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MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was Supposedly covertly Rescued from her Mind Control Enslavement by Intelligence Insider Mark Phillips
MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was Supposedly covertly Rescued from her Mind Control Enslavement by Intelligence Insider Mark Phillips

MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was Supposedly covertly Rescued from her Mind Control Enslavement by Intelligence Insider Mark Phillips

On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Was this a contrived effort by the CIA to control information with their own so-called whistleblowers? Some who have been with them to judge just if that is the case tell us their belief below…

Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips wrote Trance Formation of America, the documented autobiography of a Cathy, a victim of government mind control. The book claims that Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation. Chiseled deep into the white stone of the CIA’s Langley, Virginia headquarters is a partial verse lifted from the Holy Bible and writings of Saint John…“and the truth shall set you free.” This statement, like the agency, is total reality. The building that it is engraved upon houses the world’s most successful manufacturer of lies to facilitate psychological warfare. The “Company” uses truth and technology as their raw materials to produce “pure” lies for control of you and America’s allies. But, did Mark Phillips really deprogram her or just reprogram her? Little doubt she was, or perhaps still is, a victim of mind control, but if she is still controlled (and I pray she is NOT and finally enjoys the freedom she deserves) many have been awaken to the truth of mind control, though perhaps deceived about some aspects or to prevent certain information from leaking out.

The Truth About Mark Phillips

by Ray Bilger

For those who have not heard of the man named Mark Phillips, he claims to be a “former” (retired) C.I.A. operative who was involved in mind control programming. Mark alleges that after he got out of the C.I.A., he decided he wanted to do something good. So he “rescued” an MKULTRA mind control victim, Cathy O’Brien, and together they wrote a book, Trance Formation of America, and now they travel around the United States on a speaking tour. It is this writer’s contention that Mark is NOT a “former” operative, but that he is still heavily involved with the Agency, even though he may not know he is being programmed and used.

What you are about to read is the culmination of over 3 years of research and investigation into who Mark Phillips is, and why he is doing what he is doing. The statements made herein and the conclusions reached are not made lightly. This is very serious business and Mark Phillips is a very clever and ingenious man with a very clearly defined agenda. Unfortunately, that agenda does not appear to serve the interests of truth, but, in fact, it appears to be for the specific purpose of misinforming and misleading the public about what is really happening in America and the world. And it most certainly appears that Cathy O’Brien simply has a new handler who goes by the name of Mark Phillips.

The information used to compile this work has been drawn from numerous sources, including from a “close personal friend,” Janus (not her real name-she is concealing her true identity for the present time), from others who have had the misfortune of being deceived by Mark, from Mark’s own words, and from the observations of myself and others who have seen Mark in action as he does his work.

Let’s begin with Janus, as this is where I first saw the real Mark Phillips begin to show his true self. Janus has been tortured and abused through MKULTRA trauma-based mind control programming since she was a baby. Her father, a career U.S. Military man, began sexually abusing her at a very early age. He has long been a personal friend of Gerald Ford, with whom Janus had much sexual contact while she was young.

Janus has been to Bohemian Grove in California, to the White House many times, and around the world, and she has been sexually abused by Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cronkite, numerous other American officials, foreign heads of State, the Royal family in England, and on and on the list goes.

About the time Janus reached her thirties she was becoming less and less useful to her handlers, and she began to try to escape from the tortured life of abuse she had known. Her attempts to do this were met with swift and brutal retaliation to remind her that she should never again think of doing that. It eventually became apparent that she was being set-up to have an auto accident that was intended to result in her death. In the mid-1990s her car was hit from the rear by a tractor-trailer, but she escaped with relatively minor injuries.

In late 1996, while driving on a lonely stretch of road, Janus was involved in an auto accident where she was forced off the road by another car. She crashed head-on into a bridge abutment and her car burst into flames. Good fortune, or perhaps her own destiny, brought other motorists (including friends of mine) to the scene immediately who put out the fire, and worked as quickly as possible to cut her out of the car. The engine was in her lap, and she died twice and was revived before she was out of the car and into a helicopter on the way to the hospital.

I first met Janus in early 1997 when I heard from a close friend (who had been at the scene of her accident) that Janus said she had worked underground at China Lake Naval Weapons Station in the California desert. I wanted to interview her about this, and she hesitatingly agreed.

We got to know each other over the next couple of months (this is when I first found out about her being a victim of MKULTRA). In early April of 1997, a local TV station near my home was conducting a TV interview with a group of U.F.O. enthusiasts, and Janus and I happened to be present at the time. It was suggested by someone that if they wanted to know about mind control they should talk to Janus.

Janus nervously agreed, and told the interviewers a little bit about the subject. Remember, she was just beginning to break out of her programming, and she was very unsure of anything. She had never known a moment of freedom in her life, and she was still a long way from feeling it then. She didn’t know how to think, as she had never been allowed to do so before.

The word about Janus’ interview must have traveled fast, because the very next morning she got a phone call from her main handler, her uncle, and he said to her, “Who the hell have you been talking to?” He went on to tell her she would be leaving early the next morning to come and see him, and that “it was time that her family took care of her.” Janus called me later that same day and told me she would be going away for awhile and that she wouldn’t be seeing me. She told me about what her uncle had said-that her family was now going to take care of her.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the double meaning of this expression, and I sensed that what it spelled was death. After all, Janus does have information that could seriously bring damage to the federal government and those pedophiles at the top who run things. Never before had she attempted to go public with her experiences.

I said nothing about her going away (I sensed that her phone was probably being tapped), but made plans in my mind to go see her that evening. When I got to her house, about an hours-drive south of where I live, she was surprised to see me. She had a suitcase packed, and I told her of the probable fate that awaited her if she left the next morning. After talking with her for awhile, I was able to convince her that she should come and stay with me for the time being.

On Sunday, April 13, 1997, David Icke spoke to an audience in Tehachapi, California. Janus and I attended and her spirits were lifted as David talked about what he was currently working on-exposing the pedophile governments around the world.

After the talk, I spoke with David privately and explained our situation. David was very interested in interviewing Janus, and since he had to leave the next morning we arranged to do so that same evening at the home of a mutual friend, a retired doctor, who also happened to be one of the people at the scene of her auto accident in late 1996.

That evening, we went back to the doctor’s house and spent the next several hours listening to and recording a bizarre story that included Las Vegas, Nevada, the international pedophile capitol of the world. We were told that this is the place where people such as Britain’s Prince Charles came to spend time with young boys. David got some good confirmation on things he himself had already been investigating.

At this point I had never met Mark Phillips, though I very much wanted to. On two prior occasions where I could have heard Mark and Cathy speak, I suddenly had to go away to Los Angeles on business. In retrospect I now know that this was probably meant to be, as we appeared to be destined to meet under very different circumstances.

David knew Mark Phillips and said that he would call him to see if he might be interested in meeting with Janus, as Mark was scheduled to be on the west coast shortly. Soon I was personally speaking with Mark Phillips in Tennessee, and he arranged to meet with Janus and myself while he was in San Diego in late April of 1997.

Janus and I arrived in San Diego the day before we were to meet, and relaxed as best we could. During this time I had to be ever alert as Janus would just go walking off, not knowing where she was going or what she was doing. It was as though she was mentally disconnected. At the time I knew very little about the real workings of mind control, but I have subsequently learned a lot, and we are both learning more each day.

Anyway, we met Mark and Cathy the next day and the four of us spent the next 8 hours in their hotel room. Janus had forgotten her reading glasses and Mark said she would need them. So, we went back to our hotel to get her glasses.

On the way driving back to our hotel, Janus said she was extremely uncomfortable about Mark. She said she felt that he was a doctor and that he wanted to lock her up in a mental institution. I didn’t think that we would ever get back to their hotel, but I was eventually able to convince Janus that Mark appeared to mean well and that if he tried to do anything I would take her out of there immediately. I said she should at least give him a chance since we had come a long way to be there.

Not knowing any better, I felt that her programming and her microchip implants were probably telling her not to go to see someone who could really help her with her problem. I have since learned that Janus is extremely perceptive about many things, no doubt due at least in part to all that she has seen and been through in her life.

Mark was very emphatic about us not ever saying to anyone that we had met privately with him in this way. We agreed not to say anything. Mark then proceeded to talk to Janus and ask her all sorts of questions. He had her sit at a small desk and answer lists of various questions-things like what is your favorite food and what is your favorite color. These were questions she could not answer, because, as I was later to find out, she had never been allowed to think or make a decision on her own.

Mark made a quick examination of the back of her head and said that she had no implants. During the entire 8 hours, Mark chain-smoked cigarettes, pack after pack, while Cathy sat on the bed and said almost nothing until later on.

While Janus was answering the written questions, and for most of the entire time, Mark directed almost all of his attention to me. He explained that Janus did not appear to be a mind control victim, that she probably was not abused, and that her problem definitely appeared to be a chemical imbalance in the brain. He suggested that this was making her extremely depressed. In fact, Mark said to Janus, “You are the most depressed person I’ve ever seen in my life.” Those were very powerful words to a woman in such a delicate situation.

Mark suggested some hospitals where I might be able to get Janus some serious help, if I was really interested in helping her, and I wrote down this information. Cathy O’Brien eventually spoke and said, “You should be glad you and your children have not been abused.” By the time we left, Janus was shattered and had a splitting headache!

Since I was only beginning to unravel who Janus really was-remember, she never had the chance to have a real identity, only multiple personalities generated from trauma based programming-I believed what Mark had said, and now felt like I really had my hands full. Mark led me to believe I should be very careful for my own safety, so when we got home I hid all of the kitchen knives.

The next three days were some of the most difficult (and yet ultimately rewarding) of my life. I could not convince Janus to go to a hospital. She felt they would only do something terrible to her, and she just wanted to leave and run away. From everything she was saying, and from everything that Mark had said, I felt that something wasn’t quite right. I still believed Mark must know what he was talking about, but I didn’t know what to do.

After three days, I knew that Janus would not be going to a hospital voluntarily, and it began to appear that Mark had not told me the whole truth. Shortly after that, on May 2, 1997, we were driving around in the evening and we happened to turn on the radio and heard Lou Epton’s radio talk show on AM 840 KXNT out of Las Vegas. His guests were none other then Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien on their west-coast tour.

We pulled the car over to a nice area and listened to the radio. Pretty soon Lou was taking telephone calls. I later obtained an audio-tape of the program to be absolutely certain of what Mark said. A caller to the program asked if Henry Kissinger is a pedophile? Mark answered, “No one has ever named Henry Kissinger as a pedophile. No one, that is, with any credibility has ever been able to show any kind of proof that he was involved in any sort of pedophilic activity.” That sounds like a very thorough and well rehearsed response. Was Mark intentionally concealing Henry’s very real pedophile activities? If so, why?

Mark Phillips, who appears as though he is very knowledgeable about who the pedophiles are in our government, would have to be naïve not to know about Henry Kissinger. Janus has been sexually abused by Henry several times at Bohemian Grove, and so has another woman (a MKULTRA victim) who will be introduced later in this article.

But one of the most striking things about the program was a caller from Las Vegas who asked Mark to comment on the pedophile activity in Las Vegas that takes place with the casinos. Mark responded, ” &I don’t happen to have any [information on that] and neither does Cathy O’Brien & As far as this being necessarily a center of that activity, I don’t think so.” That response is either a clear indication that Mark does not know what he is talking about, or else it is a very big intentional cover-up of the truth.

Earlier in the program, Mark had said that “Muskegon, Michigan is considered the capitol of the United States for pedophilia.” Janus’ comment was that, indeed, there is pedophile activity in Michigan, but it is by no means the capitol. Was Mark’s comment designed to intentionally divert attention away from Las Vegas?

Janus and I sat there and looked at each other, and I realized that I had been taken for a big ride. It seemed inconceivable that Mark would not know that Las Vegas is the pedophile capital of the world. Of course, it appeared that he really did know better. I was mad, but I felt like this had all just been a test, and I felt somehow like I had passed it.

I have had a long time since then to think about all of this (and discuss it with others who are familiar with MKULTRA, or who have met Mark) and put the pieces of the puzzle together. And the conclusion I have reached I believe to be the truth. Before we ever met Mark Phillips, he must have been briefed about us, and he was told that Janus had to be eliminated, but that the only way to get to her was to get through to me, as I was protecting her. That’s why all of his attention was focused on me. At the same time he did everything he could to make Janus look like a complete idiot, hoping that that would help convince me to drop her. But his plan (or the plan of his controllers) didn’t work.

Mark does his job very well, I must say, but it is not the job that most people think it is. As I thought and thought about all of this and tried to put it into context with the Big Picture, of which this is but a small part, I finally came to the realization of who Mark Phillips is and why he had to be created.

The Elite One World forces who run the world from behind the scenes began to realize several years ago that some of the many MKULTRA mind controlled sex slaves (and others) were escaping, and some of them were talking. So, a conscious decision was made that a program needed to be put into place to counter any potential damage such exposure might produce.

To some extent, the mind control programming takes care of this itself. For example, many are programmed to self-destruct if they should ever escape. This programming would be activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy and too much is beginning to be remembered. Being programmed to drink heavily at such time is one example of this self-destruction. Or, as one woman I know about said, she has a neutron bomb implanted in her stomach and she is afraid it will be detonated at any time. These people are programmed to say the most unbelievable things, so that when an unenlightened person hears them they will think they are insane and in need of institutionalization. And if they get that, then they can be “fixed” permanently.

In any event, it appears that the powers that be put into motion a very complex plan that involved Mark and Cathy, and an unenlightened and unsuspecting public. They figured that if they could make it look like a rogue C.I.A. agent went astray and “rescued” a MKULTRA mind controlled sex slave, and escaped with her to write a book about it, and if it was all done just right, then the public might just buy it. And that plan has worked very well.

The book would have to contain enough factual truth to be interesting, and believable enough for the public to buy it. But then the real purpose of the whole plan would follow-travelling around the country on a speaking tour, where Mark Phillips (the expert) could answer questions, and debunk the real damage that has been (and is still being) done, and to tell those victims who might show up that they are really just delusional, that nothing ever happened to them, and that they should go to a hospital where they can get proper treatment!

The Elite’s choice of Mark Phillips for this extremely important assignment was an excellent decision, as he does his job very well. He may himself be a mind control victim. Cathy’s life seems to be better, but she is not free from the mind controlling, she just has a new handler named Mark!

Think about their whole story seriously for a moment. Don’t you think that if the Elite Controllers wanted Mark and Cathy dead, that they would be dead by tonight? These Controllers kill presidents if they want to, but somehow they can’t seem to kill a couple who are openly speaking to the public, and who stay in public hotels?

Let’s listen to some of Mark’s own words from his speech before an audience as he opens for Cathy. This quote (from 1996) comes after he has given a very lengthy explanation about all that he has done with the C.I.A. in the past:

I went to see a friend of mine from the U.S. Intelligence, and he was a General. And I explained to him what I had heard and what was going on, and I said, “This looks and smells and tastes exactly like mind control.”

He said, “That’s exactly what it is. The country is just saturated with it &”

I said, “Well, all I want to do is find out about this woman that Alex Houston handles, and this little bitty girl, because they are being used, under mind control, and they’re being prostituted.”

And he told me, he said, “Mark, this is the craziest thing that you have ever done in your life. Just forget about it. You didn’t cause it. You didn’t have anything to do with it. Mark, you just walk away from it &”

I said, “No, I’m going to give a little something back &. I’m going to see if I can find this woman and this little girl some help &.”

I never seen him [the General] again because he passed away &. I decided that I was going to do something to help.

What a perfect story. And the General is supposedly dead now, so he can’t be found to corroborate or deny Mark’s story. It’s the age-old story of a brave man who rescues a damsel in distress. It’s all just too convenient, but it works so well for the average person. How many thousands, or tens-of-thousands, of people have been mislead or deceived by Mark Phillips? How many of them are real victims, like Janus, who don’t need more lies, but need real help?

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