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Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide
Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide

Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide

A renowned whistleblower of Big Pharma and vaccines has been found dead roughly a year after she released a public statement saying she’d never commit suicide.

The body of Brandy Vaughan, former pharmaceutical insider and ex-Merck, like Bionetics and the NYUMC, was a documented biological weapons contractor for the CIA and DOD. In fact, the pharmaceutical giant's president,  George W. Merck, served as America's biological weapons industry director during most of the cold war. At the end of, and following, World War II, the German-based company was spurred to global pharmaceutical industry dominance by cash infusions made by Hitler's chief financial officer, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann. According to "Martin(...)

" >Merck sales executive, was discovered by her nine-year-old son earlier this week, according to reports.

The cause of death is currently unknown.

“I’ve NEVER had any thoughts of taking my own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son,” said Vaughan in a Facebook statement from last December. “I have a huge mission in this life. Even when they make it very difficult and scary, I would NEVER take my own life. Period.”

“I have NEVER been on an anti-depressant nor been diagnosed as depressed – don’t believe it if you ever hear anything like this.”

Additionally, healthnutnews.com is reporting Vaughan made it clear that if anything happened to her it would most likely be homicide.

Please take a moment to watch and share Vaughan’s appearances on Infowars.com back in 2015:

Also in 2015, Vaughan had created LearnTheRisk.org to educate people on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments.

Moreover, watch this resurfaced video of Vaughan describing the intimidation attacks she endured during her activist work:

Vaughan’s Facebook statement from December 2019 can be found below:


Source: https://www.infowars.com/posts/vaccine-whistleblower-found-dead-after-saying-shed-never-commit-suicide/

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