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New Zealand Health Ministry Employee and Whistleblower’s Home Raided and Arrested by Police for Exposing Deaths Linked to ‘Bad Batches’ of COVID Vaccine
New Zealand Health Ministry Employee and Whistleblower’s Home Raided and Arrested by Police for Exposing Deaths Linked to ‘Bad Batches’ of COVID Vaccine

New Zealand Health Ministry Employee and Whistleblower’s Home Raided and Arrested by Police for Exposing Deaths Linked to ‘Bad Batches’ of COVID Vaccine

A Ministry of Health employee-turned-whistleblower and another individual have been targeted by police raids on Sunday. The whistleblower’s actions in exposing a connection between certain Pfizer vaccine batches and a series of deaths have led to a dramatic confrontation with law enforcement.

A whistleblower responsible for managing New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination database has come forward with alarming data regarding excess deaths that he claims are connected to specific batches of the Pfizer vaccine.

The individual, known by the pseudonym Winston Smith, expressed concerns over what he describes as “the greatest evil that has been perpetrated on human beings.”

Liz Gunn, the leader of the NZ Loyal Party, a former mainstream media journalist and lawyer, interviewed Smith, who chose to risk his job and personal safety to shed light on the statistical anomalies he encountered in his professional role.

The interview underscores the whistleblower’s desire to be proven wrong, hoping that his analysis is merely an anomaly. Yet, he feels compelled to pursue the truth, regardless of personal risk or repercussions, driven by the apparent severity and implications of the data.

When asked what brought him to speak up and take such a risk, Smith said, “I saw too much that I couldn’t do nothing anymore.”

He continued, “And someone said that bad things happen when good people do nothing. And that was obvious during World War II when Germany went and killed millions of innocent people. We know that they’re not all bad people. Germans are not all bad people. So there were good people. They just followed orders. They were just told what to do and just went along with it.”

“One of the reasons why this is happening now is that good people are not doing enough to stop it,” he continued.

Winston Smith played a key role in developing a project that established a vaccine payment system for providers, known as the pay-per-dose system. Under this system, providers receive a payment each time a vaccination is administered. As part of his responsibilities, he analyzed the data and noticed inconsistencies.

“I was involved with building a project and helped with implementing a vaccine payment system for our providers. It’s called a pay-per-dose system. So that means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a payment for it as a provider. And I helped build it, I implemented it. And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people getting people dying within a week of being vaccinated,” Smith said.

“As soon as the system went live, we noticed that people were dying almost straight away after being injected. So, that sort of prompted my curiosity a bit. So, I dug a little deeper,” he added.

According to his analysis, there appears to be a disproportionate number of deaths following vaccination from particular vaccine batches, particularly in South Island, also known as Te Waipounamu, in New Zealand.

For instance, one city in South Island, Invercargill, with a total number of 837 vaccination sites, reported a staggering 30% death rate among those vaccinated, figures which are significantly higher than the country’s average mortality rates.

“Almost one in three people who were vaccinated at this site are now dead,” said Smith.

A pharmacy in Gore, another town on South Island, vaccinated 16 people with a 20% death rate.

“One in five of them are now dead,” said Smith.

“I can only make assumptions, but something is clearly wrong here. So, the vaccine would have come in how it got to the South Island. We don’t know how it was stored or how it was transported, but something is not right here. So, there might be something in the batches themselves. I can only guess at this point, but the statistics are clearly saying that there is something wrong, and it’s concentrated in the South Island, that their mortality rates are far in excess of what is normal. Far in excess,” Smith added.

Liz Gunn responded, “So we get back to the crucial point of your data to me still, Winston, is this is proving that this is not able any longer to be put down to natural causes or this would have happened anyway. The data takes it away from that.”

“Exactly. This cannot be a natural event. This is man-made,” Smith argued, adding, “If it’s happening here, guarantee it’s happening everywhere, and we need more people like me to stand up and just come out. Don’t be scared, just do it.”

Smith’s assertions suggest a pattern that cannot be reasonably attributed to chance or natural causes, with statistical implications pointing to a correlation that demands urgent investigation.

Smith described his process of analysis, highlighting that the focal point of concern was the top ten batches with the highest fatality rates post-vaccination. Through an internally managed Batch ID system, connections between these batches and subsequent deaths were established. The findings are alarming, with some batches showing a mortality rate as high as 21%.

“So what I did with the data was look at the top ten batches that had a high death count, a high mortality rate, and I put them on a chart. So it’s got a batch ID, which is our internal number for a batch, but you can easily get the Pfizer batch ID from that. It shouldn’t be too difficult,” said Smith.

Gunn raised a critical question on behalf of the public, querying about the remaining batches outside the top ten and how individuals could find the batch number linked to their vaccination.

Smith pointed to a globally accessible website, ‘Find My Batch’, which provides this information. There have been 119 batches used in New Zealand, predominantly being Pfizer, alongside fewer numbers of Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines.

The whistleblower took his analysis a step further to examine whether the mortality rates were specific to the batches or if there was a pattern among the vaccinators themselves. Indeed, the data painted a grim picture, with certain vaccinators showing a mortality rate as high as 25% among individuals to whom they administered the vaccine to. These patterns could not be easily dismissed and suggested more than mere clerical errors or mishandling.

“Top V1 has vaccinated 246 people and 60 of them are now no longer with us. Nearly one in four, that that person vaccinated is now dead. And you can come up with any number of reasons for it, but this should never happen. This should never happen,” Smith added.

You can watch the full 1-hour video here and below:

On Sunday afternoon, police surrounded the whistleblower’s residence.

Gunn has made an emergency broadcast to inform the public and global community of these dire circumstances. Another individual, who corroborated the whistleblower’s story and assisted Gunn, has also faced similar police action.

As reported by the NZ Herald, a 56-year-old man was arrested this afternoon for his alleged involvement in the “unauthorized disclosure and misuse of data,” according to police statements.

According to the news outlet, the whistleblower is charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes” and will appear in Wellington District Court on Monday.

“The data, as published on an overseas site, appears to have been anonymized. Analysis of the released data is ongoing, but work so far has not found any National Health Index Numbers or personally identifiable information,” Te Whatu Ora chief executive Margie Apa said.

Gunn has urged the newly appointed Prime Minister of New Zealand, Christopher Luxon, and specifically appealed to Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, whose campaign promised to address the voices within the Freedom truth-telling movement and call for a full COVID inquiry.

“I am calling on you, Winston. I am calling on you. Help these people. Make sure Luxon calls off the police. Make sure they are freed immediately. Make sure that this whistleblower is honored as a New Zealand hero for telling the people of the world the truth. The eyes of the world are upon New Zealand,” said Gunn.

Calling the situation “major criminality on the level of Watergate,” Gunn underscored the role of journalists and whistleblowers in delivering truth to the masses and preventing government tyranny. She raised concerns about future freedoms, poignant in the wake of the Ardern regime’s fascist policies.


Source: The Gateway Pundit