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The House Select Committee on Assassinations is Established to Re-Investigate the JFK, MLK, and Robert Kennedy Assassinations
The House Select Committee on Assassinations is Established to Re-Investigate the JFK, MLK, and Robert Kennedy Assassinations

The House Select Committee on Assassinations is Established to Re-Investigate the JFK, MLK, and Robert Kennedy Assassinations

The US House Select Committee on Assassinations (HCSA) was a followup to the Hart-Schweiker and Church Committee hearings that had revealed CIA “ties” to assassinations. It was established in September 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. It was given twelve months (later extended to sixteen) and hired 150 staff to complete its work.

Many honest members of the committee were seriously committed to discovering the truth, so the group should not be likened to whitewash investigations such as the Warren Commission of the 9/11 Commission. The HSCA reflected serious concern about the rise of assassination in USA as a political tool. It was semi-controlled by the cabal, but exposed some malfeasance. It was a stimulus to the growth of the supranational deep state.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations undertook reinvestigations of the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1979, a single Report and twelve volumes of appendices on each assassination were published by the Congress. In the JFK case, the HSCA found that there was a “probable conspiracy,” though it was unable to determine the nature of that conspiracy or its other participants (besides Oswald). This finding was based in part on acoustics evidence from a tape purported to record the shots, but was also based on other evidence including an investigation of Ruby’s mafia connections and potential CIA and/or FBI connections to Oswald.

To this day, many conspiracy deniers are unaware that the Congressional investigation into JFK’s assassination concluded beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was a conspiracy.What made them come to this conclusion?  Aside from reading the report, many witnesses (some of whom were CIA agents and station chiefs in Dallas that morning) were killed the night before testifying.  For example, George de Mohrenschildt (Russ Baker ID’s him as Oswald’s handler) was a petroleum geologist who befriended Lee Harvey Oswald during the months preceding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  He also worked for the CIA.  He allegedly blew his brains out the night before he was to testify to the committee.

The committee also uncovered, among many things, that Oswald left the marines where he learned how to speak fluent Russian (at the height of the cold war).  He was given money by the State Department to travel to Russia where he stopped off in Japan at a top secret US Military facility.  The Warren Commission even mentioned this part.  What most people do not know is that he probably was working in the Cold War infiltrating the Russians as either a “dangle,” “double agent,” or “defector” of some kind.  What is interesting is that upon his return he got more money from the State Department to buy a house and work with an ex FBI Chief and CIA officials in training anti-Castro Cubans for an invasion.

In Louisiana, where he was working, the CIA was involved in Operation Mongoose, where Oswald worked under CIA Agent David Ferrie, who killed himself before testifying in a trial on the Assassination as well. Operation Mongoose worked closely with Southern Mafia figures largely because the casinos in Cuba, which were shut down after Fidel obtained control over the country, were epicenters for control on the island.  The CIA even hired the mafia to assassinate Fidel on many occasions, 3 attempts which failed are common knowledge.  What is funny is that figures who worked very close with Oswald either ended up dead (over 100 of them connected to the assassination died within a few years of unusual circumstances) or they ended up in other conspiracies.

For instance, E Howard Hunt (CIA Agent) confessed to being involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy on his deathbed.  E Howard Hunt was one of the Watergate Burglars.  Barry Seal, who worked with Oswald and Ferrie ended up being one of the largest cocaine smugglers in the United States during Iran Contra, as a key player for the agency and informant for the DEA.  There is so much more to get into, but there just isn’t enough time.  Oswald’s tax returns are still classified top secret to this day.  Why?  Perhaps he was still getting $$ from the United States, which places him on the payroll.  That money trail leads to figures, many of whom were murdered, that would have blown the story wide open.  For 14 years, most didn’t know this.  The HSCA investigations by congress went against the findings of the Warren Commission and both reports are from the same source, Congressional Committees.  Which is true?  Why do we only teach one to our children in school?

The HSCA exposed some assassination technologies developed by the CIA. Frank Church dramatically displayed a CIA revealed dart gun that was capable of giving people either cancer or a heart attack (an interesting exposure when considering the fate of Allan Francovich, one of the foremost critics of the agency). It was also revealed to have stocks of shellfish toxin sufficient to kill thousands of people, violating a prohibition against using assassination for political purposes.

In 1978 the HCSA issued its final report, concluding that Kennedy and Martin Luther King were very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. Much of the HSCA’s evidence was sealed for 50 years under Congressional rules.

In the light of this pressure, the CIA was no longer seen as a safe base of operations, so “the decision was made to move many mechanisms of the secret government into the private sector”. Peter Dale Scott suggests that these offshore milieux – such as Le Cercle and The Safari Club – were probably more or less unknown to CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner, so by the late 1970s, the deep state was more secure than ever.

See FULL REPORT of the HSCA in 1979 HERE

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