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American Bar Association
American Bar Association

American Bar Association

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(ABA) is a professional organization with over 300,000 members and founded in 1878 to work on behalf of American lawyers. The ABA is responsible for accrediting law schools, setting standards of conduct in the legal profession, and serving as a trade organization for attorneys. [1] In practice, the ABA has become a puppet of liberal and pro-abortion ideologues, and it has smeared multiple pro-life judicial nominees with unjustified “not qualified” evaluations.

Despite claiming to be nonpartisan, the ABA has supported and lobbied for a broad left-of-center agenda on issues including criminal justice policy, immigration, abortion, LGBT issues, and gun control. In recent years, the ABA has adopted lobbying priorities including legal status for nearly all illegal immigrants currently living in the United States, the repeal of mandatory-minimum sentencing laws, taxpayer-funded abortions for low-income Americans, and the implementation of affirmative action programs. [2] [3] [4]

The ABA has long been accused of maintaining a bias towards liberal judges and professionals. From the 1950s until the early 2000s, the ABA worked in a quasi-official capacity with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to vet judges who were being considered for federal nominations. Several organizations, including the left-leaning New York Times, have reported that studies have proven that liberal judicial candidates nominated by Democrats were “significantly more likely to receive higher ABA ratings than nominations submitted by a Republican president.” [5] [6]

Patricia Lee Refo is the president of the ABA and Reginald M. Turner, Jr. is the president-elect as of mid-2021. Both officers have made tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Democratic candidates and committees over the past several decades. [7] [8]

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