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Imperial College London
Imperial College London

Imperial College London

One of the central actors in the Covid-19 deep event, including Neil Ferguson’s highly inflated death predictions that were used to introduce COVID-19 lockdowns, and sending people to participate in pandemic preparations. As of August 2021, the college had received 72 grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, totaling several hundred million dollars including the funding of the vastly overinflated Covid study.1 The college also has a legion of individuals behind a garbage study that the CDC is using force killer vaccines on children. This BS study is being used by the CDC to force COVID vaccines on children across the US.2

The BS study used by the CDC to force COVID jabs on US children compared annual data from other causes of death to two years of COVID deaths and used that false comparison to claim that COVID is a leading cause of death in young children (i.e., in the top 5), when it’s really barely in the top 10. A number of the researchers and authors in the study are from Imperial College in London.  Charles Whitaker, Theo Rashid, Alexandra Blenkinsop, H Juliette T Unwin, Samir Bhatt, and Oliver Ratmann all claim to be from Imperial College.2

Business Insider:

Michael Thrusfield, a professor of veterinary epidemiology at Edinburgh University, told the paper he had ‘déjà vu’ after reading the [Ferguson] Imperial paper [on COVID], saying Ferguson was responsible for excessive animal culling during the 2001 Foot and Mouth [mad cow] outbreak.

Ferguson warned the government that 150,000 people could die. Six million animals were slaughtered as a precaution, costing the country billions in farming revenue. In the end, 200 people died.

Similarly, he [Ferguson at Imperial] was accused of creating panic by overestimating the potential death toll during the 2005 Bird Flu outbreak. Ferguson estimated 200 million could die. The real number was in the low hundreds.

In 2009, one of Ferguson’s models (his group at Imperial College was funded $2.7 million) predicted 65,000 people could die from the Swine Flu outbreak in the UK — the final figure was below 500.

Its history can be traced back to the founding of the Royal College of Chemistry in 1845 in London, with some ancestral medical schools dating back to 1823. The college was formed in 1907 out of the Royal Colleges in South Kensington, and throughout the 20th century became central to the national strategy for technical education and research.[1][2] It existed for most of its life as part of the University of London, only becoming independent in 2007.

Conspirator and fiction writer HG Wells is an alumni of the college.1

William Engdahl and Jon Rappoport (May 1, 2020) wrote:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded two models to “predict” the spread of COVID-19.The Imperial College London and the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle predicted that 2.2-million Americans would die unless drastic lockdown measures were followed. Both colleges quickly reduced their predictions, but the world is still in lockdown as a result of it. In 2005, the Imperial College of London predicted that 200-million people worldwide would be killed by bird flu. When the “crisis’ was over, the virus had killed 78 people worldwide. In 2009, the College predicted that the swine flu would kill 65,000 people in the UK, but the final number was 457. From 2006 through 2018, the Gates Foundation donated $185-million to the College to continue their good work.”


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