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Whistleblower: DARPA, CIA Scientist and Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan Speaks at The Bases Project Conference, Exposes Mind Control Techniques
Whistleblower: DARPA, CIA Scientist and Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan Speaks at The Bases Project Conference, Exposes Mind Control Techniques

Whistleblower: DARPA, CIA Scientist and Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan Speaks at The Bases Project Conference, Exposes Mind Control Techniques

I will begin by saying, we are living in a time where the dangers of Military technology is now beyond our control. We live as guinea pigs in a world where those with the power, knowledge and technology keep us from our true freedom. To live with free will in this beautiful world. They manipulate us, direct us and destroy everything that was truly divine and sacred in our mind.

In this timeline we must decide, will they take our spirit and destroy what god intended or will we stand and fight the evil and it’s new designs. Faith, we must have faith.

Dr. Robert Duncan is a scientist and engineer who worked on black projects for DARPA, CIA, Justice Department and the Department of Defense. He was involved in artificial intelligence and cybernetics. As an MIT student he studied under professor Noam Chomsky on linguistics, studying computer AI language.

During his career he became aware of the military’s experimentation on targeting US civilian populations and soon realized he was part of creating a dangerous weapon if used for dark projects.

Dr. Duncan gave a presentation at The Bases Project conference which explained what he worked on, his inventions and what the military plans were for using them. He stated, government has been creating something called Cybernetic Hive Minds. This technology was being created in the 60’s for specific functions. The list of uses is seen below.


  • Increased Intelligence
  • Brain Storming
  • Interrogation
  • Mind Control
  • Accelerated Education
  • Predictions of Mass Influence
  • Rapid Communications

He would like the public to understand, the military is way ahead in technological weaponry then the civilian industry. But he states Universities are now trying to catch up to this technology. MIT has already inserted a micro chip into persons that have memory loss. One example of a successful experiment, is a rat that had a micro chip implanted to record memory. Once the information was recorded in the chip, they went ahead and implanted that same chip into another rat that was fresh to the experiment and this new rat was able to have memory of the previous rats actions.

He read another report in which the military experimented with and ape and a young girl. In this experiment the apes brain was connected to the young girls brain, the expectation was that the ape would recognize himself through the girl brain memory. Unfortunately this experiment went side ways and the ape ended up killing the young girl.

Dr. Duncan stated the military currently is able to use 4 to 6 people in the Cybernetic Hive Mind project at the same time. The communication now is able to process at the speed of thought. So if you think of something, the 4 or 5 others will have the same thought formulated. He goes on to say, the CIA, MI5, MI6 and others Love this technology. It is ideal for interrogation , no one would be able to hide their thoughts and would be able to read your dreams.

No privacy at all, nothing would be hidden and kept. This is the most mind blowing and scary revelation. Again, I keep going back to AEON Flux and Minority Report. We are at the edge of a Revolution that would end privacy forever.

The military can insert thoughts and we know this type of weaponry was used in the first Iraq war against the Iraqi soldiers. Dr. Duncan admitted to this during his presentation. He personally worked on the Voice of God technology that was used to have the Iraqi soldiers put down their weapons as they were advancing towards Kuwait. The military inserted the voice of Allah and told the soldiers to put their weapons down. We had won the war right after that event. The military can use this to manipulate the masses without them being aware of it.

Now we have to ask ourselves, is this currently happening right now? Can it be used to persuade masses to migrate? Can it be used to insert thoughts of Rape, Violence, Killing on a mass scale? This God voice technology mimics spiritual realms. Voices of the so called dead, voice of god, voice of angels….Food for thought.

In 2012 the Pittsburgh Gazette reported the insertion of a micro chip in a human brain for the purpose of helping this person instigate motion. This experiment has been replicated.

He refers to another very worrisome military program called the Hyper Game Theory where they use strategies to manipulate chosen victims and manipulate them to do things that are irrational and walk them to their death.

He calls this “It’s a Eugenics program”

My experience in the last 5 years has led me to believe the dark projections are actively engaging the public. I hear the chatter, I sense the electric atmosphere and feel the low frequency waves all around me. Many victims have reported electronic harassment all around the world. Is this part of the Cybernetics program? I’ve also noticed many on social media and alternative news are in sync in reporting similar topics aside from the Google Algorithms.

I believe we are experience the Cybernetic Hive Mind in play, taking into account the metals and nano particles being sprayed in our atmosphere that are being inhaled. I see a several projects being prepared for the final deception. Blue-beam project, etc. I don’t believe in Schizophrenia nor multiple personalities. I believe in the spiritual realm and possession, but with this technology it can be considered the perfect mind control or assassination weapon.

This is where we are in our human existence. Technology has passed the point of no return. Dangerous time to be a human. If you want to learn more click on the link below.