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History has been rewritten by the globalists in text books, encyclopedias and even Wikipedia – the ‘free and democratic encyclopedia’. Official narratives are falling apart thanks to investigative journalists, whistleblowers, and FOIA requests. Cut through the censorship, the fake news, and fake history and discover the buried truths by our self-appointed overlords who rule behind the scenes. Look up words / phrases, organizations, and people bios and discover if they are sheep or wolves in sheep’s clothing. You’ll also be able to quickly glimpse at a quick tip about each term by mousing over the under-dotted words when reading articles on this site.

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  • The inability to fully digest the sugar (lactose) in dairy products, which unfortunately it is far too common, with more than 3 million cases in the U.S alone per year. The primary cause of lactose intolerance is the absence of a digestive enzyme called lactase. Lactose intolerance is a direct result of the increased consumption of pasteurized milk productions among consumers. On the other hand, the ease of digestibility of whole RAW milk products gives those that experience discomfort(...) Read More
  • Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the seeds of many fruits, such as apricot, plum and peach pits, apple seeds, and quince, as well as in almonds. Laetrile is also known as Amigdalina B-17 or vitamin B17, although there is very little evidence it warrants classification as a vitamin. In 1924, Laetrile was synthesized from amygdalin and promoted as a cancer treatment. By 1978, it was estimated that more than 70,000 Americans had tried it—despite(...) Read More
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, it bills itself as the ‘go to’ firm for GOP candidates to get elected in Georgia. A December 2021 report at the Georgia Record uncovered how the firm groomed Democrats for Republican jobs. This phenomenon may have contributed to the absolute cesspool of corruption in the Peach State when it comes to the performance of Republican officials during the 2020 election cycle. Some of these candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Georgia Record(...) Read More
  • (June 26, 1741 – Sept 18, 1819) was a sea captain, a politician from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a Founding Father of the United States. He served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, signed the US Constitution, and was one of the first two United States senators from that state. As a member of the Continental Congress Langdon was an early supporter of the Revolutionary War. He later served in Congress for 12 years, including as the first president pro tempore of the Senate,(...) Read More
  • Chief gold thug for Allen W. Dulles; member of the Pilgrims Society, OSS, C.I.A., and likely one of the JFK hit-men. Lansdale was also Stimson's and Acheson's go-to plumber used to consolidate the stolen German and Japanese gold, silver, platinum, jewels, gems, paintings and other valuable treasurers. Lansdale arranged the transfers to the Bank of International Settlements (Bern). Allen W. Dulles was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Bern station chief at Herrengasse No. 23, Bern,(...) Read More
  • one of the most notorious gangsters in the history of American organized crime notable for being the only famous mobster rising to notoriety in the 1920s who managed to die an old man and never serve a day in jail. Lansky’s long life and ability to avoid prison time was largely the result of his close relationships to powerful businessmen like Sam Bronfman and Lew Rosenstiel (among many others), the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, as well as his role in establishing several(...) Read More
  • A failed Israeli false flag operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. In July 1954, President NasserIn (feeling threatened by the US-Egypt relationship and potential Egyptian nationalization of the Suez Canal) activated an Israeli terrorist cell inside Egypt. The ensuing attacks, cleverly designed to look like the work of Arabs, blasted and torched American and British targets. First, the Israeli terrorists firebombed the Alexandria Post Office.(...) Read More
  • Described as “a web-based fact-checking platform that identifies false or misleading stories, rumors, and conspiracies by using its Trendolizer technology to identify trending content that is then fact-checked by their team of journalists.” The platform, founded in 2015, serves as one of Facebook’s partners for fact-checking content shared by users and is, of course, partially funded by Facebook as well as Google and TikTok parent company ByteDance that gave a board seat to a CCP member.(...) Read More
  • (formerly the Pinay Group[1]Pinay Circle[2]Cercle Pinay[3] or in Germany the Cercle Violet[4]) is a deep state milieu of a comparable age to the Bilderberg, but smaller, spookier, more secretive[5] and far less exposed. David Teacher wrote that the group can be seen to be an international coalition of right-wing intelligence veterans, propaganda assets and top politicians who would shape the 1970s and 1980s. [6] It was entirely European for 15 years, but since 1968 it has met(...) Read More
  • (light emitting diode) lighting does seem to be the wave of the future right now, given the mercury content and light quality issues with the current king-of-the-hill of green bulbs, the compact fluorescent (CFL). LEDs use modestly less energy than incandescent bulbs (according to a Rolling Stone article), and do not contain mercury. And they are becoming economically competitive with CFLs at the point of purchase while yielding superior quality lighting and energy bill savings down the(...) Read More
  • Refers to someone on the Left side of the political spectrum, such as a particularly liberal member of the American Democrat Party, a member of the British Labour Party, a progressive, socialist, Democratic Socialist, or (to the far Left) a Communist, Marxist, or Fascist. A Leftist supports collectivism, more government control of the economy, direct government control over social policy (although there were some leftists, such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, and Noam Chomsky who(...) Read More
  • you were taught in grade school that Lend-Lease was designed by Franklin D. Roosevelt to arm Britain for the fight against Hitler, since he couldn’t get the U.S. into the war in its first years. Diana West’s research turned up a very different picture where the biggest beneficiary was the Soviet Union hid behind a unique program which bypassed Congress to allow FDR to send arms wherever he thought best.  Shortly after Hitler invaded the USSR in June 1941, Lend-Lease began heaving huge(...) Read More
  • The largest industrial company in Italy active in the fields of defense, aerospace and cyber security. It is 31% owned by the Italian Government (its largest shareholder) and generates more than half of its multi-billion USD annual revenue from its US based subsidiary, Leonardo DRS whose chief executive officer, William Lynn III, was formerly the undersecretary of defense during the Clinton Administration. Leonardo SpA's Cyber Warfare satellites were among the means used by Italian PM(...) Read More
  • a slogan which arose in October 2021 from corporate media censorship of opposition to Joe Biden after NBC reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to mask vocal anti-Biden sentiment during an interview of Nascar driver, Brandon Brown[1]. Exemplifying the Streisand Effect, the phrase was quickly adopted as a shorthand for corporate media mendacity.[2] The BBC termed it an "anti-Biden conservative heckle".[3] In 2021, as increasing evidence emerged of irregularities in the 2020 US election and(...) Read More
  • The phrase lives in infamy as the privileged retort from Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI’s wife and the Queen of France during the French Revolution, when she was informed the peasant populace was starving with no bread to eat. With the insensitive remark, the Queen became a hated symbol of the decadent monarchy and fueled the revolution that would cause her to (literally) lose her head in 1793. But did the Queen really make so insensitive a statement, or was it just 18th-century fake(...) Read More
  • (born Oct 28, 1957) a biological male who claims to be a woman and is the unhealthy and emotionally disturbed assistant secretary of health in the clownish Biden regime. Levine began receiving therapy for the psychological impairment in 2001.[1] Levine formerly worked in the Pennsylvania Department of Health under totalitarian Democrat Tom Wolf. Levine was appointed to the federal post by socialist leader Joe Biden in 2021. Levine is an ardent proponent of surgical and genital mutilation(...) Read More
  • (alternately called a left-winger or leftist) is someone who advocates an increase in government spending, power, and control, such as ObamaCare. Liberals often support the censorship and denial of biblical Christianity. Liberals who are a part of the secular left prefer atheism/agnosticism over the Christian faith, as atheism has no objective morality to hinder their big government plans. Many liberal leaders are also secretly practicing Luciferianism or forms of Satanism and use(...) Read More
  • a political philosophy that believes in minimizing or entirely eliminating government interventionism in many aspects of life including economic, personal, and in foreign policy matters. Libertarians tend to oppose legal restrictions on social behavior that doesn't affect anybody else. The French term of Laissez-Faire, or let us do, is a term that describes some aspects of the libertarian belief. Libertarianism tends to emphasize a form of individual liberty, and tends to support rights of(...) Read More
  • Liberty is defined as: (1) Freedom or release from slavery, imprisonment, captivity or any other forms of arbitrary control, (2) the sum of rights and exemptions possessed in common by the people of a community, state, etc…, (3) a particular right, franchise, or exemption from compulsion. The meaning of the word liberty is difficult to circumscribe. Abraham Lincoln was of the opinion that “the world has never had a good definition of [the term]. We all declare for liberty,” he said; “but(...) Read More
  • The Liberty Bell is a huge bronze bell that was originally cast in 1752 in London, England, and brought to the US and placed in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House (now renamed Independence Hall). The bell today is located in the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National Historical Park. This historic bell symbolizes freedom in the USA. The bell first cracked during a test ringing. After cracking, the bell was recast twice in 1753 in Philadelphia by John Pass and John Stow. The(...) Read More