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Mike Lindell Files Fed Lawsuit Against Dominion and Smartmatic For “Weaponizing the Court System” To Silence Election Fraud
Mike Lindell Files Fed Lawsuit Against Dominion and Smartmatic For “Weaponizing the Court System” To Silence Election Fraud

Mike Lindell Files Fed Lawsuit Against Dominion and Smartmatic For “Weaponizing the Court System” To Silence Election Fraud

100 Percent Fed UP – The popular My Pillow CEO, whose incredible story of how Jesus Christ saved him from his addictions to gambling, alcohol, cocaine, and eventually crack cocaine, has been fighting to uncover and election fraud since November 5, 2020.

On the morning after the election, Americans were stunned to discover Trump’s incredible lead had evaporated in critical swing states where the counting of absentee ballots suddenly stopped, and then, in the wee hours of the morning, when the counting resumed, Joe Biden suddenly and inexplicably had taken the lead over Trump in multiple states.

Along with millions of other Americans, Lindell has refused to accept the results of the election and are not giving up on their fight to examine and expose what happened in the nation’s most hotly contested election.

If Joe Biden If he truly is the president who received the most votes in the history of the United States, where’s the fanfare?

Where’s the typical in-your-face taunting from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff that we’re used to seeing with the Democrats, even when they’re wrong?  Why aren’t Democrats aren’t gloating over Joe Biden’s “historical” election victory?

The Intellectual Conservative makes some very powerful points in a recent blog post- Riddle me this: If voter fraud didn’t occur and Brainless Biden received so many votes – more than Obama – where was all the celebration?  He literally would be the greatest Democrat in the modern era.

This isn’t just a win! This is a MANDATE. The voters have spoken. We want Joe to save America. Save the World. Save the Universe.

Yet no one, No One, NO ONE uttered the key word: Mandate. Not Nancy, Not Chuck, Not Kamala – though she made it to the top by going on lots and lots of “Man-Dates” – Great role model for aspiring women looking to break through the glass ceiling.

Brainless Biden, when criticized on policy, never, ever says the people spoke via the ballot. They want what I and the Democrats want; they believe in our policies, and we only answer to them. Not some small group of naysayers.

Liberals don’t gloat, don’t yell and scream, don’t say Mandate every other word. Why? They were obviously concerned about their voter fraud.

You can only make these statements immediately after the election, not four months later. They knew their over-the-top narrative could bite them in the ass if fraud was legally discovered and overturned the results. Simply wasn’t worth the risk.

This brings us to state audits. If you truly believe your candidate won, why use every tool in your legal briefcase to stop recounts? This isn’t logical. Wouldn’t you want the public to see Brainless Biden truly won the election? And audits would do just that – verify the enormous quantity of votes he received.

Instead, the Liberals fight tooth-and-nail at the mere mention of fraud. Look at their actions in ArizonaPennsylvania and Wisconsin to name a few. The Lefties literally do not want the votes to be recounted. WHY?

Mike Lindell, along with a team of investigators, have been relentless in their efforts to uncover what happened behind the scenes in our election. His reward? Dominion Voting machines are suing him for daring to question if someone or some group manipulated the voting machines to affect the outcome of the November election. It’s not just Mike they’re suing. Dominion is suing Mike’s company, My Pillow, as well. They didn’t stop with Mike and his company; Dominion is also suing individuals who shared stories of what they saw on election day that concerned them, like internet connectivity and ballots being run and re-run through the tabulators. Media outlets and attorneys that dared to question the integrity of the machines used in our elections are also being sued, and Dominion doesn’t appear to be suing to make a point; they’re suing to ruin lives. In addition to Mike Lindell being sued for $1.3 billion, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are also being sued for over $1 billion. Journalists and media personalities like Fox News’s Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, and Maria Bartiromo have also been sued for discussing the possibility of voter fraud that took place by using the voting machines.

On April 19, Mike Lindell debuted his free speech network, Frank Speech, or Frankspeech.com. His first guest on the debut of his new social media platform is one of America’s most prominent constitutional lawyers, Alan Dershowitz.

With Dershowitz, Mike opened his “Frank-a-Thon” by announcing that “My Pillow” is suing Dominion for $1.6 billion for violating their First Amendment Right.