nation and civilization from forces bent on its annihilation.

God, Christianity, and faith, Fraga Araújo wrote, are crucial to the Western world’s identity — far more so than economic vitality, military might, or any of the other ideas and values that have increasingly supplanted them in the globalist-backed worldview. And among top leaders of the West, only Trump and a handful of others understand that, the Brazilian diplomat explained, quoting extensively from some of Trump’s international speeches. The prominent diplomat, who may go on to lead the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Bolsonaro administration, called for Brazil to recover its own Western roots and extricate itself from the globalist multilateral web that has been imposed on it. In a subsequent blog post headlined “Against Globalism,” Fraga Araújo called for Brazilians to unite behind Bolsonaro to rescue Brazil. Many, obviously, decided to do exactly that.

Some Bolsonaro supporters in Brazil and beyond expressed concerns about the then-candidate’s meeting with Shannon O’Neill, the “Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies” at the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations. The Deep State organization’s members, including O’Neill’s radical predecessor Julia Sweig, a Castro apparatchik, have been known for promoting globalism and socialism around the world. In fact, defectors and whistleblowers, such as U.S. Admiral Chester Ward, have said publicly that the CFR’s membership is virtually united in a quest to surrender national sovereignty and self-government and impose a global government on humanity in their place. “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government,” warned the widely respected U.S. admiral.

Sweig, the previous “Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies,” was so extreme that she was accused by a U.S. counterintelligence official of being an “agent of influence” for the mass-murdering regime enslaving Cuba — a regime put in power with crucial assistance from a large roster of CFR members in media and government. But despite the one-time meeting with CFR globalists, several individuals close to the Bolsonaro campaign told The New American that Bolsonaro is the real deal and firmly rejects globalism. In fact, at the meeting, Bolsonaro touted bilateralism and bilateral agreements between governments, rather than the CFR-backed vision of regional and global governance schemes that now encircles the globe. Bolsonaro was also briefed by advisors on the true nature of the CFR, sources told The New American. And after the meeting, CFR mouthpiece Foreign Affairs continued to pump out anti-Bolsonaro propaganda, suggesting the globalists were less than impressed with him. That is all good news for Brazil, liberty, and humanity.

What happened in Brazil this weekend is truly historic. For supporters of liberty and Christian civilization, and for opponents of communism and tyranny, this should be a time for celebration. Like Trump, Bolsonaro is merely human, and so, he is obviously not perfect. Without question, he will sometimes be wrong. But that is not the important issue here. In short, the progress of the most murderous “ideology” in human history across a major region of the world has been halted and reversed in an unprecedented, peaceful counter-revolution. The establishment seeking a globalist “world order” has been dealt a stunning blow by the Brazilian people. Trump, Bolsonaro, and the growing roster of national leaders united in defense of their nations and their peoples can and should cooperate in defeating globalism and socialism for good. It is an incredible time to be alive.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe but grew up in Latin America, including four years in Brazil. Follow him on Twitter 

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